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Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
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Somebody asked for Walking animations..!

Posted by Chris Carson (Creator)

Stretch Goal 1 Complete

     Thank you my friends, We have reached the first stretch goal, Now I can assure you get better editors and deeper control over your ship design, weapon systems, race stats and looks. It's quite exciting. I will post more information on that this weekend as well as more detail on what we plan on doing with the internets and sharing your creations across players games should we reach the next stretch goal of $8,000. The campaign so far as been amazing and that is due to you guys and gals, I deeply appreciate it. Help me continue to push this out the world so we can assure the best possible quality game I could muster by the end of May. Any suggestions on how to reach more media is more then welcome. Now that's out of the way let's talk about legs.

Crew Members v2 - Now with Walking!

      So I wanted to share this recent development concerning the Away Team graphics, specifically the team themselves. As you can see in the above image we have the old static blocky crew member representation I am came up with. But my good friend and game developer colleague D.Czanik chipped in with hopes of solving my walking dilemma with the two animations you see next to mine. So I ask you the mighty 451 (Backers as of this update) what do you think. Do you like them? Do they fit in the game? These little guys are important cause you going to be doing a lot of adventuring together so we want them to look just right.

     Speaking of away teams I have been asked recently "What do you do on a Away Mission anyhoo?". It's a fair question, so to give a bit more detail, the away mission engine will be capable of delivering interesting fun and excitement a couple of ways. One is when you just decide to visit the surface of planet for no reason, on the surface you will be able to scan items, collect samples, conducting mining, And conduct trade and conversation with sentient species you might meet. During this you may trigger "Episodes" which provide more structured gameplay through the mission matrix. A trigger on the surface of planet or on board another ship could be requests from other sentient beings, discovery of a artifact or even running into so pirate smuggler types. The idea is I have gone through and attempted to figure out what kind of things one would do on a Mission and distill that into triggers, and mission components. What kind of triggers and planet surface mission components would you like to see?

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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick M. Collier on

      As I have been thinking about this lately there were several major themes throughout all Star Trek series. This is what I came up with.

      -ship to ship combat
      -defending/patrolling borders (ie the neutral zone/demilitarized zones)
      -coming to the aid of an ally
      -defending your homeworld
      -Studying space anomalies
      -Visiting unique planets
      -cataloging new species and elements
      -developing new technologies
      -Aiding ships in distress
      -helping a world after a natural disaster
      -aiding a world or ship with some new plague
      -solving system problems on your ship or other ships
      -completing routine repairs that leave your ship vulnerable for a period of time
      -transporting important diplomats and dignitaries between worlds
      -acting as a mediator to resolve disputes between different races or different groups
      -making first contact with other sentient species throughout the galaxy
      -declaring war or signing peace treaties/trade agreements/military alliances.
      -all the random alien abductions, possessions, wormholes, computer glitches, holodeck programs gone awry and other random unexpected crazy stuff that was always happening to the crews in the Star Trek series.

      Hopefully that gives you a lot of ideas. There are about a million variations and combinations of those themes.

    2. Mike Lawhun on

      Oh, and as to the Shore Leave idea, I don't think you should have them automatically mutiny if they don't get any R&R, but maybe have their stats slowly decrease temporarily until they do. And then, as stated below, random things can happen while people are on leave, including mission spawns.

    3. Mike Lawhun on

      Or one or more crew members could be body snatched by non physical aliens, and then you have to fight them, or go to X planet for some artifact that you need to banish them, or they take hostages and demand you go to their home planet. Just saw such an episode on ST:TNG the other day, so that plot idea is fresh in my mind. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gifford on

      In addition to the mutiny mentioned by Patrick, a single crewmember could start to go stir crazy and eventually try to sabotage something or someone and may have to be secured, drugged, abandoned on a planet, or jettisoned before he does any harm.

    5. Chris Carson Creator on

      Wow neat idea Clovis and Patrick!

    6. Missing avatar

      Patrick M. Collier on

      After reading @Clovis L. Dye's comment I was reminded of the fact that often episodes of Star Trek had the idea of going for shore leave tied into the plot. Why not make shore leave a part of the game. There are a lot of ways you could do this. Make it a mission that is occasionally triggered by one of your crew members. You could also add in a crew moral aspect to the game and if you don't go to certain civilized planets to give your crew shore leave you risk a mutiny. It could be an interesting aspect to the game. Per Clovis' suggestion these shore leaves could also trigger some interesting side missions as well.

    7. Clovis L. Dye, Jr. on

      The animation is probably the better choice. As for mission types, if we really want to do the "Star Trek" thing then there needs to be the highly implausible pleasure planet scenario (that turns out to be some sort of horrible trap, but if you don't get into the trap in the first place then your crew will be very upset with you for making them leave early).

    8. Chris Carson Creator on

      Excellent feedback, thank you everyone!

    9. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Well the "original" didn't have any animation at all.. lol.. so any animation at all is better than the original... but you can still keep the original's art style of being "blocky" and animate it..

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Potvin on

      More mission brainstorming with source material

      Are you doing space stations? I saw those somewhere.

      - Dock at space station.. surprise, another ship is leaving because it's stolen, catch it fast!
      - Space Monster! Shoot the blinking eye!
      - You've been hijacked! Fight in your own ship before it's captured for good!
      - Captured! Must fight like a gladiator! Kill X # of enemies fast!

    11. Lachlan Cameron on

      The improved animations look great.

    12. Mike Lawhun on

      I think the people should have that "made up of squares" look that the ships have, if that's the aesthetic you are sticking with.

      As for mission ideas, I think it would be really awesome if whenever you start a new game and you generate your race and ship, the game also generates (maybe you could let the player edit it as well) a specific enemy race, and they always have a chance of encountering them that gets greater and greater as more time goes by since their last encounter, and then that could come in the form of being attacked ship to ship, or encountering them on the surface of the planet, where there could be goals like finding a certain item before they do, or trying to gain the trust or assistance of the home species for a specific goal. Of maybe they kidnap a crew member and you have to rescue them.

      I'm thinking of all the ways that the Federation and Klingons interact in classin Trek as examples. Then, of course, there could be a mission where you have to cooperate with your enemy to fight an even more powerful threat bent on destroying you both.

      There's so much you can do with this!

    13. Missing avatar

      Shawn S. on

      Er, to clarify my previous statement, the new animations have too many frames for how retro your game is supposed to look. To sum up, the new ones have too many pixels, aren't blocky enough to match the aesthetic of the rest of the game, and too many frames of animation.

    14. Missing avatar

      Shawn S. on

      Not to mention more frames of animation than you'd expect in a game with that retro of a look.

    15. Missing avatar

      Shawn S. on

      Personally, I much prefer your original graphics for the characters. To me, the new ones don't really fit, more pixels and smoothed out compared to the really retro blocky look I found intriguing to begin with. Yes, the walking animation would be fairly crude with the original graphics, but that's kind of the point of it being retro.

    16. Missing avatar

      Procedurally Generated European Name on

      I love the animation!!

      I have also been doing some thinking over the last few months about procedurally generated questions. Basically the quest has X number of elements, where a higher X indicates a more complex question. Elements would include "Find/fetch something" "Kill something" "Escort something" "Run away from something" -- you could see how the number of permutations could rise quickly with more elements, creating a huge number of possibilities. Off the top of my head, some elements that could fit with your procedural missions might be "Find artifact y" , "Make contact/achieve diplomatic outcome with species z", "Kill X", "Survive y"....for example, for an away mission you might have to make contact with a new sentient species while surviving an attack from a hostile race...sorry, this idea could be a bit more well developed, this is just all I had off the top of my head.

      Oh, last thought, I would love to see the procedural quests integrated with "rover style" exploration (as someone else commented in the main comment thread) or with space-level combat/chases.

      Okay, that is more than enough for one comment... :-)

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrick M. Collier on

      I personally really like the new animation the way it is. I don't know how you would make it much more blocky without making it look too much like the original build you had.

    18. trodoss on

      I agree with the comments about the character not looking "blocky," enough as it doesn't fit the look of the rest of the game.

      It might be best to take inspiration from games like Space Quest 1 (the old EGA version), as it has a little more "blocky" look to the characters.

    19. Missing avatar

      Thek4man on

      maybe a youtube episodic live action mini-series? (small videos on a minute or so to pick interests, with different themes/ideas/action each episode)
      relatively easy to make, as long as it's well made. and having several episodes makes it more likely one will become popular and spread, as well as showing you're an active youtuber who gives his watchers interesting things to watch.

    20. Logan Apple on

      Some mission ideas:

      -Primitive lifeforms in which you must interact to survive on a hostile world
      -Time travelers come and take you to the past (or future)
      -Mission members are poisoned, but the only antidote is on the planet
      -Parasites take over a crew member on an infected world

    21. Logan Apple on

      Interesting, but it doesn't fully fit the 8 bit style. I agree with Matthew and Paul, an insignia would be rather interesting.

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gifford on

      I like the insignia idea. Could that possibly be added as part of the race creation process? Maybe a little pixel insignia that appears on an assigned part of your ship as well as the crew.

    23. Chris Carson Creator on

      mirror universe one was priceless!

    24. Missing avatar

      Paul Potvin on

      That guy appears to be dancing to some dubstep. I like them if they were a tad blockier.. but the movment is great. They do need a breast insignia though ;).

      No one else commented on types of triggers and missions so I'll add some.

      - crashed spaceship on a planet
      - big alien lifeform steals one of your crewmembers.. rescue or leave him?
      - boarded alien ship rigged for self destruct. - GTF OUT FAST
      - your launch engines broke while landing.. luckily there's some minerals to be mined to make parts.
      - You meet the "mirror universe" of you.. their sprites all have beards. They also want to all kill you.
      - a huge game breaking weapon has been broken up into five parts on five planets. find em all.

    25. Chris Carson Creator on

      Excellent comments, As far as the animation actual frame by frame play it looks a whole lot more like he is walking forward in game, I think the error is I on the fact that it's a animated gif not captured at the right frame rate. I will talk about the blocky-ness translation you are all mentioning, the input is great guys appreciate it!

    26. Missing avatar


      I like the new animation. Reminds me of Out of This World, which is nicely lo-fi without being overly retro. I have to agree a little on the "walking backwards" thing, though. He looked perfectly normal walking forwards until I read he wasn't, and now that's all I can see. Basically the spinning silhouette optical illusion-

    27. Courtney Marriner on

      I like the new animation and character design, but the guy needs to lift his feet when he is walking tho, don't think it's the time for shuffling!

    28. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      Haha.. I thought the same thing, Matthew.. it certainly does appear to be walking backwards to me :)

      One of the first questions I had for Chris was whether we would have animated crew. He said yes, so I backed the project a few minutes later. So with that in mind, I definitely love that there is now animation but I agree with both Matt's, that it needs to look less rounded and more blocky. I was hoping that they would essentially still look the same as the original (blocky and disinctly 2D) but be animated in there actions, much in the same way 8-bit games of old used to do things.. maybe a bit better than what was capable 20 years ago.. but still.. less 3D, less smooth and rounded and more blocky/2D/8-bit. :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gifford on

      I agree with Matt Dubois to some extent. The profile view of the center figure with a blockier look closer to the original would fit better.

      Is it just me or does the middle guy look like he's walking backwards? The leg movement seems off.

    30. Chris Carson Creator on

      @Matt Dubios I appreciate the input, I will discuss this with the artist.

    31. Matt Dubois on

      Objectively, outside the context of this game, I like the new character and animations. But I don't think they fit in with the unique, lo-fi style you've cultivated in the rest of the game, however. They're too fluid with too great a range of limb rotation. This is of course my opinion, but I prefer how the old characters look. I imagine they would look good with a toned down animation - for example, the walk of the main character in Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery comes to my mind.