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Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
Strategic engine building card game for 1-5 players with amazing illustrations and unique mechanics.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Flash7713 23 minutes ago

      Tracking number received yesterday and game arrived today! Melbourne, Australia.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eugen Bacic
      about 11 hours ago

      For Canadian orders what’s the email address the tracking number is being sent from? I’ve not seen anything but maybe it’s stuck in a spam folder somewhere.


    3. Missing avatar

      Jakub about 19 hours ago

      Amazon has distribution center in Wroclaw, near Czech Republic, way closer. moving everything to Spain and back it's 5000-7000 km, such a waste of fuel. ;-) before sending to Spain they could redistribute part to closer redistribution centers, and the remaining majority to main destination /Spain. As to Spanish they like working "manana" style- they don't rush, package has been registered thereon 16th now the 2nd entry on tracking is still Getafe/Madrid (sure there was weekend, but they could move their asses so i had the package before this weekend).

    4. Michal Mikes Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Ubbi: Glad to hear everything was ok at the end! :)

      @Timothy, Jason: The exact timing depends on how fast the games will get from the customs to Amazon. We are preparing another shipping status update to let everyone know more details about where the games are at the moment.

      @hEnri, EvenOdds, Alexander, StormsoN, gerraldo: Thanks you for the landing reports!

      @Terry, Raphael: Shipping for the "rest of the world" areas have already started. You should have got a tracking info on your email yesterday. We are just preparing an update with more information.

      @Giorgos: I've just sent you an email.

      @Jakub: We have manufactured every part of the game in the middle of Europe, so there was no route from China. :) Even though it may seem strange, Spanish Amazon was a sensible distribution channel for EU deliveries, even for Poland. This is because it was best to do it through a bulk order from Amazon in a place where we have the most EU backers, which is the western part of the EU.

      @Peter: Thanks you! It's really great to hear people enjoying the game. :)

      @Rohit: Backers from USA will get their tracking numbers as soon as the Amazon hands out the packages for the final delivery. The games should be on their way to Amazon now. There will be more information in the next update.

    5. Ton Tran 1 day ago

      I just recently received my tracking number as well. Scott is right... Canada Post couldn’t track my number. Glad to see Canadian backers are going to receive their game!


    6. Missing avatar

      Scott Herron 2 days ago

      Got my tracking number, but unfortunately Canada Post tells me it can't track an international package :-( Oh well, it'll be here soon.

    7. Johan Hellqvist 2 days ago

      Just got my shipment's tracking number (Japan). It's currently being held at the customs(!) hopefully to be released soon. As long as there are no issues, I would guess arrival within the next two days.

    8. Rohit Saxena 2 days ago

      Are we supposed to get a email confirming our address?

    9. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      Thx Michal. Just added the poster...

    10. Missing avatar

      Giorgos Tekos 3 days ago

      I have received the shipping mail (in Spanish) but there was an error (maybe) and I haven't got any notices since the 12th of February...I'm a Greek backer...Hopefully the problem will be resolved and they haven't lost my package...

    11. Raphael Meloni 4 days ago

      When the Rest of the world shipping will start?

    12. Petr Base 4 days ago

      We played couple of games yesterday and the game is awesome, my gaming friends enjoyed it a lot...
      thanks to you Jan, Dalibor and the rest of the team.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jakub 4 days ago

      it has been a long while (too long as EU member hoped for quicker transport), but finally got mail with tracking to Poland, just wondering why in Spanish, not directly from the Czech Republic to Poland(some 500km instead some 2500-3500km), production in china-through Panama to Cadiz(or other port) and there reshipped to other destinations?

    14. gerraldo
      5 days ago

      Another successful landing in Austria! ;)

    15. Terry
      5 days ago

      Any updates regarding Canadian shipping? Last update implies it's part of RoW shipping and should have been sent out last week or this week. Thank you!

    16. Missing avatar

      StormsoN 5 days ago

      Landing confirmed in Austria !
      Looks really nice.

    17. Missing avatar

      Alexander Stratev 5 days ago

      I will report a second landing in Bulgaria!
      The game seems awesome! Can't wait for Interkosmos :)

    18. EvenOdds 5 days ago

      We have touchdown in Bulgaria! The packaging is great and the mini-rocket looks awesome (very sturdy, actually).
      Cheers, everyone!

    19. hEnri 5 days ago

      received this morning directly from boardcubator (not amazon since non-eu).
      no tracking email in advance.
      had to confirm delivery with signature, so it was registered post.

    20. Teurlinx 5 days ago

      @vonDorffy: it arrived by PostNL, I don't know if you'd call them a courier, or post. It's kinda both rolled into one.
      It was tracked from Spanish Amazon with a tracking number for PostNL included from the start. And yes it came as an email notice, almost completely in Spanish, but it did say Space Race somewhere in there :)

    21. Ubbi 6 days ago

      Lost signal for a while but it finally landed!

    22. Missing avatar

      Timothy Peters 6 days ago

      I see that the delivery has been cleared in Chicago. What happens next. Approximately how soon will I see this game in my mailbox?

    23. Jason Speicher
      6 days ago

      any update on when amazon is processing the packages?

    24. hEnri 6 days ago

      i'm stupid, switzerland is not europe. we are surrounded by europe ^^

    25. Missing avatar

      Paweł 6 days ago

      Poland. Still waiting for email.

    26. hEnri 6 days ago

      no email from amazon so far.

    27. Ubbi 6 days ago

      My tracking says"entregado" (delivered) but no trace of it.. could it have landed at 300mph? Or just bad Italian mail service? Anybody in my situation?

    28. Pierre G.
      6 days ago

      hello I sent the creator a message concerning shipping as I am moving next week.
      could you answer it? thank you

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Pdlp 7 days ago

      Where is the Falcon Heavy card? ... WHERE ?? XD

    30. Petr Base on February 14

      spanish tracking report, spanish amazon delivery

    31. leizeQ on February 14

      @michal thanks

      I just received that spanish email about tracking.
      Its delivered by UPS with estimated delivery on 20.2.
      Can’t wait (;

    32. vonDorffy on February 14

      @Those in the EU who have received their game
      Did you get an e-mail notice. Was it delivered by courier, or the post? Tracked? Thanks!

    33. Missing avatar

      Michal Šindelář on February 14

      @leizeQ: Yes, I receive a tracking info 7. 2. 2018.

    34. Michal Mikes Collaborator on February 13

      Thank's everyone for the landing reports! I hope we'll see some unboxing videos or maybe even playthorughs soon - that would be really great and fun to watch. :)

      @Malte: You can add the poster through our late pledge site. It will be signed on the front side unless requested otherwise. Take a look at

      @StormsoN: No news about playmats so far.

      @Teurlinx: Glad to be the first project delivered to you! :)

    35. leizeQ on February 13

      @michal, @petr: did you receive tracking info?

    36. Petr Base on February 13

      received in Czech republic, just now. Thanks a lot.
      my copy has 28 of Propaganda, Technology, Space Program cards while boardgamegeek states there is supposed to be 24 of them. is it that BGG is wrong or is it some kind of upgrade for the expansion?

    37. Missing avatar

      Michal Šindelář on February 13

      Received in the Czech Republic today :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Christiaan G on February 13

      Received in the Netherlands. :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Berton on February 13

      Received my Space Race game in France (Yvelines) today :) !
      Excited !

    40. Teurlinx on February 13

      Received in the Netherlands today. First KS game to materialise :)

    41. Missing avatar

      on February 12

      Hi there, received the game Friday (Germany) and it looks great. Am I too late to add the poster to my pledge? If it is still possible, will you sign it on the back or on the front? Thx, Malte

    42. Sebastian Behrens on February 12

      I received the Space Race on Friday, Germany :) So I would love to see more (solo) playthrough videos on youtube in the upcoming days ;)

    43. TheHonestYeti
      on February 10

      @Ton Tran - Not yet in the USA, but the plane with those games just left today so I'm speculating to hear something later next week from Amazon. Not sure if the Canada shipment will be in with ours as well.

    44. Ton Tran on February 9

      Anyone in North America had revived their game yet?

    45. Missing avatar

      StormsoN on February 9

      Hey guys, Any update on the play mate ?

    46. Alan Brookland on February 9

      The base space race is in the place!

      Arrived Penzance, U.K. that is :)

    47. Austin McKenzie
      on February 9

      @Creator Ignore my email, just read the expansion will be shipped later.

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel Pdlp on February 8

      received in Valencia, Spain

      :-) 🚀

    49. Missing avatar

      Miguel Moclan Arpa on February 8

      Just received mine in Spain. Really nice quality cards and insert.

    50. Missing avatar

      Chris Dorrell on February 8

      Base game touched down safely in Lancashire England today: 8th February :-)

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