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The Orphic Hymns Grimoire includes translations of all 87 hymns, with history, commentary, and spell craft.
The Orphic Hymns Grimoire includes translations of all 87 hymns, with history, commentary, and spell craft.
The Orphic Hymns Grimoire includes translations of all 87 hymns, with history, commentary, and spell craft.
309 backers pledged $17,111 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Sara L. Mastros Creator on

      Zibuzizo, you should have gotten an email from Kickstater. The Deluxe edition will not be going through, as we did not meet that stretch goal. Those backers will receive emails from me about their refunds, and other options, today or tomorrow. However, I do not yet have everyone's email.

    2. Missing avatar

      Zibuzizo on

      Congratulations...? Would be great to hear if the deluxe edition will go ahead. Am I missing out on an update email? Was kind of expecting , 'Yay!' moment .lol.

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      José gmg on

      Congratulations on reaching your goal!!!

    4. Sara L. Mastros Creator on

      Weirdslimething: Thanks for your question! If the kickstarter is successful, I will continue to take orders, but they will almost certainly cost more. If the kickstarter is not successful, the book will never be available, because I will not finish writing it.


      hi! i apologize if this was previously answered: will this be available in greater numbers post-KS, or is the funding goal enough to make a single "pre-funded" published run?

    6. Sara L. Mastros Creator on

      Jose, thanks for your comment! All the art will be digitally cleaned up before final publication. These are just temporary.

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      José gmg on

      Hey Sara, I've been working with the Okeanos ikon, and I have a suggestion. Maybe could the ikons could be made so that they are just a simple line art. The printed version has all kinds of shadows, that make painting it harder. I feel a "cleaner" version might be easier to work with. All the best!

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      Angela Roberts Reeder on

      Praise Tyche! I am so excited to see this project moving toward manifestation.

    9. Anna Fofanna on

      Projects like this is why I say we currently live in a magickal golden age. I hope this project is a major success.

    10. Sarah Falkner on

      I am really looking forward to the complete book, and already enjoying the pieces I have seen and heard in videos. This is an important project for our time!!

    11. Liam Kelly on

      Praise Tyche! Sara, can’t wait to see the finished book. It’s already been such a great source for us. We enjoyed coloring Tyche. Dara and I are sending you all blessings and luck!

    12. Missing avatar

      Felicia M. Denzer on

      A really nice job, Sara. I'm looking forward to the book!

      - Felicia

    13. Sara L. Mastros Creator on

      Thanks Fiona! Do you have more ideas for non-physical stuff? I'm very open to the suggestions!

    14. Missing avatar

      Fiona on

      Praise Tyche :)
      It might be good for international/impatient pledgers to do more things that don't have to be physically delivered - I'm thinking of things like the e-books and divinations you offered which aren't subject to customs charges and extra P&P? The Okeanos beach bags sound cute though.

    15. Missing avatar

      Benji on

      Woo! Go Sara! <3
      Praise Tyche!
      I'm so excited about seeing this project come to fruition!

    16. Sara L. Mastros Creator on

      I've been looking for places that print pendants or pins, but I can only find ones that would be quit expensive ($40+) like these:

      Does anyone know where to print them?

    17. Missing avatar

      Nathan Dube on

      praise Tyche! I pledged.

    18. Martha Smith on

      Thank you again for doing this work! I like the idea of ikons as pins or pendants -- they could do double duty at a shrine and on a devotee's body. :-)

    19. Sara L. Mastros Creator on

      Jose: Thanks for the idea! I'll see what else can get printed.

    20. Missing avatar

      José gmg on

      Getting some gear would be cool. Maybe a pendant with an ikon? Or some stickers would also be nice!

    21. Missing avatar

      Kim Ellis on

      Congratulations on hitting 31%!

    22. Sara L. Mastros Creator on

      Would people be interested in Tshirts, tote bags, travel mugs, etc with some of the ikons on them? I feel like an Okeanos beach bag could be really fun?

      Are there other rewards you'd like to see?

    23. Missing avatar

      Federico Andino on

      this is a great initiative by a great practicioner

    24. Sara L. Mastros Creator on

      Thanks so much for all your support everyone! One easy way to help is to leave comments here, because the algorithm that decides how to rank projects really likes it when there are comments (or so I read).