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Finishing a fictionalized memoir on true love, plant spirits, the art world, motherhood & a matriarchal secret lineage
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wo/man plans, god laughs

I have a good friend that always says that:

wo/man plans, god laughs . . .

So of course, I make (with all of you) the miracle happen & this wondrous house that I was planning to go and work in, go to the depths that I need to reach to finish the book, has mysteriously fell through.  I say MYSTERY because, obviously, there is another plan for me, another BETTER location for the book to finish its long journey . .

Immediately a few alternatives have arisen, but I thought, since we are all collaborating here together, you are on this ride with me, I thought I would put it out to all of you, in case you have any ideas:

These are my requirements:

~ Time: from the end of February at least through to the end of March, could be a bit longer.

~ I would travel, even out of the country

~ Free or very inexpensive accomodations, pretty (I am a Libra), clean, a private room that I can fit a table in, put things on the wall to map out storylines . .

~ Not too rugged, not too exotic, I don't want to have to struggle too much, even if it is a gorgeous island somewhere, want to use my energy to write

~ Not completely alone, at least a few like-minded people to share a coffee or a meal with

~ Does not have to be a glamourous location, at all, particularly if the above criteria is met

I think something really special is out there, how can there not be, as the universe is obviously gifting me this time, in such a beautiful way.

Love all of you, look forward to hearing from you, about this or about anything, love,

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