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A beautifully crafted hardback publication, asking the world's best web and print designers short questions about their work.

A beautifully crafted hardback publication, asking the world's best web and print designers short questions about their work. Read More
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About this project

Designers are awesome

Everything you see, read, touch, tap, click, load, view and share has been designed. When you recognize that everything has been carefully thought over by one, or many, people behind a screen, you realise that designers really are awesome people - and I want to celebrate them.

So, I've been speaking to some of the world's best web and print designers - asking them questions about their work, process and life away from the screen. The Workbench will be a beautifully crafted hardback collating all these answers. Matched with beautiful typography and incredible photography from all over the world, it's something I'm super psyched to ship.

What will it look like?

It will look awesome.  As well as insightful, it will be beautiful on the eye. Everything in it will be a real tribute to the top class work that these leading designers produce every day. We all love amazing quality products - and I'm really focused on getting every detail perfect in The Workbench. One of the things I'll be spending the funding on will be investment in time and design to get the book and materials exactly right.

33x28cm Cover Size
Roughly 60 Pages(Unfinished)

Spot Varnished Cover

Perfect Style Binding

Full-Page HDR Images

Why will people want to read it?

I've been absolutely blown away by the inspring and detailed answers from the designers so far - and as I finish up collecting the content I'm truly proud of the way the product is shaping up so far. It will offer an unrivalled window into the minds and workings of these market leading and inspiring designers.

As a designer myself, and an active member of the designer community, I know what questions to ask and consider myself a confident interviewer. I've already had some fascinating content submitted and I can't wait to share the finished project.

What's the content like?

I've tailored all the questions to each individual designer to get the best and most interesting copy possible.

Here are some sample questions:

"As a young designer, who inspired you and who inspires you today?"

"What is the most significant project you have ever undertaken?"

"Have you ever doubted your work as you've got ready to present it to clients/the world?"

"What part of your workflow would you recommend to all designers out there?"

Who's taking part?

Good question. Here are some of the awesome guys who've confirmed their part in the book so far:

There will be 50 designers in the book in total. So where are the rest? Currently, all other designers in the book are either working on their answers or we're just having fun chatting. So, I'll be adding each of these designer's as we finish up on their answers, bit by bit.

What's the need for funding?

Publishing a quality book isn't cheap. Neither is shipping. Therefore the high majority of the money from Kickstarter will go onto the actual production of the book. As I said, I'm really focused on creating an incredibly good quality product, and so I'm not afraid to put that extra bit in to giving it the details to take it to the next level. Naturally, I also want to push some money into publicising the book, and finding some amazing locations across the country for image shooting.

This is not just another book. It's intended to help inspire a new generation of designers, just as I have been inspired by all the designers who will be featured.


You're awesome for visiting the project page. Thanks a bunch, and feel free to shoot any questions over! 

Risks and challenges

It's a very risk-free project. The 50 designers have all agreed to participate, which was the only major hurdle. The only obstacle is the funding and, hey, that's what I need your help for.

Once the book is out there I'm confident there's a big market for it. The design community is a big and welcoming one, where projects are getting launched all the time - and I hope that The Workbench would get recognised as one. Marketing will be done through the site, which is just getting finished up, and should be done within a couple of days, and we hope to reach around the small blog networks - and aim to get features and articles out there to promote the publishing of The Workbench.

I'm also planning on creating a series of sub-products, 2nd editions, merchandise and travel-size versions. Why? Because I've fallen in love with this product, and want to keep it going past it's first shipping.

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