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A 3X experience filled with galactic exploration, planetary exploitation and expansion.
A 3X experience filled with galactic exploration, planetary exploitation and expansion.
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What's Going On

Posted by Flying Lemur Game Studio, LLC (Creator)

What Has Been Happening

Actually, a lot. We were at Essen last week, meeting with designers and with other publishers, looking for games and getting the word out about Flying Lemur Games. We didn't have a booth, but Mischa was in dozens of meetings and we think that 2019 and 2020 are going to be fantastic!

What About Solarius Mission?

We are hard at work finishing up the graphic files. The mold for the ships is complete. So now we just need to get our act together and start the printing process. That should occur in the next week or so. A tiny bit behind schedule, but we should still have the game to you before the end of the 1st quarter of next year.

Dark Side of the Mine Has Launched on Kickstarter

We have just launched a fantastic game by new designer Matt Haberfeld titled Dark Side of the Mine. This 30 - 45 minute title pits you as competing companies discovering and mining the most ore from a nearby asteroid. It has a fantastic mechanic which forces to you keep away from an ever-encroaching shadow, which, if you're caught in, causes you to lose communication and valuable time.

Everyone who has played Dark Side of the Mine has come away wanting to play it again...and again. And reviewers are loving the game as well.

  • "It's clever and has some really cool things going on." ~Meeple Mountain~
  • "I love how it isn't just a good game with a theme plastered on; the theme really fits the game." ~Jondi Soper, Eat Chit & Dice podcast~

    "I find the multi-use cards and the ever-changing rondel intriguing. I love how I have control over which card comes up next and how the shadow creates an impenetrable area..." ~Rainer Åhlfors, NSKN Games~
  • "One of the most thematic games I've had the pleasure of playing." ~Justin Steinberg, Grizzly Gaming Reviews~

Take a look. Then back our latest title and see if you can avoid being caught on the Dark Side of the Mine.

-Rick, Mischa & Beth-

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