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Lessons from the Top 20 Most Funded projects on Kickstarter, so you can learn from the best how to fund a project that you love.

Thank you for checking my project before it ends!

If you are wondering:

"If this project is about how to be successful on Kickstarter and Brian is suppose to know the secrets, how come he can't even fund his own project?"

I totally understand and to make the long story short.  

Its all on me.  

I was given the key to the most powerful and revolutionary race car (Kickstarter), all the legendary drivers (All-Stars who were successful with Kickstarter) who came before me gave me a manual of how to get the most out of this beast.  

What did I do with the manual? I threw it to the curve and try to do my own thing.  Its no surprise that my result is crashed and burned =)

I put together a blog post with the summary of the five Mistakes I made, why my first Kickstarter project may fail and what you can learn from it on a new blog that I just set up.  And hopefully, you won't repeat the same mistakes I made again.

Regardless of what happens with this project when it ends tomorrow, I will continue to do interviews with successful people on Kickstarter and continue with this project's vision.  

Because this experience taught me that inspiring, educating and supporting people to raise the funds they need to start a project that they love is even more worthwhile for me now.

Thank you for stopping by =)


UPDATE: NEW BONUS - Kickstarter Rockstar Blueprint 

Kickstarter Rockstar Blueprint is a Video Course that shows you exactly how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign.  Step-by-step.  

I planned to give this bonus for everyone who backed this project in the future, but I thought I might as well announce it now to sweeten the rewards =) This Bonus will be included with ROCKSTAR ACCESS PASS and all the rewards afterward. 

In Kickstarter Rockstar Blueprint, I’ll deconstruct what makes a Kickstarter project successful from all of the All-Stars and Rockstars interviews that I had already conducted and lay out a step-by-step video course to show you how to and what it takes to fund the project of your dream.

Here are the Interviews that are already completed - The Versalette (Raised $64,246), Becoming Visible ($35,348), Home Bar Basics ($16,934), The EscapeCapsule ($54,943), 1000 pugs ($15,081+), Hello, Skater Girl ($13,923) and with many more interviews planned.

This will save you TENS of HOURS of research, allowing you to avoid all the costly mistakes you don't have to make and it will be in an easy to follow, step-by-step format.

This Video Action Course will be in 3 sections:

Section 1) Pre-Launch:  

  • How to set yourself up to win by having the right mindsets when putting together your video, rewards, project description.  
  • What preparations you must fulfill before launching so you are not playing catch up and wasting time after you launch your project.
  • Preparation you need to put in place for getting your words out BEFORE you launch your project.

Section 2) Project Live:  How to promote and get the words out your project to reach your funding goal after you hit the "Launch This Project" button.

Section 3) Project fulfillment:  How to manage the expectations from your backer and what to expect after the project had reach your funding goal.

Kickstarter Rockstar Blueprint will cover everything you need to know in the whole Kickstarter campaign creation process. With the addition to the interviews and the lessons learned shared directly by the All-Stars and Rockstars.

Kickstarter is a life changing opportunity to create the possibility of doing what you love for a living.  

If you are serious about making this happen, you can learn how to run a successful Kickstarter campaign right in front of your eyes by backing this project before it ends.

What Successful Project Owners Are Saying about Kickstarter Rockstar

Josh and June raised $54,943 for The EscapeCapsule, a waterproofed iPhone 4 case. Because of Kickstarter, it gave them an opportunity to fly from Hong Kong to Vegas to showcase their product in CES. (Consumer Electronic Show) Below are the questions that they got asked every few minutes in CES.

Ever wonder how the Most Funded Project owners on Kickstarter does it?

There is a reason why more than half of project launch will fail on Kickstarter (success rate 40-45%) because running a Kickstarter campaign is not as easy as it seems.

Which is why learning from people who already had success will help you increase your success rate and raise as much funds as possible.

By getting behind the scene and peeking over the shoulder from the Top 20 Most Funded Project Owners, the All-Stars,you will learn:

  • How they used their best strategies to exceed their funding goal
  • Tips and tricks that you wouldn't find anywhere else as every project is unique
  • Hear from their mistakes and lessons learned so you won't repeat the same mistakes again
  • Biggest takeaways that made the biggest difference to their success

Detailed and step-by-step notes of how each All-Star planned and executed their campaign will be available to you, including the MP3s and full transcript of the video.

Kickstarter Rockstar will give you everything you need to know, on how to raise the funds you need, so you can turn a project that you love and are passionate about from dreams to reality.

Project Vision

With your participation and support, I will be able to complete this project and finish interviewing the rest of the Kickstarter All-Stars.

In the mean time, you and I will create a community around this project together.  

A community will allow you to get support, share resources, share networks and help each other out before and during your project launch.

By putting EVERYTHING you need to know to be successful on Kickstarter, all in one place, we will be able to fulfill this project's vision:

To inspire, educate and support independent creatives,so you can get the funding you need to start a project that you are passionate about, a project that you love and possibly change your life.  

Julian Bleecker's Kickstarter Rockstar Story

To give you a taste of the inspiration and what you will learn, here is a passionate Photographer, Julian Bleecker.

Although his project "Hello, Skater Girl" is NOT in the Top 20 Most funded projects, he still raised more than $13K so there is plenty we could learn. 

Every project, every story and the lessons learned on Kickstarter is inspirational AND unique. 

Julian is a Rockstar (successfully funded a project) but can you imagine all the inspirations and the lessons you could learn from a Kickstarter All-Star (a Top 20 Most Funded project on Kickstarter)?


These All-Stars interview videos range from 30-60 minutes long, with a truck load of wisdom and lessons learned will be stored in an easy to use, interactive, membership website.

Depending on the reward level you choose, you will have access to watch some OR all of the 15 Kickstarter All-Stars from this project. 

Below are the 5 categories (3 All-Stars from each category) that will be focused on: 

  • Photography 
  • Publishing (Non-fiction) 
  • Music (Indie Rock) 
  • Design (Product design) 
  • Fashion 

If you are only interested in a certain category, ROCKSTAR ACCESS PASS will be perfect for you. This will give you access to 3 different All-Stars from the one category you choose.

But if you like to learn from more All-Stars, from a variety of categories, ALL-STAR ACCESS PASS will help you to be successful no matter what category your project is in.

Again, detailed and step-by-step notes of how each All-Star planned and executed their campaign will be available to you, including the MP3s and full transcript of the video.

What You Can Expect From These All-Star Interviews

You will get a clear picture of how a Kickstarter All-Star planned and executed their project from start to finish with an amazing and an inspirational story.

Below are the feedback from a LIVE Google+ Hangout On Air interview with Kristin and Shannon, {r}evolution apparel - 

The #1 Most Funded project in the Fashion Category

PS: James Lawson Smith is a friend who supported me to board cast the interview. Thanks James!

What Your Participation Means

Your participation by backing this project and sharing with your friends will allow me to complete this project!! 

You will not only support me to fulfill my dreams.  

You will also make a difference for others who are inspired to start their own project that they love and are passionate about.  

So they can start their journey of creating a lifestyle of their dreams too.

If that person is you and you are up for launching a project that you love and are passionate about, I look forward to get to know you and learn what inspiring project you are creating for the world.  

Thank you! 

Please take 3 minutes to choose a reward, back this project and share it with your friends now!

Brian Kwong



  • A Kickstarter Rockstar is someone who had successfully funded a project he/she created and launched on Kickstarter. Imagine that you got all the fundings you need to start a project that you had been talking about for AGES. Its an inspiration for your family and friends when you achieve this tall order of funding a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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  • Each interviewees has a unique story and lessons to tell out of the 5 interviews that I had done (3 All-Stars, 2 Rockstars) they are between 30 minutes to 60 minutes long.

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  • I found it on a blog post from the Kickstarter blog under project statistic here (The post was written on April 2011) The latest success rate statistic for the year 2011 was released in Jan 2012, but because there are still projects that are live going into the year 2012 and not accounted for (as of this writing), which is why I am using the success rate between 40-45%.

    No matter what the success rate is, there are always lessons you can learn to increase your chances of funding a project. Same goes for the amount of funds you can raise. The sky is the limited. This is what this project is about, to increase your chances to fund your project and to support you to raise as much funds as possible by learning from the project owners who came before us.

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  • When this project is successfully funded on Feb 25th, I will send out a survey and request for that information from you. All you got to do is just let me know =)

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  • Unfortunately, you need to be a permanent US resident and at least 18 years of age with a Social Security Number (or EIN), a US bank account, US address, US state-issued ID (driver’s license), and major US credit or debit card to be eligible to start a project on Kickstarter.

    However, you can get around it by partnering someone you trust who fulfills those criteria, just like what June did with Josh in my intro video =)

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