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Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
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Production Update — Illustrations Completed, Let the Printing Begin!

Posted by Boardcubator (Creator)


Have you been wondering what’s new with Interkosmos? We are on a roll with great news so let’s get right to it!

  • Illustrations Completed - Dalibor’s work here is done
  • Digital Bundle will be sent out soon
  • Updated PnP Kit is complete and available for download
  • Production - Interkosmos will be scheduled to print any day now

Illustrations Completed - Achievements Unlocked!

The thing we’ve all been waiting for. Our talented Dalibor has finished the illustrations for Achievements, which means all the Interkosmos illustrations are now complete! There is no denying Dalibor’s signature artworks are an essential part of what makes Space Race the game we know and love. Though the illustrations took a bit longer to complete, we hope you’ll agree it was absolutely worth the wait.


Digital Bundle

The completion of the illustrations also means you will get your digital bundle in the next few days! You’ll get an email from us with a link where you’ll be able to download your bundle. Will you have them hanged on your wall or just keep it as a screensaver? Let us know how you like them!

Updated Print and Play

We’ve updated the Interkosmos PnP Kit, so now it includes all the illustrations. And what is more, it also contains the final version of the rules, the Book of Scenarios and the Hall of Fame Sheet. You can download it at

Interkosmos PnP Kit Completed
Interkosmos PnP Kit Completed


To add to the excitement about our progress, we’re pleased to say Interkosmos is waiting to be scheduled for print! It’s taking a bit longer because we’ve received wrong specifications from the printing company that we needed to correct several times. Nevertheless, we hope that the latest correction from two days ago is the last one and Interkosmos finally gets into production soon. Once the printing starts, we will be making trips to the printing company to oversee the production process, as is our custom. We’re also looking for ways to speed up the shipping process so we went to the fulfillment centre in person to arrange everything necessary for the shipping. Now, we only have to wait for the actual production.

Thank you for your amazing support, hope you’re just as excited about our progress on Interkosmos as we are. And we can’t wait to hear what you’re planning with your digital bundles!

Jan and Dominika

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    1. Michal Mikes Collaborator on

      @Andrew: At the moment, the shipping depends on the printing company, particularly on whether we will get a quote for the correct specifications and how soon they will put us in the printing queue. While it is still possible that we could ship in July if both of the things resolve fast enough, we think that, realistically, we are looking at a bit of a delay. We will post an update dedicated to shipping as soon as the printing company gives us specific info on when Interkosmos will be printed.

    2. Missing avatar

      andrew on

      Do you still think that shipping in July is realistic as mentioned in the comments of your last update?

    3. Dominika Collaborator on

      @Michael, thank you so much! We hope it will be to your liking.

      @Mark, good catch! Thank you for pointing it out, you can find the Rulebook as well as the Book of Scenarios here

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevelow

      Did I miss something? I saw the player aid cards in the PnP, but I didn't find the rule book, which I thought you'd said was included.

    5. Michael

      Really looking forward to it! This is one of my favorite games, and I can't wait to see what the expansion does for it.