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Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
Discover a ever expanding universe in this endless Space exploration game. Featuring procedurally generated everything!
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Hey look a update!

Posted by Chris Carson (Creator)

So today I had a ton of Android debugging to do and so that plus the work I put into the game, I won't have much of a update to show you. What I did work on today, was building in more gameplay to the Away missions fleshing out more of the individual crew members abilities like scanning, Shooting, etc. Should have some images tomorrow. Speaking of away missions it looks like most of you want to have crew names instead of anonymous crew as I had planned. The question I am working with now, is should I continue having endless crew as I had planned (IE you only loose in a away mission if all the crew dies, but if you make it back with one, then you got more folks to kill of next mission) or do we limit the number of crew? Thoughts??

I will insert some of those fleshed out Space Stations I have showed on some forum threads that I completed last night. Procedurally generated, I am working on how to get some different shapes beyond variants of the star. 


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    1. Chris Harback on

      In 'Trek-based' (ahem) scifi shows I always assumed that while the expendable crew were technically finite, stopoffs at starbases topped off the crew, replacing any losses. And that made them seem endless. I dunno, maybe there can be officers/featured crew (i.e. doctor, science officer, 1st officer, and so on) and fodder crew? My thinking is that it's part of the genre to have expendable or fodder crew members to some degree.

    2. Jeff Dee on

      In a dynamically generated game, I would expect to have a finite number of crew members /and/ have opportunities to pick up more dynamically generated crew members during play, either to increase my total crew compliment or to just replace lost personnel. I would also expect crew quarters to be an element of ship design.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shawn S. on

      One way you could manage it is have a Normal mode and a Hardcore mode (name them whatever you want). So, for people who don't like the idea of having a limited crew they can play the unlimited difficulty. Then the other people who want a harder challenge could have the limited.

      However, this might divert time and resources so that might not be the best option. I think maybe having a limited crew with a reasonable pool of crew mates to pick, plus maybe some special abilities like a medic to help keep crew members alive.

      Or, if you do want the unlimited route you could give new crew members somewhat random abilities so if you lose a crew member, you can get another one, but might not necessarily have an ability that directly replaces the one you lost. Just some ideas I'm tossing out there.

    4. Missing avatar

      Glenn Barnett on

      One way to keep the mechanism you mention is to give all crew members the ability to revive fallen comrades.

      If it's a wipe, they're all gone; but if one survives, then all survive.

    5. David Spangler on

      My wish would be for unlimited crew but with growth in experience up to legendary status. Harder to kill the more skill is there but harder to replace as well--takes time to train up a newbie! Star Fleet can always recruit and presumably there's an unending number of candidates, but danger to established, identified crew that you've built up from scratch over many missions would give spice to away missions. I like the option of naming my officers myself, so the moment a crew member passes a certain threshold of experience, I can promote and name him or her.

    6. Alex Preager on

      Xcom style system would be great, start out with nobodies who increase in skill the more missions they survive. Really makes you want to protect the veterans.
      If you lose personnel then you need to replenish with and endless supply of random newbies, with random names/stats etc.

    7. Missing avatar

      R. Buck Bailey on

      I like the idea of a large but limited crew; maybe even hundreds of people. Maybe the crew could be set by the difficulty mode? Unlimited on easy, many on medium, few on hard?

    8. Mike Lawhun on

      I think that you should take inspiration from Star Trek for the crew question. Have it to where you have a limited number of crew with more valuable experience and abilities, but then you have to balance how many of them to take, as well as how many expendable, less valuable, and unlimited "red shirts" to take along, based on the danger level and skill requirements of the mission.

    9. Jon Folkers on

      Remember the early ngmoco games for iPhone like Dropship and Dr. Awesome? They asked for access to your contacts list and put the names of your friends into the game as spacemen and patients for you to rescue. I always thought that added a little something special. It would need to be optional, of course.

    10. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      My ultimate preference would be to have 2 modes within the game.. like an Ironman Mode where there is a limited supply of crew members.. you might be able to recruit more along the journey to replenish but there would be a distinct possibility of running out of crew members before you're able to recruit more and hence it's game over. The other mode would be an endless supply but that they do have some stats that level up the longer you keep them alive and so forth.

      If you can only manage, within scope and budget to do a single mode, then I would probably opt for the first one with the limited but recruitable.. it adds a level of difficulty by default and makes it a little more rogue-like, which is usually quite popular with these sorts of games.

    11. Chris Carson Creator on

      In the future we have evolved beyond needing legs that move.... Kidding, I have to get help from a artist to get the legs moving, every time I try to do it looks like a broken Yak, but I promise it will be done.

    12. Missing avatar

      wes cleveland on

      while you're working on stuff... can you give your guys a proper walk animation? pet peeve... sorry. Otherwise looks AWESOME!

    13. Missing avatar

      SpaceEnthusiast on

      I think it's a good idea. It feels good to have truly expendable minions. Still, there should be SOME consequences for crew losses.(e.g. reduced performance while you re-staff after a bloodbath)

    14. Matt Dubois on

      I'd prefer crew members to be limited and persistent, with the option to recruit more. Perhaps they could level up in skills over time so you have a greater incentive to keep them alive.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andrew Armstrong on

      I always prefer permanence for missions within games. Comes back to the old XCom style of doing things.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stenner on

      More work! Both! Easy and Hard mode.

      If I had to choose I'd say limited (so I can have the fun of recruiting people from planets and it'll actually matter)