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Fold and Play! Combining art and paper design with accessible gameplay, this project brings the joy of a paper game to everyone.
Fold and Play! Combining art and paper design with accessible gameplay, this project brings the joy of a paper game to everyone.
Fold and Play! Combining art and paper design with accessible gameplay, this project brings the joy of a paper game to everyone.
245 backers pledged AU$ 15,704 to help bring this project to life.

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The Kraken Arrives!


The Kraken has finally arrived from the printer today! After weeks of anxious delays we are now able to dispatch those rewards that were held up because of the printing hold-ups. But we definitely think the wait has been worth it, the monstrous beast is certainly our proudest paper-craft achievement to date. The PnP version of the Kraken is ready to go, and has been uploaded to the Backer Portal, so make sure you check into the Backer Portal. Physical Backer pledges that were waiting for the Kraken’s arrival will start being dispatched over the next few days.

Reward kits waiting to be packed
Reward kits waiting to be packed

If you answered in your backer survey that you wanted us to confirm your address details before dispatching, now is the time to send us an email through Kickstarter to confirm/update those details.

We have a significant number of “seconds” that did not make it pass quality control. Rather than just throwing these away, we have decided to offer backers the opportunity to get them as a bonus to their proper rewards, and as a way to try to make up for the delay in shipping rewards due to unforeseen delays with the printing. The “seconds” kits have missing or slightly damaged parts, or might require a bit of manual cutting or glueing to make the kit, or might just be over-supply spare pages from kits. So if you are interested in getting some of these “seconds”, just send us an email via Kickstarter and we will add to your shipment. Please note that these will be handed out on a first-in first-served basis, and please hurry because we can’t send you anything from the second stock if we have already “dispatched” your reward.

Screenshots from the Helper App
Screenshots from the Helper App

On a sadder front, the helper app has been rejected by Apple because they now require any features to be unlocked through in-app purchases (IAP) - they want their cut. We have lodged a review request, but are not sure when we will get an answer back from Apple. If worst comes to worst the iOS version will have to omit the “Backer Only” features. The Android version is all good, but we are holding off releasing it because we might have to change the backend to satisfy Apple’s IAP policy. Don’t worry we certainly WON’T be forcing Backers to have to do IAP to get the app.

Backer Portal Launched


It has been a busy time here in the studio since the Kickstarter campaign ended. First up, apologies for the quietness, but it has been very much a "heads-down tails-up" time since.

We have lots of news, but we'll stick to the opening of the “Backer Portal” for this update.

Earlier today you should have received an email for activating your “Viking Horde:Papercraft” Backer Portal. Please note that this email came from the website (more precisely, NOT via the Kickstarter updates. If you haven't received an email from us, first check your spam/junk mailbox, if it's not there then get in touch with us via the “Contact Me” link on the Kickstarter project page or directly via the Support page.

The Backer Portal is our custom developed micro-site where you can collect your digital rewards for “Viking Horde:Papercraft”. We have gone for this Portal configuration so that everyone can start getting their rewards immediately, rather than waiting till the various stretch goal expansions are completed.

Some of you will see a big red(ish) box saying “Details Pending”. This is because we need to get further details from you to confirm the available rewards. This is either because you haven't completed the survey or because there is a discrepancy between the rewards you want and the pledge amount. For those people with a discrepancy, we will be in touch next week to resolve the issue with you.

In the Backer Portal, you can click on the Settings button (the cog looking image near the top right of the page) which will allow you to change your email, postal address, awsHUB newsletter subscription (if you “opted-in” via the survey). If you change your postal address in the next month, please update the details here as we will be using this for the dispatch.

The Backer Portal is tied in with the rest of the awsHUB website, your log-in details can be used across the whole site to access exclusive content - of course taking advantage of this is completely optional.

As some of you have already done, please just get in touch with us if you run into any issues, and we'll try to resolved them for you.


Thank you


We made it with a crazy 448% funding level. A huge thank you to our Backers, the support has been phenomenal. A big call-out to those Backers that were watching with us in those final minutes as we got so close to the "Hero" stretch goal. Don't worry the "heroes" aren't dead, they're just having a little nap till we finish delivering this project. We have a feeling they might return to Kickstarter in the near future... hint hint!

We appreciate your patience as we now start the epic task of getting everyone their rewards.

We will be sending out the surveys for the Early Delivery Tiers early next week. The surveys for the other Backer Tiers will be staggered over the next few weeks.

If any Backers have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to send us a message.

As mentioned to a few Backers already, the option does exist to get further add-on packs even though the Kickstarter campaign has ended, just send us a message. This includes the PnP Backers who might want to get the Kraken PnP and Faering PnP Kits.

Time to go drink a mighty flagon of mead!

This is (almost) the End …but in a good way!


The last day of the Kickstarter campaign, and the adrenaline is pumping like mad through our veins… of course we blame the Viking!

It is amazing to see the support for the project continue to grow. The backer support in the last few days has just been phenomenal.

The next stretch goal which is hanging there so tantalisingly close is the "Heroes" (plus a new clan of course). Heroes are selected from a type (similar to classes), the player upgrades them with generic and type specific perks as they earn XP. The concept is that the helper app makes the storing and levelling up of heroes easy. Don't worry there is no perma-death for heroes in Viking Horde:Papercraft - although you might want to retire them yourself, because as they become tougher they are required to perform increasingly heroic feats lest the player suffer a penalty. These penalties might actually cause them to lose the game even though they sunk the other players' fleets. Here is a teaser of two of the hero types, the Sage and the Shield Maiden.

As an aside, Little Adam (the coder in the AWS Team) was a bit worried that he hadn't done any contributions to the campaign updates, so we decided to let him share (a little) of what he has been working on. These are "wireframes" for the Viking Horde:Papercraft helper app. These are very early designs that most definitely should be contemplated upon with a grain of salt.

We have also released the next mini-stretch goal. This is at $18k, we know it's a bit of an ask to get there in less than a day, but boy would it be amazing. So hence the stretch goal is suitably amazing; the introduction of the Karve ship and the Merchant class. The Karve is a smaller version of the Longship with just four crew (and four hit points), however it is more manoeuvrable. The Merchant class makes the collection of loot a game-changing priority - as long as you steer clear of the larger combat ships.

See you on the other side...

Less the Two Days Left


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