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Spike: A Love Story Too's video poster

Help a lonely spike trap express itself to a game mascot in the only way it can: SMASHING. And smash through a bunch of genres, too! Read more

San Jose, CA Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on March 25, 2012.

Help a lonely spike trap express itself to a game mascot in the only way it can: SMASHING. And smash through a bunch of genres, too!

San Jose, CA Video Games
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About this project

We've received some very nice write-ups on IndieGames and UGO!


One mode in particular is quite a detour from the others: Visual Novel Mode, in which you can find yourself in a drama-laden adventure. Though you probably just get smashed to a pulp in the end. So it goes!


A development GIF of 'Bob Mode', in which you can make art as you smash!

OLDEST UPDATE:The first demo of '2600 Mode' has been shared with backers! Everyone who contributes can give it a look, and submit ideas!

My first popular online game was one of timing and caution. It was also the sad tale of a spike trap that was smitten with the game mascot it sees over and over every day. That spike trap (now referred to as 'Spike') just wants the little jumpy guy to know how much it cares. Unfortunately, Spike has only one method of expression: SMASHING. The object of his affection/smashing does everything he can to avoid this, from simple dodging to slapstick trickery, from power-ups to the expedient use of transporters, treadmills, false professions of love, clones, and dumb luck.

Here is the original, in all its gory glory:

And here is a special 'gore-less' version for the squeamish (the sequel will have settings):

With Spike: A Love Story Too, I would like to maintain the simple game relationship between Spike and guy-who-gets-smashed-or-escapes, but to up the ante in every other possible way. If I reach my primary goal, I will be adding everything in the first level of development, available in a nice perty standalone package.


My main concept is a game that starts with a simple mechanic, and through its story mode expands into a journey through many genres, touching on games, art, and movies -- as filtered through my fevered mind. Then it will start playing around with gameplay mechanics, introducing puzzles, conversation trees, and the swapping of controllable characters. Then: whatever else I can get in there! Basically, I see it as a giant homage to things I enjoy from past and present (and employment mode).

A sample of concepts I want to include:

2600 MODE

Spike is at the dawn of home game systems, where he must smash giant-pixel guy and prevent him from EVER getting a score of 10 points.

(The scan-lines in the pic are part of 2600 Mode -- maximum authenticity demanded bad television reception!)


Spike is transported to the land of children's programming, where he must provide a sufficient amount of comedic content (and comedic timing) to complete his duties.


Turn up your collars as you're whisked into the obscure world of a bad eighties action movie! Pommel Horse in the middle of an ancient Middle Eastern village? Why not?


Spike will be tasked by his boss to meet certain conditions during the playthrough, such as having to boost the ego of a game reviewer by pulling off a series of near-misses on red-haired guy. Or he might have to constantly change his difficulty setting, from EASY to IMPOSSIBLE, and perform accordingly.


Wow, look how smoothly that prince leaps about! I could just watch that guy all day ... but no, he must be SMASHED.


Huh. When I smash that guy with the orange afro it isn't viscera that splashes across the wall ... it kind of looks like ... a forest landscape! Man, that cloud sure looks happy.

Two-Player Local Multiplayer

More romantic than a love seat, one player works Spike and the other red-haired guy. Do the dangerous dance together, huddled around the same computer!

Settings will also include survival mode, easy mode, gore-less mode, gory mode, Edward Gorey mode -- and a special competitive setting, in which you can enter a random seed and get the same playthrough every time, for purposes of challenging others and general bragging rights.

Basic funding will also allow me to look into IOS and Android ports, though my initial focus is on the standalone and online version, with whatever resources remaining being put into smartphone conversion.

If I magically manage to get 4,000 or higher in funding, I will continue my development into:

At this point I'll be looking seriously into smartphone ports.
And along with that, I have a BUNCH of ideas of things to add. As funding increases, I'll be attempting to put in as much in as possible. Some of my crazy thoughts include:






And, of course, all contributors can give me their two cents on what THEY would like to see.

Spike: A Love Story Too -- It's Whack-A-Mole with a Soul.


  • The first 'Spike' was one of my early attempts at game design. Coming from a background in animation, I couldn't bear to have the characters acting stiff or lifeless, so I made sure their animations were diverse and fun to watch -- and once you start doing that, there's no turning back. Spike and red-haired guy needed to show their emotions on their 'faces.' This amounted to a ton of art design, combined with programming a 'comedy A.I.' and all the reactions to traps and power-ups and stuff. What in concept had been a 'simple idea' had turned into a full blown production, and one I was making while simultaneously relearning how to program. I'm eternally happy I actually managed to complete it!!!
    Now, with the sequel, I basically want to go through this again (with the benefit of experience), adding a ton of new animations, jokes, and the code for comedic hijinks. The funny thing about this game is that it's so simple, yet I can think of a zillion different things I can do with it.
    So, in short (too late!), funding will go into putting in as much new content as I can, providing me the time and breathing room to do so!

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    You will be mentioned as a contributor on the credits, forever part of something that scrolls upwards.

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    All the aforementioned, AND I will personally send you a thank you postcard with an ink drawing of a lonely spike trap .

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    Everything mentioned previously, AND you'll be part of a select group that decides what exactly the red-haired guy's name is, and what the 'game-within-a-game' is. This will be important if I get the chance to make a mode that is that game!

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    When the game is finished, I will send you a personal USB Drive, mutated by myself, with the game on it. AND -- the title screen will have a thank you from me to you! And if you want the game to literally say "THANK YOU", I can most certainly supply that as well!
    (Please add 5.00 dollars for shipping if outside the United States.)

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    Help me design an in-game object, decoration, trap, monster. You have something? Let me know! You will be listed as a design consultant on the credits! I have final say on things, though.

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    All of the previous perks, AND I will make sure that you receive gratis standalone copies of all my indie games for the next 12 months after July. Will I make great stuff? Will I make poo poo? You'll be the first to know!
    (I'll be making something, though.)

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