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The ultimate 3-in-1 cooking utensil for the kitchen and outdoors. A spatula, a spoon, and a perfect set of tongs all nested into one.
The ultimate 3-in-1 cooking utensil for the kitchen and outdoors. A spatula, a spoon, and a perfect set of tongs all nested into one.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Got mine this week in Australia, they are great!!

    2. terry on

      got mine in the post a few days ago here in Ireland

      thanks i love them

    3. Rami Nasra on

      It's AWESSSOOMMMEE!!! Got mine today and already put it to use. Great product, no comments!

    4. Alite Designs Creator on

      Hi Chrissy,
      We're putting the surveys together today, as a matter of fact. Be looking for it either later today or tomorrow!

    5. Chrissy Eisenbarth on

      Have the surveys been sent out yet? I received an email at the beginning of March saying it should be coming in the next week or so, but I have not received it. I'm worried that it has/might get deleted with my spam mail!

    6. Alite Designs Creator on

      Hi Rami,
      I promise it won't be long. Production is totally on track so we are still looking good to start shipping these by the end of the month. We will send out surveys next week to get everyone's shipping info. Just a little longer!!

    7. Rami Nasra on

      I've been faced with at least 3 situations where the Clover could've REALLY come in handy over the past 2 weeks. I cant wait any longer!

    8. Alite Designs Creator on

      Hi Brandon,
      We cannot offer this as an option at this time. Please message us directly for further discussion. Thanks so much for your support!

    9. Brandon Wright

      I would also like to see a reward option for 2X of the cook set. Or, can we just bump our pledge up to $40 and drop you a comment stating that we want two?


    10. Alite Designs Creator on

      Hi Juan,
      Yes, we are aiming to ship everything out at the same time.

    11. Juan Pablo Ureta on

      Congrats Alite Team!!!. You guys rock. Looking forward to get the Clover Cook Set and the Shifter Backpack. One quick question: International shipping will be at the same time as US shipping?

    12. Alite Designs Creator on

      Hi Stephanie,
      This is not a problem. We will reach out to backers before sending anything out in order to confirm shipping.

    13. Stephanie Ancell on

      Hi, I just made a pledge but I would like it shipped to an address separate from my billing address - the payment system wouldn't provide me with this option. Could this please be arranged? Thank you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brian Demarest on

      No, I mean the Cloverwear Lite Utensil Sets. I need 4 total to go in my backpack, one for each of the family members.

    15. Alite Designs Creator on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    16. Ed Davidson on

      I would have bought two Clover Cook sets ($40?) if that option had been available :-(

    17. Winfred Ollada on

      Great design and idea. Looking forward to your success.

    18. Nicholas Sharp on

      What a clever and delightful product! well done Alite team

    19. Alite Designs Creator on


      Haha ~ I agree!! Maybe you should double down on the Kickin' Back Kit #2 !! :)

      thanks again for helping us out!

    20. Missing avatar

      Ham on

      I almost died when I though the Kickin back Kit #2 was two chairs. I don't think my partner would appreciate me getting a mantis for myself and not him!

    21. Alite Designs Creator on

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you kindly for the feedback. Are you saying that if we had a reward that included 2X clover cook sets, you would have gone for that reward?

      Look forward to your response.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brian Demarest on

      I would have bought additional utensil sets if they had been a reward.