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Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
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Added Load & Save to Editor

Posted by Chris Carson (Creator)

Today I was able to rig load and save to the editor. Now you can save your ship design and then load it again later. I will expand on this over the next day or two. In addition I began designing a space dock from where the ship is edited. So you can make multiple saves. Here some up to date images of the editor...

In other news I have been work with Mr Czanik to figure out how to create lifeforms on planet surfaces. And I think we have come up with a idea. We are going to have several body part types, for instance movement may be achieved with wings, fins, two legs, eight legs, etc. So we will have these parts available, and the engine will stitch them together based on the planet. Here is a concept image below.

 Finally we are nearing the end of our second stretch goal and as promised today on the Kickstarter info page I revealed the 3rd and final stretch goal, More Melee options! Here is that information copied for your convenience!

"$10,000.00 Raised - Mega Melee modes: If we can reach the $10,000 dollar mark we will be able to expand the Melee combat mode we have planned out. We will be able to include the ability to create team battles where you construct teams out of your save files and download NPCs from the server. Then battle one ship at a time against another team. Another mode would be endless mode, where you ship of choice has to survive against a never ending onslaught of Saved NPCs and generated enemies. The third battle mode would allow you to combat against two enemy vessels and you have a friendly NPC to assist you, two on two. The fourth mode would involve a endless round of battles, where each battle is timed. Each victory adds more time to the clock, the faster you can defeat them the more time added to the clock. "

Tomorrow I hope to post a new build for Backers to edit their ships and do combat again, but this one will have the load and save functions in and I am attempting to code some method for e-mailing each other our ships for fun in-till we can get the server up.

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    1. Michael Clarke on

      I really like the approach to lifeforms you have going here. It sounds like they will be procedurally generated, using these various parts and a varying amount of limbs? This will give an awesome amount of variety when visiting different planets. Man, you really are making my dream game. :)

    2. Chris Carson Creator on

      Yes indeed, that is in my plan, Currently you can scan plantlife and take samples, Those samples can be stored in your hold, and will have "stats" based on composition. During trade another race need more of something made of A instead of C, this will extend to animal life as well.

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick M. Collier on

      Chris, with you adding animals/wildlife to the planets will you also make them available for your science officer to potentially take samples and or catalog life forms you come in contact with?

    4. Chris Carson Creator on

      Patrick indeed that is something I aiming for, Starting with the base stats of the world you are from, this will help determine how aggressive or passive you race could be. A hostile world, lava, high gravity, etc would possibly create aggressive & warlike races, A cool water rich world may produce passive which may mean better science and diplomacy capabilities.

      Joe have you looked a couple of updates back for the battle builds. I will be releasing to any backer full betas of the whole game, only when it's polished enough not to keep me up at night!

    5. Missing avatar

      Patrick M. Collier on

      As I was messing around with the ship battle simulator last night I had an idea you can take or leave, but I thought it could be useful and add to the game. When you choose the statistics for your race (for example aggressive vs. peaceful) why not tie that to the custom weapon creation. So if you choose a more aggressive race you would get extra points to spend on the weapon customization screen. A peaceful race would have less points to use. This would be due to the fact that a peaceful race would tend to solve problems without resorting to weapons and would not spend as much time or resources developing them. An aggressive race would solve problems this way and would focus more on these things.

      I don't know if you already had that in mind but as I was playing with the editor it made sense to me that the way you designed your race would affect your ships technology and capabilities, especially weapons systems.

    6. Missing avatar

      Joe Caracciolo on

      Hi Chris,

      Sounds great. Just curious as to when backers would be seeing an early build, or, do I need to up my pledge for that?

      Looks like a really fun project thus far! :)