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$8,334 pledged of $21,000 goal
By Craig Pleasants
$8,334 pledged of $21,000 goal

Developments with the Octagonal Living Unit

Dear friends and supporters of the Octagonal Living Unit,

There have been some developments on my kit-house project that I wanted to tell you about. First of all, I have secured funding that will allow me to purchase the steel and polystyrene panels for the house. This will mean I can build a prototype to find out just how easy it is and how quickly the house can be dried in. I hope to do that in the coming year. 

I have also gotten advice from a venture capital/philanthropy firm who says that I now need to test the product-market-fit. I am posting this update to begin that process. Some of you wanted to support the idea out of kindness, but others supported it because they were interested in the possibility of having one of these little octagonal gems. If you are still interested in the idea of an artist's studio, or a tiny house, or a guest house, please visit this web site: and fill out the "contact us for more info" page. . . . And stay tuned.

Many thanks,



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