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Project L is a fast-paced, tile-matching strategic game with triple-layer puzzle tiles and lovely acrylic pieces for 1 to 6 players.
Project L is a fast-paced, tile-matching strategic game with triple-layer puzzle tiles and lovely acrylic pieces for 1 to 6 players.
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Community Stretch Goals #1: Gameplay Variants

Posted by Michal Mikes (Collaborator)


Thank you for all your comments and support! We've been listening closely to your feedback, and we said something was coming during the weekend. Well, the first part is here!

Community stretch goals!

The first tier (yes, this is only the first part..) :) of the community stretch goals are all focused on gameplay variants for Project L! Help us spread the word about Project L so all your friends have the chance to get the game, too! :)

How to unlock the community stretch goals? These stretch goals are unlocked after reaching a total number of likes on the Boardcubator Facebook page. So we're not starting from 0, but at 565. Let's get it up! :)

Level 1: 700 likes! The puzzle just got more complex with additional gameplay variants! You're choices will be harder and the strategy will need to be much more thought through as you might not have all the types of pieces available for every single game. What's more, you might need work your way towards unlocking some of them before you can use them in puzzles! These variants will make you think twice about which puzzles to take and whether you'll be able to solve them effectively with what you have available.

Level 2: 850 likes! Have you just crushed your opponents with a strategy that seems flawless? You'd better think twice before using that same strategy again! In the blink of an eye, the scoring system has changed, and you need to adapt to survive! You'll get extra points for scoring conditions that will change every game, and you might even have to unlock some of them throughout the game to apply! At the end, not every piece will be worth the same amount of points to each player. The puzzles you solve during the game might be the key to everything...

Level 3: 1000 likes! Are you playing solo but it feels like there are two of you around the table? That's uncanny. How can the "L-tomaton" be so good? Maybe its AI is just getting too close to self-awareness. ;) On the other hand, the multiplayer games got just a bit more dangerous as well. Probably because everyone wants to play the new aggressive variant!

Ambassador Pack

The last part of the game we didn't talk about are the puzzle tiles in the Ambassador Pack and the mysterious M in the upper right-hand corner! Let's take a look:

Choose when to exploit the reward! When you finish the Ambassador Pack puzzles, you get access to a one-time bonus master action that you can trigger whenever you like! Once you are ready, destroy the puzzles during a perfect turn when you use the master action twice — once as your normal action and then again as the one-time puzzle reward!

What do you think? Can we unlock the first tier of community stretch goals before Thursday? Remember that this is not all that we have for you – we'll show you more amazing things for Project L tomorrow! :)

Jan, Michal & the Project L team

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    1. Michal Mikes Collaborator on

      ...three hours later, only two of the stretch goals stay locked! :) Thanks!

    2. The 4th Jawa

      I'm one of the 565, so I can't add another like 😕

    3. Henry So (not a wizard) on

      No Facebook here. Sorry.

    4. Wolf310 on

      This is awesome! Let’s do it! *click click*