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$1,929 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Uwe Diegel
$1,929 pledged of $50,000 goal

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Hello Kickstarters, 

We are very sorry that the campaign on Kickstarter is unsuccessful. However, the iMusic BodyRhythm will go into mass production soon as we scheduled. If you are still interested in it, you can pre-order it on

Special thanks to the backers. You are awesome!

Test Batch for iMusic BodyRhythm to be Produced in February

Hi Kickstarters!

We have some great news to share!

We are on scheduled for producing our first test batch of the iMusic BodyRhythm in mid-February.

Based on the feedback we received from those who tried the iMusic BodyRhythm at CES, we have improved the music sync algorithm. Our engineers have been working very hard the past couple weeks to test and improve the auto synced beats function, and now the app is able to pick the beats of the music more accurately.

The app for the iMusic BodyRhythm is scheduled to be completed in February and will be sent to Apple for MFI certification.

The production of the product and app are right on schedule and we want to thank you all for your support and feedback!

Feel the auto-synced beat of music

Everybody knows that the iMusicBodyRhythm App has an Auto Mode feature, which transfers any songs on your iPhone in to rhythmic drumbeats on your shoulders automatically. But few people know that Auto Mode also provides some subsidiary features that can enhance people’s usability experience. The instructions below will give you a better understanding of all the things you can do in Auto Mode.

Step 1: Go into the Rhythm Auto

The rhythmic drumbeats you already created are shown in a list. You can search for the specific song, and also sort your list alphabetically, by rating, or category. The “Edit” button allows you to edit or delete drumbeats.

Step 2: Generate music in to rhythmic drumbeats

Click ‘Generate’ on the top right of the page to go into the music library on your device.

Once in your music library, select as many songs as you like. Tap “Done” when you have made all your selections.

You will be directed back to the list of rhythmic drumbeats and will see the music is generating on the top right.

Step 3: Enjoy the rhythmic drumbeats of the music you selected

Play one or more rhythmic drumbeats from the list and enjoy a new way of listening to music!

You can adjust the intensities of the drumbeat (5 different intensities). Once you find the intensity and drumbeat you like, you can tap the loop icon on the top right corner to experience it all over again.

Step 4: Rate and share the drumbeat

Once the drumbeats are done, the app will let you rate them. You can also share your activities on Facebook and Twitter, or share your favorite drumbeat on the cloud so that others who use the app can download and enjoy it.

People are excited about the iMusic BodyRhythm at CES

We just came back from Las Vegas to Mountain Views. Thanks for all of people who came to visit us and tried the iMusic BodyRhythm at CES. It was wonderful to see that so many people loved the iMusic BodyRhythm and enjoyed the rhythmic beats on their shoulders.

The iMusic BodyRhythm also took the fancy of presses. In the four days, presses from US, Canada, Germany, Sweden and other countries came to our booth and reported the iMusic BodyRhythm.

Update #1 iMusic BodyRhythm at Pepcom & CES

First of all, a big thanks to the backers on our 1st Kickstarter day. You are awesome! We really appreciate your support at the very beginning of our campaign.

On the night of Jan. 7, we attended the Pepcom and officially unveiled the iMusic BodyRhythm. More than 60 presses, including WIRED, CNET, CityTV, BBC, and CNBC, were interested in the iMusic BodyRhythm and interviewed us. Can’t believe that we got so much attention at Pepcom!

We’ll be at CES for the whole 4 days at the booth N6521. See you there!