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Fit In & Stand Out in 7RL custom wear. High end custom clothing to sharpen your personal and professional image.

Our Story

Have you ever had the feeling that your suit feels like a bag? You are not alone…Two years ago, following weeks of shopping from off the rack suit stores for suits that barely fit my husband, I decided to purchase a custom suit for him. I visited a local store and for a hefty sum of money, walked out with a custom tailored suit. The transformation in his appearance was stunning- he looked amazing in a suit cut specifically for his body! Over the next few months, both at business school and in my professional life, I realized that a number of male friends and colleagues shared the same frustration: finding affordable, customized, high quality men’s wear that can be personalized for that perfect fit. I started researching this a little more and was amazed to find that off the rack suits do not fit a majority of the male body types. And 7 Regent Lane was born… 

Transform with 7RL
Transform with 7RL

With 7RL, my two partners and I have set out to make a difference in how men look, by providing them access to the best tailored high-end clothing available. We believe that you do not need to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. To achieve this, we spent the past year canvassing the globe for the finest of fabrics and have chosen an all-star team of tailors with years in the bespoke menswear business. We have developed a web-site that is intuitive to use and helps you learn about suits and looking your best, whether you are shopping for a suit for the first time, or are a suit aficionado. 

We launched earlier this year with an exclusive suit collection, and your response has been overwhelming! We thank you for your support and for demonstrating that there is a market for a product that makes you look your best, and a firm that is committed to help you get there. Now, with your help we are ready to take the next step and expand into additional product lines including custom shirts, sport coats/blazers, ties, pocket squares, and shoes. Soon, as part of our commitment to our environment, we will be launching an exclusive line made from sustainable and eco friendly fabrics. 

Our product

All 7RL fabrics are sourced either from Europe or Asia, and then meticulously tailored for you with attention to the smallest details by our expert tailors. A variety of wools with Super #’s of up to 150 headline our suit collection: these light weight suits are perfect for all season wear. Shirts are made with some of the softest fabrics in Sea Island and Egyptian cotton and come in a variety of colors and patterns, ensuring that you can always find your favorite 7RL shirt for any occasion. With each collection, we offer a multitude of customization options to design a final product that is not only a perfect fit, but is personalized to be YOU! 

You can enjoy all this from the comfort of your home: we send you our fabric swatches at no cost, assist you in taking measurements, provide style consultations, and ship your personalized order to your doorstep. All 7RL products are backed by our Regent Assurance guarantee. Simply put, ‘you will get that Flawless Fit’.

Our passion

We believe that self-confidence begins at the mirror, and at 7RL, we are committed to developing products to reflect that. We are passionate in our belief that your ability to don high-end clothing should not be dictated by the size of your wallet. Whether you are a student getting ready for your first interview, a professional who wants to stand out at work, or a person looking for something perfect to wear for a date or important event, we are dedicated to help you look your best.

Our Project

Our project is to expand 7RL's product line with an exciting assortment of shirts and accessories. Also, we are committed to the environment and are working hard to introduce sustainable garments. We are hoping to raise funding to introduce the following product lines over the next few months: 

  • Custom shirts in a wide variety of fine fabrics. 
  • Accessories, such as ties, pocket squares, belts, and cufflinks. 
  • Sustainable fabrics in our shirt line such as bamboo, which is hugely renewable and combats carbon dioxide buildup in our atmosphere.  
  • Development of a smart phone app that you can use to measure yourself anywhere while also serving as your personal style consultant.  

These are our near term goals and we're hoping that the Kickstarter community can help make them a reality.

You and 7RL

If you like what you see and share our passion, we invite you to join the 7RL community, and help us help you. With every pledge you make, you will assist us in expanding our collection, extending our reach, and executing on our vision. In return, we promise to provide you with some of the best fitted custom menswear that you will love to have on for any occasion! Beyond your pledges, we also look forward to your input and suggestions to help us improve. We thank you for your time and look forward to helping you Fit In & Stand Out.

Karen & The 7RL team


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    7RL T-shirt and recognition of your contribution on our Facebook page.

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    7RL tie and a pocket square. Accessorize yourself with 7RL.

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    1 custom shirt from any of 7RL shirt collection. This is up to $129 in value. The good looks are just a bonus.

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    2 custom shirts from any of 7RL shirt collection. This is $180 - $260 in value. Women will flock to you.

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    4 custom shirts or 1 custom suit (from Elegance & Sophisticate) and personal style consultation. This is $450 - $600 in value. Looking good has never been this easy.

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    1 custom suit and 1 custom shirt from any collection plus personal style consultation. This is $650 - $800 in value. George Clooney's got nothing on you!

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    1 custom suit and 5 custom shirts from any collection plus personal style consultation. This is up to $1300 in value. The expensive Trump look minus the hair.

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    4 custom suits and 5 custom shirts from any collection plus personal style consultation. In addition, you will get access to special promotion and an ability to name one of our new suits. You will also get recognition on our website as well as our Facebook page. Welcome to the 7RL family. You just named one of our future products!

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