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RE.BIN promotes sustainability through design by offering an easy way to recycle in style. Smart. Beautiful. Sustainable.
RE.BIN promotes sustainability through design by offering an easy way to recycle in style. Smart. Beautiful. Sustainable.
RE.BIN promotes sustainability through design by offering an easy way to recycle in style. Smart. Beautiful. Sustainable.
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    1. J Anderson on

      My bins are perfect - and I am so glad I got them! Thank you for a great product!

    2. blueumbrella

      I received my Bin today, and I am very pleased. It is everything promised, with the design and build quality, exceeding expectations. Thank you for a very well run campaign and delivering on time. Happy holidays, and best of luck with the Bin, going forward.

    3. Robye Lumb on

      Yea! RE.BIN arrived, and just before I leave! Thanks, looks great�

    4. blueumbrella

      I have not received the tracking information. Thanks

    5. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Hi Eileen,
      Yes, that's correct. An order of two (or three) RE.BINs will arrive in the same box, even if they are different colors.

    6. Missing avatar


      Based on the comments about @Melissa's order, I take it that an order of two Re:Bins will arrive in one box, correct? And even if the two items are different colors?

    7. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      I'm sorry for our delay sending tracking information. We've had some technical issues matching the tracking numbers downloaded from our fulfillment center's software with the backerkit software that emails backer tracking information. We will have this issue resolved and emails with tracking information out to everyone tomorrow.

    8. Sandy Choi on

      Hi, I also haven't received any tracking information when the last update which was 5 days ago indicated that we should be receiving the tracking info in 24 hours.....

    9. fionna escalona on

      hi =) backer here, still haven't received any tracking information..

    10. Melissa Krause

      Thanks Whitney! Worked like a charm.

    11. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Hi Melissa,

      Sometimes that happens after the bins have been stacked together. You just have to pull up on the handles of the top bin until it comes lose. You won't damage the bins by pulling them sort. Let me know if that worked.


    12. Melissa Krause

      Hi Whitney: My two Re:Bins have arrived. Thanks! But the two bins are pretty much stuck together, one within the other. Are there any tips to ease them apart without damage? Thanks!

    13. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Hi Alyee,
      We are still working hard to finish shipping the last of the rewards. As soon as all orders have shipped, we will send tracking numbers to all of our backers. You should receive an email with your tracking number by the end of this week. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    14. Alyee on

      Hello, I am backer .. I have yet to receive my Re.Bin nor any tracking information?

    15. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Hi Rebecca,
      FedEx SmartPost service actually does deliver to PO Boxes so you have nothing to worry about! With this service, FedEx will pick up your package and then pass it off to USPS to deliver straight to your door. Standard shipping using SmartPost ships anywhere the USPS ships, including physical addresses and PO Boxes. Sorry for not clarifying that in my update! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    16. Rebecca Mynter on

      If you're shipping FedEx and they don't ship to PO boxes, how will I get my re.bin??

    17. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Thank you for your comment Vane. Rewards are scheduled to ship in 3-4 weeks. I understand why you might be surprised to find RE.BIN for sale on AHA, but rest assured Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive RE.BIN. If you look at the shipping details on the AHA listing, you'll notice that those orders will ship within 8 weeks. I hope that clears things up. Thank you for supporting RE.BIN and feel free to reach out with any other questions or concerns.
      All the Best,
      Whitney at RE.BIN

    18. Missing avatar

      Vane Broussard on

      Why are these available on AHA Concierge and not to the backers yet?

    19. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Hi Kristina,
      We're working hard to ship your rewards by the last week in October. We just got back from the manufacturer in Vermont and everything looks great! Your RE.BINs are scheduled to be picked up next week and sent down to our fulfillment center where they will be packed up and sent out to you. Let me know if you need anything else and thanks again for supporting RE.BIN!
      All the Best,
      Whitney at RE.BIN

    20. Missing avatar

      Kristina Handy on

      When are these being shipped?

    21. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Hi Toni,

      I'm sorry for the mix-up. It seems that you were categorized in the wrong backer group in our software. I've corrected the issue and you don't owe anything. Thank you again for backing RE.BIN and my sincerest apologies for any aggravation caused by this.

      All the Best,

      Whitney at RE.BIN

    22. Missing avatar

      Toni McWain

      Just received email to redo my seems to be missing I pledged $114 plus FREE shipping. I pledged $129 ($15.00 extra for liners). Now I am being charged $39.00 for shipping!!! So ii shows I owe and you want my bank info to charge me more money! I have already paid. So why am I paying for shipping?

    23. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Hi Lynne,

      Thank you for your comment. The photo in the most recent update shows RE.BIN with the final packaging. The logo you see is part of the retail packaging and is not part of the bin itself. Sorry for not making that clear in the update. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!


    24. Lynne Mackey

      I noticed, in your most recent update, that there is a large logo on the side of the RE.BIN. It has never been present in photos before. I do hope it won't appear on the final product. One of the things that attracted me to your campaign was the clean look if the containers. Go ahead and put it on the bottom, but please keep the sides clean and empty of any images.
      If you decide to change the design I hope you'll let us know, and give us the option to opt out.

    25. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Thank you for all of you messages. I just want to let you all know that we are working on the backer club rewards and the shipping price discrepancies.

      Please wait to complete your surveys until you see the credit appear in your BackerKit account or until you speak with us directly. You can contact me at

      I'm so sorry for all the confusion and appreciate your patience as I work everything out. These problems are the result of a survey oversight and everthing will be honored as promised.

      Backer surveys close on July 15, and this will be resolved in the next week.

    26. Missing avatar

      prudhomme cecile on

      problems on BackerKit surveys for me too. (34$ white RE.BIN + 10$ bag + 60 $ shipping to France/that's you said on april 13th in a mail = 94 $ already paid on the kickstarter campain). And know the surveys add-on the 10$bag, count 70$ for shipping to France), and ask me my credit card. I don't understand

    27. Missing avatar

      stephanie giese on

      Dear Re.Bin - Team
      There must be some kind of trouble with the Pledges for Switzerland. I pledged for two Re.bin's (65$) but the pledge sum shows 400$ at the end of the backer's survey, can you help?

    28. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Thanks for your message Katie! Right now, everything is still on track to start shipping rewards at the end of September! You'll be the first to know if anything changes :)

    29. Katie Doyle on

      Hi! I realize these projects take time. What is your revised delivery date now? Super excited to make my recycling beautiful to look at! =)

    30. Missing avatar

      Elias Läderach on

      Hi there
      What are the shipping costs to Switzerland?

    31. Missing avatar

      Toni McWain

      Never mind!! I worked it out. Thank you any ways

    32. Missing avatar

      Toni McWain

      I would like to add the liners to my pledge but having problems with this. I would like to add $30.00 to my pledge. Thank you

    33. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      How much would shipping to Germany be and should I add the amount to my pledge directly?

    34. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Thank you so much Bozenka! I'm so happy to have you as one of RE.BIN's earliest supporters and can't wait to deliver your RE.BIN to you and your partner!

    35. Bozenka Shepherd on

      The pricing of shipping ALMOSTTT deferred me from backing this product! BUT I backed anyways! My partner and I are supper excited to finally have a place to store our recyclables! !!! best of luck!!

    36. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for your question. Domestic shipping costs are $17 for 1 RE.BIN because of the product’s size and weight. The dimensions (13.5" x 8.75" x 17.5") and the 3 lb. weight of the product make shipping costs higher than I would like. I hope this doesn't stop you from ordering your RE.BIN. Thank you for your support!

      Whitney, RE.BIN

    37. Stephanie Duarte on

      Shipping is a bit pricey, I'm assuming it doesn't collapse is why?

    38. Tania Millen on

      Great project! I look forward to seeing it fully funded :)

    39. Whitney Ferrell Creator on

      Hi Jonathan - thanks for your question! It's possible that we'll add a third color as a stretch goal if we surpass the $50,000 goal by a substantial amount. I'll keep everyone posted about this if, and when, the time comes.

    40. Jonathan Boyd

      Love this as I really need something convenient for my recycling. Any chance of other color options popping up?