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The Enclave is a GPS aware iOS survival game that operates in real time along side your life.Gather and craft to improve your Enclave.

The Enclave is a GPS aware iOS survival game that operates in real time along side your life.Gather and craft to improve your Enclave. Read More
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What is The Enclave?

The Enclave is a free to play iOS location aware strategy survival game set in a desolate and infected near future. Gameplay is inspired by games such as DayZ, minecraft, Ingress and XCOM. Explore your real world surrounding to gather materials to upgrade your in game enclave. Discover new citizens to add to your enclave’s population or to send out on missions when you cannot.

Explore, Loot, Craft and upgrade your enclave all in real time in real world locations. The Enclave may also come to android via our stretch goals below.

Key Gameplay Features.

Mockup UI
Mockup UI

Location aware – You play the enclave on a real world map, setting up your enclave in the same location as your real life home. 

Real time – The Enclave operates in real time. If you send your citizens out on a 5 mile round trip to gather materials this trip will have a real journey time attached to it dictated by the items the citizen has equipped and his statistics. The enclaves gates lock at midnight so any citizens outside the gates at this time have a high % chance of encountering our next feature…

Permadeath - If you send a citizen out on a mission there is always a risk they may be killed on that mission. When citizens die they die permanently and loose the items they have with them unless you send another citizen (or yourself) to loot them back. 

Build a team of Citizens– You can only do so much, for your enclave to be a success you require citizens. It has come to light that some individuals are immune to the spores released in bloom. These individuals can be found roaming what’s left of the world outside the Enclave. Recruit them to your enclave, equip them with crafted items and the put them to use.

GPS enabled looting – As Head of the Enclave you have permission to leave the walls and roam the wasteland to search for survivors, materials and loot that can be used to build upgrades for the Enclave or to increase that statistics of your citizens. Walking into town for a Coffee? Enable scouting mode and you will have a percentage chance of discovering loot and materials for your enclave on your journey.

Send your citizens out to search for resources – Stuck at work and cant head out for a loot hunting wander? Bring some of your citizens with you and dispatch them to investigate the local points of interest around you for loot. 

Petrol station near work? Send a citizen to loot it while you sit at your desk. The type of location you loot will affect the type of materials you are likely to locate. For example a take away is more likely to yield food, a petrol station, petrol and hardware store construction materials. Just make sure any citizens you dispatch on missions get back to you in time for you returning to your enclave. If you leave without them they will be stranded.

Crafting – Once you have gathered materials these can be crafted into weapons or upgrades for your Enclave.

Upgradable Enclave – Your enclave is humanities last stand and it required upgrading to keep up with the demands of your citizens and the oppression of the infected outside your walls. Upgrades such as farms and aquaponics facilities can be used to upgrade your food production while upgrades such as guard towers and spike pits can upgrade your enclaves defenses. Your citizens will also need housing as well as food so homesteads of various sizes can also be created.

Funding model – The enclave will be free to play with in app purchases for citizens and materials. Your enclave has a radio link with a mysterious group known as the shadownet. In app purchases enable you to interact with the shadownet to purchase materials or food should you need them. All items can be found for free in the game but the shadownet can provide items on demand, for a price. More on the back story of the Shadownet and its members will be released in the future.

Discover the history of this world - While looting and searching the world you may come across newspapers, postcards, pictures and art from the time before the enclave. At a later date we will be soliciting submissions from the community for pictures and postcards that can be discovered in the world


art courtesy of Antares69
art courtesy of Antares69

The year is 2061 and humanity has decimated itself with only 10% of the human population remaining. What population remains survives from looting and reconstituting from the remains of a civilization almost forgotten.

Few details remain that explain exactly what triggered humanities downfall but what is known is the following.

2013 – Crime and homicide rates climb to their highest levels ever fueled by anger towards invasive and oppressive governments.

2015 – Prisons fill up and the UN commissions a secret research project to investigate the bacteria found in mind altering parasites from the animal kingdom to see if they can be used to cure repeat offenders of their neurological issues leading to crime.

2017 – Initial breakthroughs come fast using a virus that infects the gypsy moth. Once altered the serum appears to significantly change the mindset of repeat criminals away from a life of crime. The serum is used on a sample of 10. All return to society.

2018- Within 6 months of returning to society all 10 of the initial subjects are reported missing. 

2018 – A large “cocoon” structure is located atop a disused building in downtown New York. Police and Medical staff observe the Cocoon for 24 hours. During this period time another 3 cocoons are reported across the mainland of the United States. On the second day of observation while scientists examine the Cocoon, It explodes with ferocious force spreading spores over a large area.

This event becomes known as a Bloom. Within hours of the first Bloom the other located cocoons also Bloom covering a huge combined area in spores. 

2019 – Six months later a huge number of people within the Bloomfall areas begin to show signs of an enormously increased appetite and metabolism. Within days of displaying these symptoms people begin to disappear only for more cocoons to be discovered.

2020 – It is confirmed that the spores spread in the initial Bloom are triggering an increased metabolism in the infected that then leads to them seeking high ground to build a cocoon. This becomes known as Husking. 

What happens from this point becomes unclear. What we do know that as the disease spread so did panic. This led to a breakdown in base social functions such as food deliveries and education as workers became too scared to work and parents too scared to send their children to school.

It is thought that the infected require and seek out with great ferocity a huge number of calories so that they can husk and bloom. As society started to be gripped by panic and food became scarcer it was only a matter of time before the infected turned to those around them for their food source.

Within 3 years of the first bloom the infected began to hunt humanity as a food source. We fled, we hid, we regrouped, we created our enclave.

Overtime as food sources have dwindled it appears the virus has adapted making the infected increasingly more vicious in their hunt for food. Now the infected appear to be entirely taken over by the virus with little, if anything remaining of their original personality.

As it stands now humanity is fading away, we have almost lost the last of the generation that remembers the time before first bloom. All around there are children who know nothing but this way of life. Without the enclave to teach these children of the time before bloom all the scientific and medical advances of humanity will be lost to time. 

The Enclave is mankinds only way to pass on this knowledge to our children. When the enclave dies so does the sum total of our achievements, our science, our medicine, our humanity.


App home/summary screen.
App home/summary screen.

Enclave management screen
Enclave management screen
Location select screen
Location select screen
Citizen dispatch screen
Citizen dispatch screen

Why The Enclave Needs Kickstarter?

Quite simply The Enclave needs kickstarter to exist. As it stands I have a great (I think anyway) idea for a mobile game that takes full advantage of the assets of the platform in the form of its always connected and location aware nature. What The Enclave needs now is funding for developers, artists and audio guys. I as an individual can dabble in all these areas but to make a truly great product I require funding to hire specialists in each of these areas. 

I want this to be a process that solicits input from across in the internet. Are you a developer who loves this idea and wants to help build it? Get in touch. Are you an artist who has great concepts knocking around in your head for The Enclave, infected and their husking and blooming? Get in touch. This project embodies the ideal that kickstarter was founded on, It’s a great idea, that needs a kickstart and without Kickstarter it wont exist. 

The money will be used to 

• Hire developers
• Hire artists
• Hire audio
• Promote game.

Stretch Goal! ANDROID!

Ideally we want to bring The Enclave to as many platforms as possible. Should the Kickstarter total over £100'000 We guarantee we will bring the game to both iOS and Android.


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Where does the idea for the infected in The Enclave come from?

Good question! So good its almost as if I created it myself for this FAQ… The original concept for the infected, or Huskers as the people in this universe call them came from an article I read about a virus that infects gypsy moths. The virus alters the moths behavior and makes it climb to a high point before it starts to break the moth down from the inside. Once the moth is broken down rain carries the infection to lower leaves thus continuing the wonderful circle of life…or death.

Huskers? Why?

The cocoon the infected create resembles a fairly disgusting variation on the coconut husk. Thus the infected became known as Huskers.

Why make this game for mobile?

The core concept of The Enclave requires a device that is always connected, has access to the time, knows its location and can be carried anywhere with the player. Mobile is the only platform that ticks all of these boxes. The idea that you setting off on your walk to work could reap materials in the world of The Enclave could only be achieved with mobile.

What games inspired The Enclave and how?

There is a ton of games that inspired the ideas within The Enclave a few are listed below.

Minecraft – Gathering resources and crafting them into useful items for yourself isn’t a new idea in gaming but its an area minecraft popularized to great effect.

XCOM – The core concept of finding citizens, improving them via equipment and permadeath were directly inspired by XCOM. The base building and its subsequent effect on gameplay also directly inspired the base building mechanic in The Enclave. 

Zombies Run. – The original and greatest running motivation tool. The concept of going on a run and gathering materials was something that immediately hooked me and forms the concept behind both sending citizens out on search mission and going searching yourself.

DayZ – DayZ was an experience upon release unlike any other. The requirement to gather supplies to survive in a hostile world was unique at the time and acted as a core inspiration for The Enclave.

Animal Crossing - Animal crossings use of time is something that I hope to build into The Enclave. Core features such as The Enclave’s gates shutting at midnight are dependent on the system clock and I hope to add more features around this. Potentially adding things such as date specific events.

Will The Enclave have a plot of any kind?

The Enclave will not have a standard linear plot but you will discover logs and documents when looting that may further explain what happened to humanity and the mystery behind the Shadownet that supply you but want no interaction beyond that. There will also be community submitted postcards and letters that may shed light

When will it be out?

As soon as possible but we are aiming for first quarter 2014.

Risks and challenges

Any project inherently has risks. As this project is for the creation of software the main risk and difficulty from the project will arise from the managing of a team that will likely be spread across a large area. I am uniquely equipped to handle this challenge as I am capable of assisting in all areas of the project but I also have years of experience in managing teams. Especially teams distributed across various countries through my employment in finance.
As this project will be a team effort there is always the issue of potentially being let down by a collaborator. I have already made contingency plans for this instance. I personally know several developers who due to full time employment are unable to take this project on full time but are more than happy and able to assist should we be met with an issue down the line.
If we are let down buy graphics or audio collaborators I am personally capable of stepping in and filling the role. I am only looking to hire artists and musicians as its not my strongest point. I can if necessary act fill the role though.
The other potential problem when delivering software, especially software that is crowd funded is maintaining constant communication with the people who have funded the project. As a competent web designer I am able to create a blog and plan to issue weekly updates on the progress of development.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Hi there! The android version is a stretch goal. I have to made it a bit clearer on the kickstarter page as you are the second person to ask :-). Im actually an android user myself and i would love to see it there but we are starting off with iOS.

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