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Haunts: The Manse Macabre is a turn-based, horror game where you can play as the haunts or the intruders. PC/Mac/Linux and Ipad plans.
Haunts: The Manse Macabre is a turn-based, horror game where you can play as the haunts or the intruders. PC/Mac/Linux and Ipad plans.
1,214 backers pledged $28,739 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      TAGG on

      Any chance there's someone out there toying with this a pet project? (since it was open sourced)

    2. Missing avatar

      Dan Larson on

      Creator seemed like a great guy - my heart goes out to him that this didn't work out :/

    3. Chris Williams on

      Still mourning this loss in 2016

    4. Neil Day on

      Totally busted. Updates 30 & 31 pretty much say it all.

    5. Patricks on

      He is dead Jim!...Is there any development going on or is it totally busted?

    6. Alex Brem on

      *poking the corpse* :(

    7. Meghan K. Callahan on

      Any updates? I hope things are going well - not only with the game, but with life in general. :)

    8. longbeach on

      @ John - yes, I'm in the same boat but give a lot of respect to Rick for how he handled things here. He made a few horrible decisions that derailed everything but the good intentions were always here. I got the tshirt, the portrait and only asked for a portion of a refund. Rick is a very stand up guy and I wish him well and maybe someday Haunts will come to life.

      As for Erik and Doom.. I think I've made myself clear on that project how I feel

    9. John Falcon

      Well I'm out of a nice chunk of cash from the fraud perpetuated by THE DOOM THAT CAME TO ATLANTIC CITY project, but in this case, I have always felt there was a genuine effort to get HAUNTS out to us backers. I will not hold my breath on this one but perhaps something good will come from this.

    10. Daryl Putman on

      An update, of any sort, would be nice.

    11. Missing avatar


      There is no version that compiles.

    12. Matt on

      I honestly don't mind waiting for the final product on this one, no matter how long it takes. It would be nice to get some project updates occasionally, or maybe post the most recent version of the functional alpha for people to take a look at?

    13. Ryan Frazier on

      I'm not going to ask for money as frankly I think I can afford to lose the $5 more than Rick can, but honestly my KS projects are like 1 for 5 at this point.

      This whole website is turning into such a waste of money. Either you get some halfassed project or nothing at all.

    14. Ben Crowley on

      Of course it's not going to be made.

    15. kristofer giot on

      Is it gonna be made?

    16. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Rice on

      So: Is development continuing, or should we start expecting refunds?

    17. Rick Dakan 2-time creator on

      I keep hoping that a big technical issue we've been having will be resolved before I update - there's been this damn core bug with compiling the game on windows that's been mystifying everyone, but hopefully we'll have some good news this week. Either way I'll make a full accounting by the end of the week.


    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Earp on

      I'd love a quick update just to know what's going on, been silent for some time.

    19. Neil Day on

      Been quiet for a while. I know there has been a lot of people backer support offering to help get the game made. Any more information for the backers? Is the project officially dead?

    20. Missing avatar

      T Da Silva on

      Just my luck. The game I was looking the most forward to is looking more and more like vaporware...

    21. S.D. on

      I'm encouraged by the recent update. Definitely, taking care of the physical reward fulfillment, and paying the composer are the chief concerns. Coming up with the next plan of action (which surely involves a paid alpha funding program to gather new backers/players) can wait until all promises are delivered on that can be done. I've sent Rick a long message with encouragement and suggestions from my experiences here on Kickstarter with dozens of other video game projects, as well as with awesome indie video game communities, like Desura and IndieDB. Out of this dark cloud, a bright future may be ahead!

    22. Missing avatar

      Timo Niemelä on

      No matter how long it takes, I'll keep supporting the game and I'm very eager to see the final product. In case you need additional music, I could give it a shot if you'd like me to; I've done music for about nine years now and I've been involved in a number of projects; A couple of flash games, indie short films, and currently a puppet show. I certainly don't consider myself a professional but I like to compose something every month of the year. If you're interested, I could show you some of my work privately and then you're welcome to judge if you'd need me to work for you. You don't have to worry about costs; I consider this a hobby and I'm glad to help out even for free if need be.

    23. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Hope everything works out, Rick! I'd help, but there is nothing I can help with :)

    24. Ziffy "zifnabbe"

      It looks nice what you already have. It's really a 'pitty' that your programmers leave you in this state. It's something I can't understand... But I don't have all information, so I might judhe wrongly at the moment

    25. Stephen Erdman on

      There was a new update at Mob Rules Games today:

      I like the sound of that.

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Hartwell on

      Any answer to the preceding questions would be greatly appreciated.

    27. Jonathan Cliffen on

      Please update the Kickstarter with progress!
      Are you still planning on release before Hallowe'en?

    28. Missing avatar

      Steve Palmer on

      Still no beta, i take it we wont be seeing this for Halloween then?

    29. Thomas James Egan on

      The shirt looks so much cooler in person. Love the design, can't wait to play the game now.

    30. John Falcon

      There have been some interesting discussions regarding the AI in Haunts....I thought I would share this article that I discovered from another forum.....

    31. Veav on

      Now that things are a little more settled, two games I found that might interest you guys... - gaslamp X-Com - Edward Gorey Minecraft

    32. Rick Dakan 2-time creator on

      @Christopher Chaney - That, in essence, is what I think we're going to try and do - or something close. So, I'm going to have a big update that I've been working on figuring out all day. It will go up tomorrow. Anyone who still wants a refund after that only needs to message me directly through Kickstarter.

    33. Robert DiChiara on

      Sorry, but no single player, no backing from me. I'll need a refund.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christopher Chaney on

      Hey guys, let me piggyback on what others have said. My backing was based on a single player game. I'm not pleased about the changes. What about starting with network play and then later releasing the single player campaign? I'd prefer to wait and have the game we were hoping for than have my money back. Thanks for listening.

    35. Rick Dakan 2-time creator on

      Veav makes a compelling point! I need to talk things over with the team and some outsiders, but yeah there's more to be said on all of this.

      Stay tuned!

    36. Veav on

      I'm seeing a lot of productive suggestions and options on the update thread. Obviously Rick's word supercedes mine on this but I think there's a strong chance this'll roll back from "it's fucking gone" to "changed into a different form" or "released as a work in progress aspect".

    37. Rick Dakan 2-time creator on

      As I noted in the latest update, the lengthy campaign that we spent a lot of time on just wasn't something good enough to release. Our failure. My failure specifically. I will personally refund your money, if you like.

    38. Fuzzy Puffin on

      @Daniel: Yes, unfortunately.

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Quaroni on

      Wait, so "A lengthy single-player campaign tells the house’s horrifying history and unlocks new denizens and intruders to use in the game." - is that gone now?

    40. Missing avatar


      So no more dedicated single player; just some washed out AI? That's my interest in this gone; thanks for saying you'll be making something and then completely changing it. If I wanted another lame ass online multi game I would have gone and got one of the 10,000 already out there.

    41. Missing avatar

      Timo Niemelä on

      Have you considered adding your game to Steam Greenlight?

    42. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Thanks for the update Rick! Hope you get the sales and more.

    43. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      *twiddes thumbs 'till Halloween*

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. Joe Vasquez on

      Wonderful, thanks much!

    46. S.D. on

      Survey complete! I noticed that no mention of platform selection was made. How will that be handled? Will it be similar to the Humble Bundle store, where your unique download key permits you to download (and re-download) whatever platform you choose? Or will the key redeem for a particular platform at the time of download? Thanks!

    47. Stavros Tsiakalos on

      Filled in the questionair. Checked it a gazillion times for typos. Now waiting for Halloween to notice the typo I am bound to have missed :)

    48. Rick Dakan 2-time creator on

      @Joe - Yes, absolutely if you want, no problem!

    49. Joe Vasquez on

      Beta bosses, rather.

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