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I want to self-publish my illustration book about my childhood memory of Taiwan.
I want to self-publish my illustration book about my childhood memory of Taiwan.
65 backers pledged $1,619 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

All rewards sent!!!

Hey so finally I sent out all the rewards on Friday evening. Some of you already got them if you live in California! Enjoy and thank you so much to help me fulfill my goal. Feel free to ask me any problems, and if you like the rewards, the illustration cards and the books, please share them on your blog/facebook/twitter and share the links here!

To buy My Memory Map, please enter the following links:



即將在高雄舉辦My Memory Map 原作個展!!

Also, I am going to have My Memory Map solo show in my hometown Kaohsiung!! I am still in Long Beach now, so I can't show up in the exhibition. However, please do visit my show if you are in Taiwan

地點:“小房子 閱讀,生活空間”—-社團法人蒲公英故是閱讀推廣協會
高雄市苓雅區文橫二路115巷15號 【MAP】


Dates: 11/10~12/5 Place: Dosla (little house reading space) No.15, Ln. 115, Wenheng 2nd Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan (R.O.C.) %C3%A9ng+2nd+Rd,+Lingya+District,+Kaohsiung+City,+Taiwan+802&t=m&z=17

For more My Memory Map exhibition details please click here

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Got the hard cover copies! 久等了!

How's going everyone! It's been a long time after last post...I am really busy for school work, yet I still try to squeeze little time to do reward stuff! Thanks for everyone waiting patiently!

I will give you guys, for the backers of 40$ and up hard cover illustration books. (Can check the photos of the comparison of paperback and hard cover)

However, you guys (yes! for all of you who didn't have the chance to become backers to get the copies) can purchase My Memory Map paperback book on Amazon for only 9.99$!!

I will sell My Memory Map HARD COVER book on my Etsy shop as soon as possible I promise! 

I also finished your greeting cards and postcards :3 !

Some of them are available on my Etsy shop as well, and yes I will add more items on my shop.

So I need to wrap all your rewards up and hopefully hopefully those little guys will be delivered to your house soon ▼*゜v゜*▼

Thank you Thank you everyone!

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Your rewards


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THANK YOU EVERYONE !!! Thank you my sweet backers, and thank you my friends and the stranger who support and help me to promote the project. I couldn't made it without you guys!!

I'll get the money after 14 days, when the Amazon transactions are charged. But I'll start to gather the information and try to start to make your rewards now.

Thanks again!

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Rewards update

Hey my friends, it's 3 days left and 265$ away. We can make it !!

Now it's your chance to help my dream come true and kick a great project start, you can back the project with your spare money, or you can kindly increase your donation.

Because my great backer Matt is asking, I decided to do one more reward upgrade. 

If you pledge 40$ or more, you can get 3 My Memory Map postcards AND 3 My Memory Map greeting cards with 3 handmade envelope! (they are all limited edition!)

( Of course you can get the following rewards as well: My Memory Map illustration book in PDF, a personal thank you card, a photo I took in Taiwan, a signed, hard-cover, full color My Memory Map illustration book !!! )

(and you will get more cool and cute products from me if you kindly pledge more! 

Again, please spread the link. Let your friends know this project, tell them why you like it, and ask them to help me and us to make it. 

Thank you! 謝謝!!

love you guys all (will love the backers more