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Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
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Weapons Systems Update 1

Posted by Chris Carson (Creator)

11/25/2013 - Weapons Systems Update

Ok so I took all of the ideas I got, and tried my best to strip out "variables" out of them, like scaling, amount of fire, duration, angle, etc. Wit this I was able to go about laying the ground work for procedurally generated weapons. The following images are not polished, But do show a bit of the direction I am taking. Backers will be able to play the little demo that generated this images as well.

What they will find when they open the EXE up is the bootup logo, a small intro and then it jumps in to the screen as shown below. The bottom 4 buttons switch between directed beam, Energy field, Wave beam and finally particle cannon. The roll button effects the current value of variables shown as meters. Each variation effects the weapons output. It's early on but the results so far are promising.

My thinking on implementation is that you do a "roll", and it generates a random weapon system based on a total value pool that is partially determined by your races stats. Then I would provide the player the ability to manipulate it by moving some of the points around. Also note that not shown are some variables that will be generated based on the overall settings of the weapon, things like Weapon strength, shield and hull damage modifiers and recharge time.

So take a look at the screens and if any thoughts come to mind please share, the last bit of brainstorming really helped me here. And I look forward to see where this goes. If we hit our first stretch goal, then this prototyping can be polished and moved into the game.

I will publish a small separate update with a URL for the little tech demo for our Backers!

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    1. Chris Carson Creator on

      Aaron good point, in this case speed is fast the projectile travels, and as such really is their to provide some of the effects, a zero speed in a beam creates the phaser effect, where as 50 gives you a Star Wars effect. Maybe if you think it's a good idea, this can be a setting invisible to the player?

    2. Missing avatar

      Aaron Osgood-Zimmerman on

      Thanks for the sample!! It looks awesome and feels awesome to mess around with it. The one drawback in my mind is that weapon movement speed s randomized in the roll. It makes sense to me that space technology will really only have 1 speed in space, and as such shouldn't be randomized every turn.

      thanks and keep up the awesome work. I appreciate all the updates too.