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Dice Odyssey is a Big Box, tabletop-RPG hybrid where you create your own pool of dice to draw from throughout the game. Each type of die has its own strengths, weaknesses and overall “feel”. The dice you choose will affect your entire experience, for example, your combat style, loot and adventuring prowess. Want to wield unparalleled chaotic strength in combat and on adventures stay one step ahead of your enemies (and allies) through your wits and luck? Take a Dragon Die. How about being more calculated, controlled and strategic in combat, while being stealthy and vigilant as you explore? Well then, a Fey Die is what you want.

Dice Odyssey brings out all the wonderful aesthetics of dice play; beautiful, fantasy themed dice, that offer strategic customization for your character. Integrating them into a fun-focused RPG ruleset that brings out the best parts of storytelling, while leaving out some of the more exhaustive aspects.

By supporting now, you will get the core game’s 50 dice, plus an additional (Kickstarter Exclusive) Dice Expansion! You will get to vote on the expansion that is created and included in the pledge, either the Summons Dice Expansion OR the Bones Dice Expansion. The expansion includes 10 dice of that type and a loot deck that has 15 brand new items. Look below to find out more about the expansions and how to vote. There are more Dice Expansion stretch goals planned as well, so please spread the word so we can unlock them!

Dice Odyssey’s theme is the perfect setting for a tabletop RPG fusion: Dungeon Punk, which incorporates fantasy elements, but with an attitude.

All but one of the players will take on the role of a hero (who are part of the same guild) that is participating in a great competition known as “The Dungeon Games”. These events, created by the world’s greatest magicians, are pulse-pounding, unpredictable and timed. Each player will need to make use of every round they have available to them, either trying to complete the main objective or grabbing “Arcane Keys” that are scattered around the environment for some vital extra points.

The last player will take on the special role of Storyteller, who uses the prewritten adventures (or their own) to run the story the other players participate in. They function as a referee of sorts, playing all the NPCs and baddies in the combat (in Dice Odyssey, the Storyteller will try to defeat the heroes in combat by choosing a good combination of baddies and selecting their actions carefully).


  • 2-5 Players
  • 90-120 minutes play time
  • 60 custom dice and counting. Roll handfuls of dice!
  • Tons of gorgeous tabletop components, no pen and paper needed.
  • Hybrid rules that fuse the best parts of RPGs and tabletop strategy games.


  • Help bring Dice Odyssey to life! – Unlike other established companies that use Kickstarter, there is no way I could make Dice Odyssey happen financially. I need your help to bring this one of a kind experience to life!
  • Help to substantially shape the Deluxe version– As a creative, there are not many things I like more than a fun collaborative project. So, expect a lot of voting opportunities as we create exclusive content together. Which leads into the next point.
  • Tons of Exclusive Content! - I have a lot of great add-on content that will be only added to the Deluxe Kickstarter version! I am expecting 50% more characters and a ton more. But of course, that depends on how much we can get the word out together.















For backing the game at all, even on day one, every reward tier will receive the first Dice Expansion and the Adventure Book Expansion. You will actually be able to vote on which of the 2 Dice Expansions you want to become a reality! I plan to send out the link on where to vote, and more information about the 2 expansions in an early Project Update.

If you look at the stretch goal structure above, you will notice that there is a large stretch goal at 63K. This is because it was the final funding number of Pocket Odyssey, my first Kickstarter project. At that point, we will vote between 2 more new Dice Expansions and the loser of the first vote, just in case everyone likes that one more than the 2 new options. I will have to see how the funding goes, but I do plan to offer an entire Dice Expansion every 63K, so please help spread the word! Let’s fill this box to the brim with awesome, Dungeon Punk Dice!


This starts a very lengthy but important section about the nitty-gritty of the game. Here is a quick video I put together in case you would rather see and hear the rules over reading them.

Here is a playtest session of the game, some of the rules have since been updated, but only some small ones. I may add some more of these soon!

I want to summarize a couple of the main systems in Dice Odyssey so you can get a good idea for how the game plays. The game is composed of 2 main systems, Exploration and Combat. But also has a focus in rewarding the players often and in a fun way, so I will cover rewards quickly as well.


In Dice Odyssey, players will be working as a team, fighting against the clock, to complete various short quests. Many times, alongside their main objective, they will have some unbreakable rules they must obey, as well as being on the look out for extra points they can score by grabbing Arcane Keys. Most of the action happens within this system, called the Exploration System, and can be described quickly as an upgraded RPG ruleset.


This mechanic alone, gives Dice Odyssey a fresh and fun feel. Each adventure will give the players a set number of rounds to complete it in. When a player takes a turn, he will tell the Storyteller what he plans to do, it’s up to the Storyteller to gauge how many rounds it would take to accomplish it. Most of the time, one round fits very naturally with what the player wants to accomplish. But there are times where it may take longer or shorter, and the player may want to rethink his plan to be more time sensitive. The players may take turns in whatever way feels best, most of the time, this is one round each, but sometimes a player may do something that will take a few rounds, and then wait till the others catch up. On average, the Quests take about 10 rounds, which really isn’t much time, and will make the game feel exciting and challenging.


Another simple element that makes this game feel completely unique are the Arcane Keys. The players are in a competition, sometimes they are head to head with their rivals, but many times the events take place during different times, and high score is what determines the winner. This is where the Arcane Keys come in, they are collectables that are scattered everywhere, each one having some sort of puzzle or trial involved in getting to it. One cool thing about the Arcane Keys is that they allow more opportunities for each person on the team to be helpful. For example, if the main objective requires Stealth and Athletics, then the Arcane Keys that are close by, will be Wits and Lore based. At every moment, all attributes are useful, and Arcane Keys are the main reason why.


Whenever a player attempts to do something difficult, they will have to roll dice to see if they are successful. The number of dice they roll is determined by the attribute the Storyteller says is needed for the task and how many of that type of Attribute Card they have. For example, if a player needs to push a large sleeping giant out of the way, the Storyteller will tell him it will take an athletics roll, and what number he will have to roll to be successful, in this case, a 6. The player will look to see if he has an athletics Attribute Card, and will roll an additional die for each that he has. The base roll being 3 dice. There are 8 attributes; Athletics, Dungeoneering, Fortitude, Lore, Luck, Stealth, Vigilance and Wits. On each Attribute Card there is also some sort of boon, perhaps for Fortitude, a hero may have “Bark Skin”. This element can be used creatively to help the player throughout the quest, and ultimately is up to the Storyteller. Generally, the rule is, if they can explain how they are using it for a task, they can convert the Attribute Card to a different type. Using the card above “Bark Skin (Fortitude)”, a player hides next to a tree after stripping down. This could convert the Attribute Card from Fortitude to Stealth for the use of that one roll.


Dice are gained by finding and buying loot. The player can customize which dice they have over time by buying particular items from the store or keeping items of a certain type when they get new ones (since a player can only hold 4 normal items and 2 loot items). The player rolls from their own dice pool when trying to complete a task, and the dice type may make a big impact on the roll. Each type of dice (Dragon, Fey, etc.) has 2 attributes they are associated with, if they roll a Crit (the face icon on the die), then they will give a +2 to those types of rolls. The Dragon dice are associated with Luck and Wits, so if they roll a Crit when attempting a task of either type, the player will get to add 2 more points, which can have a great impact on the capability of that hero.


The core game comes with 10 prewritten adventure ideas, but it is encouraged for Storytellers to come up with their own after they get the feel for how to run a session. Included in the Kickstarter is a second adventure book containing 10 more exclusive prewritten adventures, for many, many hours of play!


I had a few goals for combat going into the initial design for Dice Odyssey. First, I wanted it to be more “Tabletop-esque”, like a dice rolling strategy game. Second, I wanted it to be short and sweet. Lastly, I wanted it to be heavily teamwork based. I feel I was successful on these counts and have created something really fun and unique, I’m excited for others to be able to experience it!


In most RPGs, heroes have some base stats that do not change, such as HP, defense, attacks, etc. But in Dice Odyssey, players can change their heroes “base stats”. Imagine a normally defensive, tough hero, who is putting his guard down to do extra damage this turn, in Dice Odyssey, that means he would have chosen a different Combat Card this turn. Players begin combat by assessing the baddies they are fighting, their teammates strengths and weaknesses and from that, what Combat Card would be most appropriate. Most heroes have 5 different Combat Cards, and can swap between those cards during the game by buying them at the store. When the player chooses a Combat Card they get the effect in the top left corner of the card as well as one of the bonus effects at the bottom.


After the baddies have been laid out, the players will each grab 4 of the dice from their bags and roll them to see which of their Loot Cards they can use this round of combat. Each point rolled on a die, will allow the player to activate that many points on the corresponding Loot Card. For example, if they roll a 1 on a Fey die, they can pick which Fey card they want to activate (if they have more than one) and then pick which of the 3 (1 point) powers they want to use. If they were to roll a 2 instead, they could choose 2 (1 point) powers on that card. The Loot Cards serve as an add-on to the player's Combat Card. After 2 uses the Loot Cards break, at which point, you have to discard it and put one of your dice of that type back in the main bag. 

To see some examples of Loot Cards click on the below images.






Each baddie has a weakness and each Combat and Loot Card has an aspect. If an aspect in the player's attack matches a weakness on a baddie, the player can get a massive boost in power. So, a big part of combat is trying to guess (or take advantage of, if you know already) the baddies weakness. If a weakness is hit one time, the player may choose a second bonus effect at the bottom of their Combat Card. If they hit that weakness twice, (using a Combat Card and Loot Card with the same aspect or having a X2 aspect) then the player may flip their Combat Card upside down to the Max Charge side and select one of the bonus effects at the bottom, for each additional time the weakness is hit, another bonus may be selected!


The players will each be able to act before the baddies, and they can do so in whatever order best benefits them. If they remove all the HP for a baddie, he has been defeated, but is not removed from the combat. He loses his special ability but can still make an attack on any hero he wants. So the players need to make sure their defenses are up as well, and cannot just go “all-out offense”. The advantage to defeating the baddies is to end the combat, thereby not wasting another round, gaining Loot and Gold and removing their special. Most of the combat in Dice Odyssey will be completed in a single round, as long as half or more of the baddies are defeated and it’s not a boss battle, the combat should end. Just assume the baddies flee. To repeat, even when the baddies are at 0 HP and are defeated, they are not removed till the combat has ended. Meaning if the heroes beat one baddie out of 4, and go into a second round, that defeated baddie is still in the combat. Their special is no longer active, but they can attack at the end of the round. If a hero is ever attacked by a baddie, and the baddie rolls a higher attack than the hero’s defense, then they are wounded. For each wound taken, the entire party loses a round! Make sure that everyone on your team is safe before the baddies get to attack.



Players receive rewards when they roll in Dice Odyssey, and they will be rolling a lot. When a player rolls a “face icon” on a die (that is the unique icon) they have rolled a crit, and get to grab and roll a Crit Die! Note that a Crit Die has a crit side as well, the flame skull. If this is rolled, grab ANOTHER Crit Die and roll away! The Crit Die have points like any other die, which are added to your roll, but they also have a treasure icon, which means the players have found a new Loot Die. Immediately, they draw a random die from the main bag and a corresponding Loot Card. If they are at the max 4 items, they must give up another item to keep the new one, this is a good time to replace items that are about to break. On all of the dice, you will find a gold coin icon, when this is rolled, grab a Gold Token! It will come in handy later. After a combat, each player rolls 1 Crit Die per baddy that they defeated, and can keep any loot or gold they roll. Both at the end and mid-point of a quest, players will find a Store Key, which when touched, will freeze time and teleport them to the Magic Shop of Wonders, also called “the Store”. Here a quick store front will be made for each player via a simple set of rules (you can find on the last page of the rulebook), and the players can spend their gold to buy Store Loot Cards (2 extra cards you can have, in addition to the 4 normal Loot Cards), new Attribute Cards, a Combat Card, or just pay a gold to swap any of your currently equipped Attribute or Combat Cards with another that your Hero has.


If the players are able to finish the main quest in the time allotted, they receive a point for each Arcane Key they were able to escape with. Depending on how many points they have, the heroes will be in 1st – 5th place. The actual victory is if they are able to complete the mission at all, the bonus points serve as a high score mechanic. It is also fun to replay the same quest to see if you can get the number one spot!


If you're interested, you can check out the first rough draft of the rule book by clicking on the image below.



The characters are so vital to Dice Odyssey, not only because you role-play as them, but because they are very well developed. You can customize each one to a great extent, but each will always have a unique feel. Unlike other tabletop games that may have a single sketch of a hero, Dice Odyssey heroes have many illustrations, because there is so much too them. Each hero has a Type, a Character Card, 5 Combat Cards and 12 attribute cards, all unique to them! I'll explain each briefly below using the Rocket Knight as an example.

There are 3 Types of characters in the game; Attack, Support and Special. The character Type explains how that hero functions in combat, this is really important because combat requires good teamwork. Most of the titles are self-explanatory. "Attack" are those heroes that are able to deal damage while "Support" will take care of their team. "Special" on the other hand, are unique and more advanced heroes that have special mechanics and components that no other hero has. I will give an example of one in the future days. But you can see one in the gameplay test video above.

The Rocket Knight is a Support Type. In battle she makes sure that the team stays alive by protecting them. She also has some abilities that make the baddies easier to hit and in general is very "tanky" herself.


These are essentially just player mats. They give you a space to calculate some of your stats, have some rules references and most importantly, they display your hero!


These are the abilities the heroes use in combat. Out of the 5, players start with 2, they can swap them out and gain more as they level up and go to the shop. To learn more about them, I would recommend the rules video above, about 11 minutes in. Otherwise, I will place the Rocket Knights cards below so you can get a closer look.






The last part, and maybe the most important to the "feel" of the hero, are the Attribute Cards. A more in depth description can be seen in the rules video as well, or in action in the play test video. But essentially, these  define what abilities or items the hero has to help them during the Exploration Phase, and also what types of tasks they are good at. The Rocket Knight for example, is tough and smart. She has a lot of Fortitude and Lore cards, also a decent amount of Wits and Athletics. Each hero will have at least one of every type of Attribute Card, so players can make a stealthier version of the Rocket Knight, but only certain players have a max number of each type, which is what can set them apart. So not many others have 3 Lore or 3 Fortitude cards like she does. Take a look at the card roughs below!


Hopefully this has helped give a good idea of what the characters will feel like in Dice Odyssey. The game comes with 9 in the core and I am planning quite a few Kickstarter Exclusives to be revealed during the course of the campaign, all of which I plan to open to a vote. Also, I will be breaking down more of the core game heroes in various updates and such.


I plan to use ShipNaked for fulfillment as I did for my last Kickstarter since they did an excellent job. I have a quote from them based on the size and weight of the game, which you can see when you select a pledge tier and part of the world it is to be shipped to.

As far as customs go, it gets more complicated. It all depends on how many boxes are sold in the region you are living in, so if you are in the EU, more than likely, you should be fine. If 100 or more games go there, I should be able to cover the tax on my end. But if it's below a certain size, ShipNaked will only be able to ship from the US, which means you would have a custom tax when you receive it.

I wish I could do better than this, but shipping is just kind of a pain in this way, which is why I am using the pros! Again, the big thing here is for us to get the word out as much as possible!



This tier is a little different from the other two, not only in price, but in that you are able to participate in my first Kickstarter project, Pocket Odyssey.

Pocket Odyssey is a micro-RPG. A full role playing game experience in your pocket. It also simplifies some of the more overly complicated rules, while focusing more on the fun stuff! The Collector's Edition has more than half of what the core box does,and none of that content will ever be available again, it is definitely the recommended experience if you are a hardcore role-player. 


Some of the map cards from the game
Some of the map cards from the game

Below are some of the components, they are rotating so you can get a better feel for them.



You can visit the Pocket Odyssey Kickstarter page here.

Here is a review from Lance the Undead Viking!

I learned a lot during that campaign, one of those things is how many games to order from the manufacturer. I have over 350 Collector's Editions still available! Since that Kickstarter, I realized that I should only order enough Kickstarter exclusive games for the current campaign alone. But that doesn't change the fact that I have a ton of amazing games in storage still!

So if you missed the Pocket Odyssey campaign or just want another Collector's copy, then you're in luck! 

Note that I will be shipping these out myself, and for that reason, will keep these within the U.S. The $140 covers Dice Odyssey and its shipping cost when it ships at the end of the year, ALSO the Collector's Edition of Pocket Odyssey and the shipping for it, which I will take care of at the end of the campaign.


If you would just be interested in the Pocket Odyssey core box, you can also order that off Amazon at any time, right here.


Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge is the time frame. I have planned this project with the same partners I worked with on Pocket Odyssey, ShipNaked and WinGo Games, and for that reason am able to give a more realistic completion date. I have also done much more of the work up front than my first project. In general, the experience I gained from Pocket Odyssey will be a tremendous help to keep everything moving smoothly on Dice Odyssey. But, I'm sure there will be even more things for me to learn through my second project.

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