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Michael N Karanja
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Michael N Karanja

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About the Book

Lucita is just like any other nine year old. Jovial, playful and full of life.

One day, she comes home from school and finds her mother is gone. She seems to have disappeared into thin air. Nobody seems to know where she has gone. Nobody has answers. She is not only alone and heartbroken, but she must also assume the responsibilities of an adult and fend for herself.

When she finally locates her, it is in an immigration detention facility. 

Determined to free her mother and turn the clock back to happier days, she must wade into the quagmire that is US immigration politics. And no matter what, she must never lose sight of the American Dream.

Written in simple language for children, this story opens a window into another world that is rarely explored. The real world.  A world where children suddenly find themselves separated from their loved ones and friends. Or plucked suddenly from the comforts of their familiar world, to start new lives all over again. To try to adjust and pick the pieces in strange countries and cultures.

Unfortunately, they suffer despite their innocence. Due to circumstances beyond their choice or control. Because of actions orchestrated by adults. Often caught in duels between human compassion and the rule of law. And the rule of law mostly wins.

Help the publication of the second edition of this book

This book was originally published independently.

The first edition of this book was well received. Below is a review from the American Immigration Council;

The story of Lucita is very real and captures the issue of family separation because of undocumented parents. The book is timely and references issues that affect so many young people in our nation who are citizens but there parents are not. I was confused when I started reading the book to review because it came across as a Christian book when the author had the character sing a song about Jesus. The book is self published and has some spacing issues with the text but over all the story is sweet and educational. If it didn't have the religious references I would say every classroom should have a copy.

After getting feedback from many reviewers, the single issue raised by many is the religious connotations in the book. Considering the importance of the separation of state and religion in the USA and the need to have more universal appeal across all races and religions, i have decided to remove the religious references in the book in the second edition.

I will also include more color illustrations in this edition.

How the money will be used

1. Paying my illustrators for more color illustrations.

2. All costs associated with publishing.

2. A website to market the book. 

3. Fulfilling rewards.

Thank you and help make the second edition of "Lucita: An American Dream" a reality and success. But above all, lets keep our children READING!



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