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Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
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More about Stretch Goal #2

Posted by Chris Carson (Creator)

 Stretch Goal #2!

       So we are working towards the second stretch goal and I thought I would talk more about what we have planned for this. Basically all the generated content that you create during a game is stored in strings. We can send these strings across the net from PC's, tablets, phones and other devices to a central server. So what we would we do with that you ask. Well here we are have several ideas i'd like to share...

Historical Records: In game you can dock at Space Stations and the idea is one of the station function options would be to review historical records. View other players races, You would be able to see their ship, race avatar, planet, Captain name and a record of the exploits. Kinda of a cool way to see what other people are doing in the pixelverse.

Encounters: We could with the server make it so some of the races you encounter in your current game could be other players races. So I generate a race play my game and have a certain ship design and weapons layout, you might play your game and encounter my race as a NPC or enemy. We can extend this idea and track in your historical documents what races you have battled or made friends with from other players.

Melee Combat: Search online records and select other player created races to do combat with in a separate melee mode. And we can then store the success rate of downloaded races in the historical record how they fared against other players.

Web Viewer: We would also create a web based interface to review all the race historical records using HTML5, You could search out your own races and see their stats, or search other peoples submissions. 

As always I am open to suggestions or ideas on how to improve my ideas of what I am targeting for this component of the game. Look forward to your comments!

Block Long and Pixelate!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Shawn S. on

      I like all of those ideas. If you could implement all of them, I think that would be pretty cool to have for stats and records.

    2. Chris Carson Creator on

      Just to make sure I am clear guys , the game will remain single player, you will simply be sharing game content across games to help populate other players universes as NPCs.

    3. Mike Lawhun on


      I'm not a dev on this or anything, but I would not worry if I were you. This is going to be a single player game first and foremost. If the sever stretch goal is reached, then other players races can show up in your game, but I'm sure they will still be controlled by the CPU.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joe Caracciolo on

      Hi Chris,
      I really cannot wait to try this game out! And, I think you are getting in at the right time as procedural games are the cutting edge. Limit Theory, No Man's Ky, and Tiny Trek are going to be wonderful games that instill a real sense of exploration. What I really like about this game is the unpredictability and the sense of an evolving universe.

      I remember reading about an old C64 game that was developed by one person. You had to seek out new life and all that trademarked stuff. For its time it was quite revolutionary.

      One question I have for you is will you allow PvE only play? My fear in terms of stretch goals is that this game could become a sort of EVE Online. I'm not at all a fan of PvP and like to have the choice of not playing that way.