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pledged of $60,000pledged of $60,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 22 2013

Delving into...Relics

Posted by TinkerHouse Games (Creator)

Hello Kick Nation -

Today we wanted to give you a better idea of what effects relics have in-game and how they fit into our story. We also wanted to elaborate upon what the individual Relic Packs offer at each backer tier. (Since specificity is always preferable when possible, right?)


As the dwarves venture deeper into their subterranean realm, they will discover lost clan stones, which are like historical monuments, containing ancestral lore and the technical and magical marvels of their Age. 

(We'll talk about clan lineages in a future update, but first we'll deal with ancestral relics.)  

When you find a clan stone holding relic lore, you'll gain some of the backstory about that relic as well as the ability to forge it anew. But to do that, you'll need the right amount of Ur, Ember, Aether, and Oil. Those four ingredients make-up the core resources needed to forge the relics you'll discover. (And deftly navigating the dungeon to acquire them is a central part of the game.)

Backers Note: If you opt into the relic tiers, you'll gain those relics immediately without having to forge them.

...what do they do?

Each dwarf will be able to equip one ancestral relic available to the party. Equipping relics will either add special abilities to the dwarf carrying them, augment their primary ability, or provide a party buff. So usually dwarves equipped with relics will either have a suped-up ability or two different effects they can employ, each with its own cooldown.

Here are some examples of ancestral relics from the current backer tiers:

Gloambane Relic Set

Dungeon Wreckers Relic Set 

Mystical Mayhem Relic Set

And that’s a peek at what relics do and some of the ones waiting out there for puissant delvers to acquire.

We've also got our page up for Project Greenlight on Steam! So far we've gotten a really positive initial response. If you have a chance, please stop by and give it your vote.

Full Press

We've also had some good response from our media partners to date. If you're curious, here's the list of the hits we have to date. We're still actively reaching out to press and will do so throughout the Kick. We'll be updating this list with new hits as we get them. 
Also, if you know any media that may be interested in our story, please send them our way. We promise to be very charming and not embarrass you. Too much.

148 Apps — Gone Spelunking – The Story of TinkerHouse Games and Dwarven Delve

Indius — (It's in French, but that's what Chrome's for.)

Game Woof — "Dwarven Delve is one of the most innovative titles I have seen in a while."

Thanks for being our partners. We're making a great game together.  


The Tinkers 


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