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A 3X experience filled with galactic exploration, planetary exploitation and expansion.
A 3X experience filled with galactic exploration, planetary exploitation and expansion.
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And Production Is About To Begin!

Posted by Flying Lemur Game Studio, LLC (Creator)

Gathering Mold(s)

Sorry for the long delay between updates. But we do have some news to share with all of you.

We have chosen our production partner to manufacture the game. Finally! So that means it's time to start getting Solarius Mission produced. 

The first and most time-consuming step in the process is creating the molds. As we speak, we're providing the .stl file (for the ship) and the die lines for the wood components so the molds can be created. This process usually takes about a month. We're going to be very particular about the player piece mold as we love the look of the new ships and we want to make sure they look great when flying around in space.

 We are also reviewing hues for the ships so that they are color blind friendly. We want everyone to get the greatest gaming experience possible.

So, that's where we are right now.

Going On The Road

We also wanted to let all of you know we will be in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area - Sharonville, to be exact - for Cin City Con, October 12 - 14

We're pretty excited about this as it will be the first time we are officially setting up tables and showing our wares in a convention setting. We will have a first edition copy of Solarius Mission (the original Spielworxx edition) with us and can definitely set up some times to play it. We'll also be showing (and selling) our first published game, North American Railways, at our booth. If you don't know about that game, it's a tense 18XX title that actually plays in 45-minutes. As Blake Morris puts it on

“This game is so richly tactical that I hardly know where to begin. North American Railways is a very serious game crush for me.” 

We will also be giving a preview of our next great title, Dark Side of the Mine. This is a great little card game where players are running mining companies that are competing for the most lucrative ore deposits on a nearby asteroid. We're finishing up the look for the cards and have the minis designed - which will be a stretch goal when the game comes to Kickstarter in late October. This one is almost ready to go, folks!

OK! We couldn't wait. Here's a look at the DSotM mining bots minis.
OK! We couldn't wait. Here's a look at the DSotM mining bots minis.

So, if you're in the vicinity, come over to the Sharonville Convention Center and say hi. Then play some games with us. 

See you in Cincy!

Until next time -

-Rick, Mischa & Beth-

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    1. Jondi Soper on

      I had the opportunity to play the first edition of this game AND a prototype of Dark Side of the Moon at Dice Tower Con over the summer.
      Solarius Mission is everything I love in a space game and I look forward to getting this Flying Lemur Games edition! It looks like it's going to be gorgeous and I'm so glad I backed it!
      As for Dark Side of the Moon, folks, O can't say enough good things about this game. If your in the Cincinnati area when they're at that convention...go try it! What a fun game!

    2. love code on

      Thanks, I just want to offer some feedback to help make this game the best it can be. But I'd already be happy to get everything just as presented originally :)

    3. Flying Lemur Game Studio, LLC 3-time creator on

      Agree, love code. The image you're seeing is dark. We want the colors to be vibrant so they'll stand out.

      Your comments are always very thoughtful, and we definitely thank you for keeping us honest! :-D

    4. love code on

      I like the design of the ships. Regarding the choice of color, please keep in mind that the pieces will be used on top of a quite dark space background. Too often in those cases player tokens are hard to make out if they are equally dark. I can imagine overlooking the blue pieces for example (and thus maybe giving that player a 'stealth' advantage ;) ).
      Imo it's never a bad idea to have player colors stand out/'pop' a bit more. A good example would be the game 'Horizons' (in a similar setting):
      Thanks for the update!