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Linotype: The Film is a documentary about the Linotype typecasting machine and its search for a place amongst modern technology.
Linotype: The Film is a documentary about the Linotype typecasting machine and its search for a place amongst modern technology.
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    1. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      Thank you so much! We feel honored that you think it was "money well spent."

      Please share the film with all of your friends and family!

      All the best,

      Doug Wilson
      Director & Producer
      "Linotype: The Film - In Search of the Eighth Wonder of the World"

    2. Lisa Brandt Heckman on

      Douglas and team,

      I just watched the DVD the other night, and wanted to drop you a line to say THANK YOU for doing this. You did a great job, and I feel that my contribution was money well spent.

      I grew up in my dad's print shop where we used a Ludlow, so I was very glad to see this documented. And my husband was a film student, so I know how much work it is. ;) Congratulations on completing your project, and again, thank you for doing this.

    3. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      We have sent out the digital download link to the email addresses associated with your Kickstarter pledge. Please make sure that the email did not go to your spam box.

      Thanks again for your support,


    4. Nigel Maister on

      What's the situation regarding the digital download? You say this is your last update, will you be sending a link to the digital download to backers?


    5. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      Thanks for your message. The screenings are going well.

      We don't have an exact release date for the DVDs just yet, but please be patient! We hope to release by the late summer or early fall.



    6. Craig M. Clark on

      Any timeframe of when the DVD's will be out? Congrats on the first screenings.

    7. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      The digital download of the film will be released in the summer. Thanks for your patience!


    8. Nigel Maister on

      I'm just curious...I pledged at the digital download level..when might that download become available?

    9. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      We have no idea who that guy is - he was just in the shot and we thought it was funny. You will be happy to learn that he is alive and well as far as we know.

    10. Gary Remson on

      I am thrilled that you are finally able to start the final editing of the film. I do have one question though, after watching your video I noticed someone in the background and to the left bent over in front of one of the display cases. He didn't move. Is the poor man alive or part of one of the displays?

    11. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on

      Steve, thanks for your comment. We always love hearing from people that have grown up around Linotypes. We also agree that the sounds of the Linotype are an orchestra in itself - beautiful music that informed the world.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Richardson on

      I was born in 1948, and two years later I was toddling around my parents' weekly newspaper shop in New London, Minnesota. Needless to say, I was introduced to the linotype at a very early stage of life and have been captivated by it ever since. I never once tired of watching all the moving parts: the arms moving up and down, wheels spinning, the mats dropping back into the cases.
      Then there was Dad's endless typing, sending line after line to the caster, checking the melting pot, fixing this, fixing that, cleaning, and on and on it went. I recall the smells of the gas burner and hot lead.
      The sounds of the linotype are still with me as well: the whine of the electric motor, the clickity-clack of the mats dropping, the ka-chunk of rollers on cams, the hissing of the burner, the clunk of the elevator reaching the top of its travel, the clanking and grinding of the casting wheel, the moaning, the creaking, the continual clicking of the keyboard. It was an orchestra within itself.
      My favorite part, however, was watching the mats being lifted up to the back of the machine, seeing them being pushed onto the screw conveyor, drawn along by its rotation, and then magically dropping back down into the case.
      I was literally raised in that shop and never tired of watching this marvelous machine. I was truly mesmerized by it! Needless to say, I am looking forward to your final project! Thanks for helping me keep these wonderful memories alive!

      Steve Richardson
      Valdez, Alaska

    13. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      Thanks so much for the information - I will make contact with them soon.

    14. Missing avatar

      Bruce James on

      Great project! The most Linotypes ever at use in one place, nearly 2000, was the U. S. Government Printing Office in Washington, DC. They still have two active machines for special purposes and a score of craftspeople who once operated and maintained the machines. Bob Tapella, the Public Printer of the United States, might well be willing to help with this project. Contact his office at 202-512-1100 and ask to speak with his special assistant, Trenholm Boggs.

    15. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      Thanks for your interest in the film. Unfortunately, the fund raiser has ended. Please email me at: doug (at) onpaperwings (dot) com to give directly to the film.

    16. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      Thanks for the excitement about the film. If we make our way through Kentucky, we will contact you for more information.

    17. Missing avatar

      Norm Jackson on

      I spent most of my working life as a linotype operstor and would love to see the film, but when I click on one of the green buttons, nothing happens. I wish to pledge $50. Help!!!.
      Norm Jackson

    18. David Pitts on

      Anticipating the film. Good luck with the project. If you have not already got enough old Linotypers to interview, I just reconnected with my old boss who owned one and could still run it in 1980. If you need contact info let me know and I will hook you up. He is in Bowling Green, KY.

    19. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      Thanks for the support and the links.

    20. Attila Boros on

      Until we get the film: Type Specimen from 1905 via

      Vocational film from the '60's:
      Part 1:
      Paft 2:

      I'm glad to be a part of it, I wish you all the best.

    21. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      Glad to hear you are so excited to see the film - we are as well!

    22. mattfong on

      The end of 2011 cannot come quickly enough. I started with Aldus PageMaker back in the day to do layouts for the school paper and there I started my love for type, layout, and printing. I've always been amazed and intrigued to see how things were done before computers. Thanks for keeping the history alive!

    23. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      Thanks for the tip. We have actually been in contact with them and are hoping that a west coast trip will come to fruition.

    24. Brooke Condolora on

      Definitely make a trip out here to the International Printing Museum ( Just visited over the weekend, and loved the experience!

    25. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Stephan, we appreciate your enthusiasm!

    26. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    27. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      Great to hear from C.C. Stern! We may be up in Portland this spring and we would love to meet you and see that hot type is still alive.

    28. fiddleink on

      Hey Douglas, we're happy to see that this project is receiving healthy funding. Good work! Also, I'm excited to read that you've already interviewed Carl. That guy is a living treasure. Look us up if you head to Portland, hot type is alive and well here! The C.C. Stern Type Foundry will be hosting the 2012 American Typecasting Fellowship Conference, perhaps it can be a venue to show your film? -Brian

    29. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on

      Thanks Thom!

      Mary, I am happy to offer it on DVD so that people all over the world can watch the film.

    30. Missing avatar

      mary calkins on

      I used to set type on a Compugraphics machine and that feels old hat enough...I can't imagine what it would be like to use a Linotype but I think they are pretty cool! Thanks SO much for offering a DVD of the film, it's hard for me to get out and see movies especially when they just play one or two art theaters or a festival !

    31. Thom Wong on

      100% awesome. So excited for this. Geeked even.

    32. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on


      I am aware of the invention of the space band and the Shuckers patent - such an interesting part of the story. I believe when Mergenthaler Linotype bought out Rogers' Typograph, it was the most money paid for a company at that time.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ken Kobre on

      Doug, I can't wait to see your documentary. I am the professor of Photojournalism at San Francisco State University. My father, a journalism historian, owned two linotypes. Are you aware of the story behind the space band that produces justified lines? This was one of the important inventions in the history of the machine. Today, My father's linotype is in the Baltimore museum of industry. Ken Kobre

    34. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on

      Max, thanks for the lead - I will check it out.

      Doublejnyc, thanks! It is being shot on a Canon 7D (16x9, 24p, 1920x1080 full HD).

    35. Missing avatar

      doublejnyc on

      Hey Douglas, the film looks gorgeous. What camera was it shot on?

    36. Missing avatar

      Max Trescott on

      Make sure you make it out to Wellsboro, PA to interview some of the people who worked at Linotype Mergenthaler. The local newspaper, The Wellsboro Gazette, a very small town newspaper, always seemed to have the latest Linotype machine, since the factory would give them one to try out. I saw my first machine while growing up in town and visiting the newspaper. Still remember the pot of hot lead!

    37. Steve Nicholson on

      Counting down until you get a mention on Daring Fireball and your funding goes through the roof.




    38. Douglas Wilson 2-time creator on

      Not sure if that would encourage or discourage giving...

    39. Frank Chimero on

      Suggested pledge level & reward: Pledge $8000, and get a linotype machine.