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Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
1,778 backers pledged €69,625 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. gerraldo
      3 days ago

      @and1can: Please have a search on Google with "reccuring payment kickstarter" to find lots of useful information on the topic. Has happened to others before and seems to be KSs fault - if I were you, I'd contact their customer service.

    2. Missing avatar

      and1can 3 days ago

      @gerraldo: Thanks for responding. My bank lets me know if any charge is recurring, where recurring means that the same amount will be charged in the future. Only one charge has happened now. Only thing that worries me is that my transaction is labeled as recurring, so another charge of same amount will happen in the future. When in the future, I do not know. . .

    3. gerraldo
      3 days ago

      @and1can: What do you mean by "recurring"? You got the same amount charged twice? (I backed a 100+ projects and never had this happen.)

    4. Missing avatar

      and1can 4 days ago

      Hi everyone! Does anyone else have this pledge as a recurring charge on their credit card? I backed the pledge for base game and expansion. This is my first kick starter project that I have backed. Any advice or explanation would be much appreciated!

    5. Missing avatar

      Kai Müller 4 days ago

      Hi, I forgot to add the amount for the poster to the pledge. Is there a way to add it now? I added the poster in the survey but there was no opportunity to add the money to the pledge.

    6. gerraldo
      5 days ago

      @Jan Soukal: Maybe, I've pledged on Dec 2nd... but it's just a mysterious thing, not really a problem. ;)

    7. Jan Soukal 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @gerraldo @JKP That's really weird. Could it be somehow connected to the date you made your pledge? However, I reported the issue to the staff and hope they'll investigate it soon.

      @Marlon I'm so happy to hear that! Looking forwards to meeting you again in Essen! Hope you're coming!

    8. gerraldo
      6 days ago

      @JKP: Same here with me... 2. December!?

    9. JKP
      6 days ago

      I just noticed something odd. Can someone explain?
      Obviously the campaign ended/funded today, Dec 7. Yet my pledge says the money was collected Dec 2.
      This doesn't seem possible.

    10. Marlon (A boardgame life) 6 days ago

      Gratz on a great Run Jan & co! Can't wait to add this to my collection.

    11. Jan Soukal 2-time creator 6 days ago

      Thanks a lot guys! I'm really happy you enjoyed the campaign.

      @Jean-Baptiste Art Lovers Digital Bundle comes automatically with the poster. There was no need to pledge additional €5. I already submitted a refund for you (check your mailbox please, you should have received a notification). I'm sorry that the structure of add-ons wasn't explained clearly.

      @ALL If anybody else had the same problem as Jean-Baptiste, hit me with message *asap* (there's only a 14-day interval when refunds can be submitted).

    12. Missing avatar

      Jean-Baptiste Tune 6 days ago

      Congratulations! And thanks to the whole team for this wonderful project.
      About the survey, I pledged to have the Art Lover Bundle and the Printed Poster but we can only choose one, is it possible to change this or add a second add-on question please?

    13. gerraldo
      6 days ago

      Great campaign! Thank you for the opportunity to snatch base game + expansion in all their glory... ;)
      Have a nice Xmas, happy holidays and see you next year!!! :)))

    14. Alan Brookland 7 days ago

      Congratulations once more on your successful campaign.

      Survey completed and now I sit happily awaiting the base game.

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Herron 7 days ago

      Can't wait to get this. I missed the 1st campaign so was so pleased to see the expansion with the option of getting the base game.

    16. Vincent van Beelen
      7 days ago


    17. Jan Soukal 2-time creator 7 days ago

      @Jesper Thanks a lot for support. The campaign was an amazing experience!

      @Oliver I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it! I did also :)

      @ALL BACKERS – Thanks once again very much for jumping on board of the Interkosmos project! In following minutes I'm sending surveys and also the Heavenly Palace illustration we unlocked in the pre-campaign community stretch goal. Stay tuned and thank you for being such a great community!

    18. Missing avatar

      and1can 7 days ago

      When do we receive the survey for shipping?

    19. Oliver Knieling 7 days ago

      And finished :-) Congrats for another great campaign

    20. Jesper Peterson 7 days ago

      @jan I was hoping you would sell out of the original game, but congratulations on a well run and easy to understand campaign. I’m looking forward the first wave.

    21. Jan Soukal 2-time creator 7 days ago

      @fullishboy Yes, once Interkosmos is 100% finished, we will publish a publicly available Print and Play kit in the similar way as we did for Space Race (the base game).

    22. Missing avatar

      fullishboy 7 days ago

      would you updated intercoms print and play when it totally finished?

    23. Michal Mikes Collaborator 7 days ago

      @Gary: that's an interesting idea. We'll see what we can do. :)

    24. Gary 7 days ago

      On the card printing sheets are there space for extra cards?

      I just wondered maybe if including some "blank" cards was a possibility - helps against damaged cards in a deck particularly for a limited print run game like this or could be also be used by folks to insert some new cards that might be missing like other launch bases or platform :)

    25. Michal Mikes Collaborator on December 6

      @Giacomo: haha :D well, only one thing is sure - we want to continue making games, so who knows what the future will bring. But now the focus is 100% on Interkosmos. :)

      @StormsoN: glad I could help. :)

      @Dave: 344 is the magic number. As Punch Board Therapy says, you can find all the contents of Space Race and Interkosmos in the "What You Will Get" part of the campaign. :)

    26. Punch Board Therapy
      on December 5

      @Dave - check out the campaign page where it says "What You Will Get", it says the card total for base game and expansion.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave Matthew on December 5

      @creator, how many cards are inside the box+expansion? planning to buy this early some sleeves :-)

    28. Missing avatar

      StormsoN on December 5

      Thanks Michal! I easily increased my pledge :-)

    29. Giacomo
      on December 5

      ...a question: “Space Race - The Card Game”... umh... could a “Space Race - The Boardgame” be there? Ummmhhhhh...

    30. Michal Mikes Collaborator on December 5

      @StormsoN: Yes, you add €5 to your pledge, you will get the digital bundle with 5 Interkosmos and 5 Space Race illustrations. :)

    31. Missing avatar

      StormsoN on December 5

      Do I understand it correctly, if I increase my pledge for 5 Euros I will get the digital bundle as well?
      Pardon this question, I'm quite new to backing Kickstarter projects.

    32. Michal Mikes Collaborator on December 5

      Thank you guys for making it such a wonderful ride for everyone!

      @StormsoN: The resolution of the high-res illustrations in the digital bundle is 3508 x 4961 px, so it matches A3 paper size (considering 300 dpi).

      @Ramsar: In the original campaign, the digital bundle included: Viking 1, Lakes on Titan, Small Step for Man, Project SETI, Arecibo Observatory, Apollo Program, First Mars Rover, Mars Exploration, Hubble Telescope, and Neil Armstrong.

    33. Ramsar on December 5

      Can someone tell me which images where part of the digital bundle in the original kickstarter?

    34. Missing avatar

      StormsoN on December 5

      One more question regarding the full-print resolution illustrations of the Digital Bundle.
      Which papersize would be suitable for printing? What are the ideal dimensions?
      Thank you!

    35. Punch Board Therapy
      on December 4

      Great to see the expansion get fully unlocked before the end of the campaign. Now, for everyone to jump in with us and then wait for the arrival of the base game for me after it ends.

    36. Steven Crane
      on December 4

      Congratulations on achieving all the SGs!!!

      Maybe one more could be smuggled in? ;-)

    37. MAJBrown22
      on December 4

      All your stretch goals are belong to us!

    38. Alan Brookland on December 4

      Final stretch goal reached and still three days to go!

      Congratulations on a successful campaign, looking forward to getting the base game soon and the expansion when it's ready.

    39. Michal Mikes Collaborator on December 4

      @EvenOdds: Thank you! :) I'm looking forward to having you on board in our next campaigns.

      @powerwis, Jesper, StormsoN: We really want to make the playmats for you. Basically, the first step is to find out how many people want how many playmats. There will be a survey after the Kickstarter campaign ends so we can keep in touch with everyone who is interested. We will still be here and on our mail/facebook accounts to let you know what we are thinking about and to share the progress.

    40. Missing avatar

      StormsoN on December 4

      I also really would love the possibility of a playmat. Either via Kickstarter or, as Jesper mentioned if a suitable graphic could be provided for the backers.

    41. Jesper Peterson on December 4

      @creator if it turns out that a playmat can’t be justified, then perhaps a graphic suitable for or similar could be made available to backers.

    42. Missing avatar

      powerwis on December 4

      yep, great managed KS !!

      i'm interested in the playmat !

    43. Missing avatar

      EvenOdds on December 4

      Congratulations on unlocking all the content! This might be the most solid campaign I have seen on Kickstarter. No greedy stretch goals, no game content sold as add-ons, frequent updates and communication with the bakers. If you ever have another card project brewing I will be on board from day one.

    44. SLAng on December 4

      Thank you so much

    45. Punch Board Therapy
      on December 4

      @SLAng - haha, this was just asked a few comments down but you are looking at Standard Poker Size cards: 2.5x3.5 inches (63.5mm X 88.9mm). If you are looking for card sleeves, I recommend this:

    46. SLAng on December 3

      @creator, May I know what is the card size for this game?

    47. Missing avatar

      etumath on December 3

      @Michal - That's super cool news! Thanks for sharing!!

    48. Michal Mikes Collaborator on December 3

      @etumath: We were shooting the solo video the whole Saturday. It was a great experience (at least for me). The video still needs editing, but you will be able to see it very soon. :)

      @SLAng, gerraldo: We are just finishing an update where we talk about stretch goals a lot. It is just about to be published.

      @Alan: We are so thankful that we have such an amazing community of backers. :)

    49. gerraldo
      on December 3

      Hooray! But wait, wait... maybe there's more after 57.5k???
      The last 48 hours are nearing... ;)

    50. Alan Brookland on December 3

      100 supporters! That's the Thunderclap stretch goal reached - high five everyone.

      Less than 1,500 to get to the last money SG too - so happy it kooks like we'll be getting all the additional content unlocked for the expansion.

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