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Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
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Things that go boom!

Posted by Chris Carson (Creator)
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The next stretch goal is better editors AND procedurally generated weapons I am going to list the base weapons in the game now, and after you read them maybe you guys can give me some ideas of what kinda of ship to ship weapons we could maybe include in the procedural generation. Note in game, the energy weapons will do hull damage, but cannot destroy the target, however they are super effective on shielding. Torpedo aren't effective on shielding but are the only weapon type that can finally destroy the target. Hope that makes sense, writing this a bit late in the evening.

Energy Weapons - good on Shielding

1. Beam Weapons (Continuous beam for short time, med range) 2. Energy bolts (rapid fire of many small length beams, long range) 3. Scatter net (Creates expanding ring of energy,provides cover, short range) 4. Vulcan (Fires in direction of ship, Massive amount of fire, long range)

Torpedoes - only thing that can destroy ship core

1. Regular Torpedo (Dumb fires in direction of target, Quick recharge) 2. Homing Torpedo (Locks on and follows target, Can only turn so fast) 3. Drone (follows target, punctures hull multiple times before ending) 4. Barrage (Fires consecutive torpedoes at once)

The idea I am after is to look for weapons that work within the two systems. Look forward to your suggestions.

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    1. Chris Crabtree on

      I'm assuming that incoming torpedos can be targeted and destroyed by the enemy's own energy weapons?

      Phantom torpedo - A single torpedo that projects multiple holograms of itself, confusing the enemy as to which torpedo is the real threat.

      Spliting torpedo - A torpedo that splits into multiple smaller torpedos when hit by enemy energy weapon.

      Vicious beam - An energy beam whose power steadily increases when maintaining contact with an enemy.

    2. Chris Carson Creator on

      So maybe the rail gun/mass drivers, would fall under the torpedo category

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrick M. Collier on

      1.) EMP weaponry- This would only work once a ships shields were disabled but hitting the hull of a ship with an EMP would disable its systems without damaging a ships exterior, leaving the ship dead in the water. The range would be short forcing you to get close and thus increasing the risk of using this type of weaponry.
      2.) Mass Drivers- These weapons would propel large electromagnetic projectiles and would do moderate damage to both shields and ships and would be able to destroy ships. This type of weapon would shoot in a straight line and thus could potentially be dodged.
      3.) Railguns- similar to the mass driver but with a much faster firing rate and much smaller projectiles. They would also damage both shields and the ship but each projectile would do very little damage due to the small size. They would shoot in a straight line but given the large amount of projectiles the mass driver would shoot it would be hard to avoid being hit by at least a good portion of the projectiles using evasive maneuvers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      In line with the trojan torpedo idea what if the torpedo made a ghost image of your entire ship (thinking of the battlestar galactica episode where they sent out drones to look like battlestars on dradis to draw the cylons away from new caprica)... would be neat to send a drone off in one direction to distract some of the enemy ships while you swooped in and took out one or two others...

    5. Chris Carson Creator on

      Major awesome ideas here, I will compile a new list shortly!

    6. David Spangler on

      A Trojan torpedo: a torpedo that can cast an illusion about itself so that it appears like a life raft, survival capsule, etc, sending out distress beacons and SOS signals in the enemy's language and designed to explode when the enemy takes it on board thinking they are rescuing their own people.

    7. David Spangler on

      A torpedo cluster: a large torpedo which at a certain range exploded into a massive barrage of smaller torpedoes to overwhelm point defense weapons.

    8. David Spangler on

      A "graviton" beam weapon that essentially pulled the enemy ship apart or caused it to break apart; a beam weapon that nullified molecular bonds so that the ship dissolved into its constituent atoms.

    9. David Spangler on

      I think a telepathic beam weapon would be cool, one that stunned or rendered unconscious an entire crew or some significant portion of it, allowing the enemy to board the ship, take prisoners (or massacre everyone depending on how bloodthirsty you want to be!) and have a captured, undamaged enemy ship to convert. Such a weapon would be particularly good if there were a telepathic race in the game whose primary weapons were mental. For that matter, such a "psychic beam" could also cause hallucinations, making a crew unable to perform their tasks or convincing them their fellow crew members were actually the enemy, creating civil war within the affected ship. Either way, the user of such a weapon gets an undamaged ship to capture.

    10. Jon Folkers on

      A couple of stolen ideas:

      In homage to Star Control's "Syreen:" Sexy Torpedo. Causes enemy personnel to jump out of airlock in misguided attraction to it. Maybe it's stuffed pheromones or something, probably best to keep it vague and leave it to imagination.

      Like Rogue or Fargoal: found alien weapons of different colors, with unknown payload capabilities, different in every game and only identifiable by a very strong science department or through trial and error. 10% chance they would backfire and hurt you instead if your enemy.

    11. Neil Elcome on

      Proximity detonated torpedo - smaller amount of damage but more likely to cause some damage.

      If we have directional shields then some form of torpedo which drains the weakest shield section could be quite cool.

      If there's a cloaking system which means it is impossible to target a ship via normal measures, a torpedo/missile with an advanced sensor package which can still get a reasonable lock through most/all cloaking systems would be a good way to discourage their overuse. Of course, I'd expect this torpedo a bit easier to avoid and have a smaller damage yield than the standard version (sacrificing power and accuracy for the chance to hit something you know is somewhere but you cannot see it).

      A torpedo which has a lower standard damage but has a % chance to bypass shields or a % of the damage potential is dealt to the hull if it hits a shield?

      If missiles are added in, something smaller than a torpedo but likely faster, more accurate then I think that could be a fun thing, especially with something akin to an MIRV or a launcher which fires off a salvo of multiple warheads that are harder to avoid/shutdown/shoot down with ECM/N-ECM.

      It's Sunday morning and I'm all out of other ideas... for the moment.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      The borg used a holding beam that drained shields and locked enemy ships in place. Could be cool to see an energy weapon that had similar effects. Another possibility for energy weapons is to have one that can be overcharged (like the plasma pistol in Halo), which can be fired quickly but does little damage, or you can save it up for a bigger burst.

      A torpedo that does less damage to a single target but has a big explosions, and so does splash damage to multiple nearby ships could be neat too, albeit I'm not sure if you're planning on having enemy ships be close in combat enough for this to make sense.

      Here's one other general thought for combat... what about an emergency jump to warp 1 in combat to avoid a potentially devastating salvo? In at least one TNG episode that I can recall, they jumped their ship to warp in mid combat and successfully avoided a barrage of weapon fire. You probably wouldn't want to let people do this too often (maybe it's a risky maneuver to jump to warp so quickly, which is why people rarely did it in the shows), but it would be neat to have a maneuver like that available in combat. Being able to use similarly sneaky/unconventional tactics in combat has always intrigued me (i.e., powering down your ship so that it can't be detected even though it makes you vulnerable, hiding behind moons, or going close to suns which could potentially fry your ship but also makes it dangerous to pursue you and hard to detect you on scanners)... I guess what I'm saying is if there was a bit of scenery like moons and suns and such which could block line of sight or add interesting elements to combat, that might be preferable to fighting in a big open area of space (nebulas and black holes too? nebulas slow you down but can hide you? or they disable your shields?)

      OK, now my ideas are officially venturing WAY off from what you asked for... I'll call it a night :)

    13. Courtney Marriner on

      What about a energised missile? It could charged before firing and the longer the distance the less charge the missile gets.