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Project L is a fast-paced, tile-matching strategic game with triple-layer puzzle tiles and lovely acrylic pieces for 1 to 6 players.
Project L is a fast-paced, tile-matching strategic game with triple-layer puzzle tiles and lovely acrylic pieces for 1 to 6 players.
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There's Room for One More!

Posted by Boardcubator (Creator)


Did it ever happen to you that you setup a 5-player game of Project L and another friend showed up just for you to tell them the table is already full? Well..., of course it didn't. AND IT NEVER WILL! :)

Let's play in 6!

The amount of enthusiasm to bring the 6th player into Project L was incredible! We've heard you loud and clear so we just had to start looking into it. After checking the components list in the Master pledge, we are sure it can be done!

The one thing we need to address in 6-player games is downtime, which is the next goal for the game development. At the moment, we have several ideas for a gameplay variant that solves it, and we also want to thank @Einar very much for pointing out more in one of the comments.

The final stretch goal

During the whole time, you have been burning through all the stretch goals at an incredible rate – it’s so great to have you on board of Project L, helping us produce the game in the best possible shape!

The cherry on top of Project L is a Spot UV finish as an upgrade for the collector’s edition box!

With the Spot UV finish unlocked, the collector’s edition box will retain the great tactile feeling of the puzzle tiles and will reflect light according to the angle you look at it, making the letter L in the middle box stand out and fade away gradually when you walk around.

Collector's edition box with Spot UV finish.
Collector's edition box with Spot UV finish.

We hope you like the upgraded box. Thank you a lot for all your comments, feedback, and support! We are so happy we have you on board.

Jan, Michal & The Project L Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kyle (FLIPSID3 Gaming)

      Wicked cool update - I'll always take the possibility of adding more people! Hoping with so many days left perhaps you'll have some surprise stretch goals - this game is only going to get more popular as the time draws near!

    2. Missing avatar

      Miguel Angel Fernández Gómez on

      What a dissapointment...a 6th player. For what?!. I had hope in something for solitarie, but last stretch goal is about the box. What a pity :(

    3. Missing avatar

      CDMac on

      I mentioned this in the regular forum but how about for the deluxe box having a blue “L” outlined in spit UV instead of all black. That could look pretty sweet when done well.

    4. Ralf Steinberg on

      the last stretch goal?
      are you crazy? 8 days, 8 DAYS are left and you say: the last one?
      what do you think about a special master puzzle (all black or any other colour) ?
      or a spezial for one player ?

    5. Klobouk Collaborator on

      Thanks everyone for the support!
      @ThomasDN, @Wolf310 The 6th players is not a KS exclusive. It is included in the Master pledge, because it has enough components unlocked to accomodate six players. You could combine together two Initiate copies to have enough components for six.

      We might find some ace in our sleeves in the future, stay tuned! <3

    6. The 4th Jawa

      I think the KS exclusive for the 6th player comes from the required number of components and the Master pledge has more due to the ghostpiece expansion

    7. Wolf310 on

      Wait, final stretch goal?

      Quick questions:
      is the art on the CE Box final?
      is the 6th player a KS exclusive?
      and if the art on the Ce box is not final, could we get a "glossy" finish on the L, maybe even make it a different color so that it really pops out?

    8. Missing avatar


      Is the 6th player only for the master pledge level and above?

    9. The 4th Jawa

      Final stretch goal with 8 days remaining 🤔
      Any chance we'll see some more tiles? I think the Ambassador could use 2 more 😉

    10. MadMartigan on

      Nice to see a 6th player added. Thank you for such a great campaign.
      As a final stretch goal, i’d have loved to see a kind of legendary puzzle (very big and complex puzzle using all tiles accumulated during a game to complete it)