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$15,647 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Chad Tepley
$15,647 pledged of $50,000 goal

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We will honor your rewards

Hi the waning hours of our Kickstarter campaign creep on, it's obvious we're a long ways from the goal.  The $15,000 that has been pledged to our project would help us tremendously, but as you already know, Kickstarter cancels any pending charges to your credit cards at the conclusion of the campaign if the goal is not reached.  We would like to honor the rewards as outlined in Kickstarter, but to do so I am asking that you send me a direct email to with the following information so that we may directly fulfill your pledges:  Name, Telephone Number, Pledge Amount, Mailing Address.  I will call you directly so that we can process payment and send you your reward.  We are so thankful for the amazing support and your efforts in spreading the word about our project.  We are getting closer to bringing this project across the nation with every day that passes.  We hope to hear from you...and we hope we have the chance to meet you on the road!

--Chad and Dennis 

Short Film From Nokia Featuring Vanishing Cultures!

Hi everyone, Nokia just recently posted a short film featuring our project in relation to their new 41-megapixel phone camera.  We're very pleased with how it turned out! We're pushing on despite a sluggish Kickstarter campaign and only 4 days to go, but we really can't thank all of you enough for your generous contributions and your hard work in spreading the word about our project.  We assure you that no matter how we end up on Kickstarter, the project will go on and we hope you will continue helping out our cause. In the meantime, please help us make the most of our final few days on Kickstarter and ask your friends/family to check out our campaign!  --The Vanishing Cultures Team

Featured Cultures!

We've had lots of requests for the groups we'd like to feature within our project.  Here they are...and we'd love to hear any of your feedback on other groups to include!  

12 days & $36k to go...We really need your help!

Happy Monday everyone,

Please forward this update to everyone you know!  With only 12 days left in our Kickstarter campaign, we have only reached 28% of our goal...and if we do not reach our goal by April 1st all funds are returned to you and everything is cancelled.  But here's the upside!  Most Kickstarter campaigns receive the balance of their support towards the end of their now is when we REALLY need you!  We ask that you consider any of the following scenarios as we make the final push towards our goal:

1) Become Our Angel Sponsor: we are seeking an individual or company to graciously commit to matching all contributions that we receive on Kickstarter between now and 5:00pm Central Time on March 30th (the match amount shall not exceed $20,000).  When your match is received and we reach our funding goal we will return the favor by providing the following: round-trip airfare (w/in the continental U.S.) and hotel for 2 nights in downtown Chicago; spend a day with us touring the studio (where we will also deliver to you the Super Sized Negative Reward), tour the world-renowned camera, the city and dinner and drinks at our favorite Chicago restaurant!

2) Increase your contribution: it's crunch've already done so much to help us, but if you believe in our project enough to increase your pledge amount by $40 or more, we will include an additional 11"x17" collage of portrait photos that have been shot with the big camera (in addition to the rewards corresponding to your increased pledge).

3) Your network could help us reach our goal: with tools like Facebook & Twitter, our network and your network can reach hundreds of thousands of people in an instant. If you don't have the ability to help us financially, please post a link to this update and our Kickstarter campaign, "Like" the page...and if you can take a step your personal contacts telling them why you backed our project and how they can become a part of this exciting mission.

We believe we can make this happen...but we can't do it without your help.  Kickstarter is our first step in making Vanishing Cultures a reality.  We are forever grateful for your contributions!  --The Vanishing Cultures Team

Apollo 13 Commander James Lovell - Our Next Subject!

Happy Saturday morning from Chicago!  We're excited because we just confirmed that James Lovell will be our next subject for a big camera photo and documentary interview!  In case you've been living on the moon for the past 40 years (HA!), Mr. Lovell was Commander of Apollo 13 and has logged over 715 hours of space flight time in his 4 missions. Have a great weekend, and please continue helping to spread the word about our project...we have a long way to go to reach our goal and we need an extra boost with only 3 weeks remaining!