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Two brothers. Dad's funeral. Betrayal, sibling rivalry, memory, identity, truth, lies and history are explored in this explosive drama

We are a small theatre company founded by playwright Leah Jane Esau. 

We have the amazing opportunity to present Waterfront: The Blessing, at the 2011 SummerWorks Theatre Festival in Toronto. 

SummerWorks is Canada's largest juried theatre festival. Every year is a hub of talented artists, but this year in particular features work from revered Canadian artists such as Judith Thompson, Hannah Moscovitch, Praxis Theatre, Volcano Theatre, and Necessary Angel - to name a few. We feel lucky and honoured that this script was chosen to be part of the festival. 

Leah Jane Esau developed the script over a year, at the National Theatre School of Canada, under the dramaturgy of Brian Drader.

In January 2011, director Amanda Lockitch joined the team to further develop the script. Over the following months, we have been working steadily with set designer Nancy Perrin, and actors Robert Fulton, and William MacDonald. 

Our estimated budget for the show is just over 5 grand. This includes our festival fee, set, costumes, publicity, and vehicle rentals to transport our set  - among other things.  

The National Theatre School of Canada has generously given us $3,500 through their grant, the Cultural and Artistic Leadership Program. We have managed to raise another $550 by selling advertising space in our program. Therefore, we're still looking for the remaining $1,000 to meet our budget.

All the artists involved in the project are not getting a wage. We are paid through an equal split of the box office, once the show is over. However, if we don't meet our budget, we'll have to put that money into our debts. Your donation will go towards meeting our budget so that we can fully realize our artistic vision for this show. 

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The video:

video editing: Leah Jane Esau

Voiceover: William MacDonald, Robert Fulton 

Music: Montezuma by Fleet Foxes, Yesterdays by Guns N Roses. Other sound design: Leah Jane Esau, Original sound recordings: Leah Jane Esau

Images of set design: Nancy Perrin

All road trip images and car videos: Rebecca Esau, and Josh Jordan EXCEPT images of crack smoking, by drug alcohol rehab .com


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    A beautiful full colour postcard sent to you, signed by the cast. A mention on our website. Photo and postcard design by Montreal artist Laura Findlay. Visit her here:

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    A full colour poster signed by the cast. Your name on our website.

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    A piece of the process: one of dad's ties, coasters, ashtrays, coffee mugs, fishing lures, or landscaping designs. Overseas backers please ad $5 if you can. Two tickets to the show, and your name on the website

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    A piece of the original acetate (transparency) that goes in the window, full colour, designed by Nancy Perrin. You saw this in the video - a work of art! -Two tickets to the show, and your name on the website

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    A copy of the script, signed by Leah Jane Esau. It's not published, so you can't get it elsewhere. (Theatre companies - please look at the $150 option). Two tickets to the show, and your name on the website.

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    THEATRE COMPANIES / DIRECTORS - A bound copy of the script and rights to do the show. That includes the writer's box office percentage - Leah Jane Esau donates her portion of box office revenues back into your theatre company, for the run of your version of Waterfront: The Blessing.

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    LIMITED TO ONE BACKER Congratulations, you are Ed's travel buddy, and he will tell a story about you on stage. Your name - or a version of it, as negotiated, will replace that of "Willy" in the play.

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