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An all Dwarven RPG in which you create, defend and fight for the honor of your own unique Clan
509 backers pledged $35,038 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Damien Swallow on

      Can't wait to see what comes, and can't wait to see how it all fits together.

    2. Alex Neilson

      I'm with acofleming - please give us PDFs as soon as they're decently playable. Then so long as you keep polishing and get the print books to a level that everyone's happy with, I don't mind how long it takes.

    3. Missing avatar

      acofleming on

      I want to reiterate what Karl Barbosa said:

      I'd rather have a great, original table-top game, then some beta you felt like you needed to get out to us in a hurry. If you give us PDFs of the rules a YEAR before you send out the books and swag, then that's totally fine with me.

    4. Mike Nystul 5-time creator on

      Ben - true. I'll just have to keep writing then.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      The problem now is that you have garnered zero brand loyalty, even if we do get printed copies there is virtually no chance that we as backers will support future expansions to the material, so we're left with a very static game.

    6. Balgin Stondraeg

      I'm thinking the proposed regular updates might help rebuild faith with the crowd of backers who have been wandering in the wilderness here.

    7. Missing avatar

      Doomedpaladin on

      Explain to us the material you want to add that you haven't yet.

    8. trublunite

      we've been down this road before.

      @Rusty - remember, the money (from all 3 projects) is gone, invested and lost in Castle Nytsul LLC and the Dwarf Con.

      that is why 2 of the 3 projects are in other hands now.

      consider ourselves blessed if we get a useable PDF in the hands of those that supported at any level

    9. Karl Barbosa on

      Honestly, I'm used to there being long delays on Kickstarter projects and I'd much rather have a solid completely project than a 'beta' release. Please take as much time as needed.

    10. Rusty Q. Shackleford on

      Spam? If someone doesn't want emails they can disable them.

      And being one of the people who playtested at a much earlier state of play, I know that you're making something we'll love. Is it delayed? Yes, but almost everything is delayed. It happens. With more money comes more delays and in the end a better project. I know most of us are willing to wait and will be pleasantly surprised when we eventually get it in our hands and have something to have fun with.

      I've got my Stonehaven Dwarves and my Reaper Miniatures now, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting some time to play this more, in fact, I'm hoping I might be able to get ahold of something newer to playtest if that's still going on...

    11. Reid San Filippo

      I'll believe it when I see it.