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Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
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Interkosmos Mechanics #1: Achievements


Hi Interkosmonauts!

Thank you for helping us have such a strong launch with the Interkosmos module! We’d like to share with you more information about the campaign, game mechanics, and, because many of you ask about it, also about the customisable foam insert:

  • 1st set of Stretch Goals unlocked
  • Foam insert and the Interkosmos expansion
  • Achievements, how they affect gameplay, and the story behind their development

1st set of Stretch Goals unlocked, let’s see what’s next

Again, we are so happy that we can start improving the expansion content so early in the campaign, and that’s thanks to you and your support! During the start of our mission, we have unlocked all the stretch goal from Reaching the Orbit set and got a large chunk of Passing by the Moon set as well!

Together, we have already added 9 new cards into the Interkosmos deck, including 1 new Achievement card. Take a look at the new set of stretch goals on the campaign page.

Customisable foam insert

A lot of you have been asking about the customisable foam insert. We have designed it so it fits all the cards from Space Race and Interkosmos together. All you have to do is remove all but two of the perforated dividers at each side of the insert. There will be three compartments left: one for Control Cards, one for Space cards, and one for Achievement cards.

Sleeved cards also fit in the box, although it will be so snug that a large part of the insert will not be necessary for the cards to not move in the box and be perfectly secure.

We are working on a video to show you how the customisation works and how the sleeved and unsleeved cards fit into the foam insert. You can expect to see it in an update as soon as it is finished.


Let’s take a look at Achievements in more detail to see how they work and what interesting mechanics they add to the game.

Achievements represent milestones in the space exploration development that players can race towards. 5 random Achievements enter every game to provide an additional way to score points. You can claim them if you can fulfill their requirements (such as having 6 cards in your lab, or 2 Breakthrough cards in your agency). However, to claim an Achievement, you have to give up one of your Control Cards. At the end of the game, Achievements are scored based on the order in which players have reached them.

Example of claimed and unclaimed Achievements.
Example of claimed and unclaimed Achievements.


Effect on Gameplay

New strategies to explore: Achievements have great impact on gameplay in terms of extra strategy and planning, as they reward smart Control Cards management. Different combinations of Achievements influence the vibe of the game in a unique way – will it be propaganda-heavy game or will breakthroughs play the most significant part this time?

Resource management: While it is a neat way to gain extra points, you have to give up a Control Card to get them. This limits your options for the future and makes the gameplay more tense. This is the main strategic element and it works in synergy with the rest of the expansion that stresses out the Control Card management part of the game, which is more important now. We will take a look at new abilities and mechanics in one of the next updates.

Player interaction: Achievements expand the already high level of interaction in the game. Be one step ahead of your opponents to beat them towards the most important goals!

Manageable aims: New players can use them as an easily manageable strategy as the Achievements always show what you can aim for to get extra rewards.

Behind the Scenes Story

One of the main ideas we wanted to push forward in the Interkosmos expansion was to elevate the Control Card management aspect in the game. Control Cards are the cornerstone of the gameplay and we were looking for ways to expand their use with new interesting mechanics.

We originally started developing something completely opposite to Achievements — Emergencies. These were cards similar to Achievements, except for the fact that failing to fulfill the requirements on them had negative consequences. Emergencies had timers that said how fast you have to deal with them.

Designing Achievements – very early steps.
Designing Achievements – very early steps.

While quite an interesting concept to develop, we did not want players to feel discouraged so we substituted the negative consequences for positive bonuses. This was the first step towards Achievements as they are known now.

Our own goal with this addition was to balance the Achievements in a way that it does not take over the whole Space Race gameplay. The whole idea was to provide additional strategy to pursue while it remains just one of the possible strategies in the game.

Thanks you for being a part of the Interkosmic journey!

Jan & Michal

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