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Mr. Or awakens in a strange place, alone. A two-dimensional creature in a 3d world, his search for a companion will require sacrifice.

I began animating Mr. Or because I don't currently own a camera and can't make short films or documentaries as I normally would.  I was simply playing around with the idea of animating a character in After Effects, but before I knew it, I had a 5-act play and Mr. Or's world came to life faster than I could process it or write it down.

"Or" will be a 10-15 minute animated short film.  I can capture the entire story in less than 15 minutes of movie time, but the animation/creation process is highly intensive.

This is where I could use your help.

Please consider pledging at least $5 to this project.  Any assistance is a great boost and lets me know that the art and effort are appreciated.  Plus, it will allow me to spend the time that is needed to create this short film properly.

The more money I manage to raise, the better the final product will be.

Thanks for looking!  I hope to bring you all a fantastic story. :)


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    Pledge at least $5, and you will receive a digital copy of the final film that you can watch and share on your smart phone or tablet.

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    Have your name in the credits as a "Financial Backer" in the film, as well as a digital copy to show off what a philanthropist you are.

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    Have your face on one of the animated characters in the film. There will be a few scenes with multiple characters, and I'd love to insert some of my backers into the film. If you like, you can send me your photo, and I'll be sure you make an appearance on screen. I'll make you famous (Results may vary).

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    Donate at least $35 to my project and receive an OR t-shirt, as well as a digital copy of the finished film and credit as a financial backer.

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    Have your name prominently featured in the film. There are openings in the set design of Mr. Or's world for logos and brand names. Imagine having your name pop up on a computer screen or pasted larger-than-life on a grand wall.

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