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Help Pluto rule the system in this exciting "Smash and Crash" rail style game being developed for iOS, PC, and Mac.

Help Pluto rule the system in this exciting "Smash and Crash" rail style game being developed for iOS, PC, and Mac. Read More
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"Target Release - October 2012"

One day, all the planets got together and decreed that Pluto was too immature and silly to be considered a planet.  He was thrown out of the Planet Club Society and sent to the Kuiper Belt with all the other silly asteroids.

Enraged, Pluto decided that if they're going to treat him like an asteroid, then maybe he should act like one. He now sets off on a mission to take down the Big 8 and that stupid @!#$! Sun; if Pluto can't be a planet, then no one can!

Game Overview

Apocalypse Pluto is a "smash 'n crash" rail game that has you guiding Pluto through the solar system on his quest to take revenge on the other planets for kicking him out of the Planet Club.  Using his devastating Hyper Smash attack, he can go head to head against enemies like Iron Rocks and even Worm Holes to increase his speed for the final confrontations.  Some enemies though, such as Fire Comets, will decrease his speed no matter what, and they should be avoided at all costs.  Earn as much speed as possible to increase your rank and unlock additional universes.

Core Features

•    Endless universes with scaling difficulty to test your skills
•    Vibrant and stylistic cartoon visuals
•    Simple and intuitive controls that work across multiple systems
•    A save feature that allows players to continue the current game from where they left off
•    Achievements and leader boards to track and compare local and global ranking


Throughout the game, you'll need to always be aware of certain things. The basic thing is of course that the faster you go the more powerful you become.  Some enemies will increase your speed if you hit them in the right spot.  Others will decrease your speed, and some can even destroy you!  Watch your surroundings and always be on the lookout for dangerous foes.


These are some early examples of the amazing music that will be appearing in Apocalypse Pluto.  Each planet will have its own theme song that plays during it's level. We have an incredible composer on our team that is dedicating his time to make fun, catchy themes for each of the planets as well as the sound effects that bring everything to life.

The Team for Apocalypse Pluto consists of

Marc Seal (Boss Guy) - CEO and CO-Designer

Shawn Burdon (Canadian Guy) - Lead Designer and 3D Modeler

Andrew Mclean (English Guy) - Sound Design and Composer

Jonathan Norris (That Guy) - UI and Branding Designer

Tyler Cook (Code Guy) - Unity Developer and Programmer

Larc Muckenmuller (Opposite of Guy) - Character and Texture Artist

Overclock Development Group is a small Dev company based in New York (aka. Marc's Apartment) with team members connecting from all corners of the globe.  We have brought our experience, skills and enthusiasm together to make fun and exciting games for everyone; from hardcore gamers to mooses alike (no current moose games planned for the near future and yes, we know that the plural of moose is not mooses). By contributing to Apocalypse Pluto you help support us as a team and allow us to grow.  We do this full time and hope to be able to continue working on small, fun games as well as push our larger titles forward to achieve our goal of bringing hardcore gaming to the Mobile Industry.

$5,000 is not very much to make a game these days.  Typically that's not even enough to pay for a few assets in a game, but that's OK!  We have a full dedicated team that is ready to work with a small amount of capital to get our company moving forward and get you playing and enjoying our games.  The money will go towards general expenses such as supply costs, license fees and basic support for our team members to help keep them fed (this way they don't starve to death until AFTER the game is released). The $5,000 will get the game to a completed stage on iOS and PC.  Any additional funds we receive will go directly into making the game better!  This means everything from extra levels to entirely new features, characters, universe types and more. This may also allow us to push development a bit quicker then our already fast pipeline to get all you backers assisting Pluto in his galactic conquest even faster!


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    Dust Buster - An exclusive Apocalypse Pluto desktop wallpaper and our eternal thanks for being a supporter!

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    Rock Breaker - The previous reward PLUS, a DRM-free copy of the game on PC and Apple iOS upon release (You will also get a Steam version pending its approval).

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    Asteroid Crasher - All previous rewards PLUS, the full set of Apocalypse Pluto wallpapers for your computer and iOS devices.

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    Moon Wrecker - All previous rewards PLUS, access to the early game beta, a copy of the game 1 week ahead of official release and a digital download of the Apocalypse Pluto Theme Song.

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    Planet Smasher - All previous rewards PLUS, a digital download of the game's soundtrack.

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    Nebula Slammer - All previous rewards PLUS, a mega mix bonus music track, a Kickstarter exclusive texture pack and an appearance in the credits of Apocalypse Pluto, being honored as the generous backer that you are!

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    Star Blaster - All previous rewards PLUS, a fancy Apocalypse Pluto t-shirt. (Please include an additional $15 in your pledge for international shipping.) You will also be included in the design process for the Kickstarter exclusive texture pack and t-shirt.

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    System Crusher - All Previous Rewards PLUS, a limited signed and numbered print by the concept artist of Apocalypse Pluto (print number will be determined by pledge order).

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    Galaxy Cracker - All Previous Rewards PLUS, an original hand painted art piece. Each piece will be one of a kind and made specially for each backer in this category.

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    Universe Destroyer - Previous Rewards PLUS, You get to be one of the designers on a Bonus level that will be unlockable in Apocalypse Pluto. You will also appear in the developer section of the credits along with the rest of the team. Forever One Of Us.

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