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Help us support and grow PROCJAM - a community of people who make things with generative software!
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PROCJAM is an annual event celebrating generative software - getting computers to make music, stories, pictures, jokes, videogames or anything else you can think of. Hundreds of people take part in our nine-day events, mixing experts trying out new ideas and technology and newcomers experimenting with generative software for the first time. Each event is packed with ideas, energy, friendly people and amazing projects.

PROCJAM is more than just a jam, though - our mission is to bring generative software communities together, and to make their ideas and technology as accessible and welcoming as possible. We've created free art packs, streamed and archived expert talks, funded tutorials and translated them into multiple languages, and created a zine written by the PROCJAM community. We want to keep growing, supporting our community and welcoming new people into it, and you can help us by funding our Kickstarter for some exciting 2018 projects!

Why We Need Funding

Here’s what we’re planning to do with this year’s funding:

One of our goals with PROCJAM is to make procedural generation more accessible to everyone. This year we want to try something new, by creating a downloadable example generative project, made in Game Maker, that people can explore, remix and customise. This will give people a great foundation that they can change and personalise and use to start their own adventure with generative software.

To make this happen, we’ve teamed up with the incredible Lotte, who is an expert in game development, procedural generation and making beautiful, accessible tools. You can follow Lotte on Twitter here and see some of her amazing work here.

Seeds is our amazing, community-written zine about generative software, which we began in 2016. Our 2016 and 2017 issues are full of dozens and dozens of articles from PROCJAM people about things they’ve made, things they love and things they’re thinking about - you can read them online here. This year’s funding will pay for editing and design for our new 2018 issue, as well as launching a new website with HTML versions of all the articles for easy linking and sharing!

Game critic, YouTuber and game jam expert Jupiter Hadley will be returning as editor and designer for our zine, and will help us put out another beautiful issue full of cool articles! You can learn more about Jupiter on her site, or follow her on Twitter here.

PROCJAM doesn’t rate its entries and it doesn’t have a winner. Instead, we celebrate everyone’s work each year by hiring game jam superstar Jupiter Hadley to come and make a compilation video of every single entry. She’s been doing this since the very first PROCJAM, and we want to bring her back again this year.

Backer Rewards

Backing us at any tier means you're helping keep PROCJAM growing and supporting a cool community. We'll include your name in our zine and on our day of talks! PROCJAM has survived and grown these past five years thanks to your generosity and support - thank you so much!

Generator Tier - The 2018 Generative Bundle

If you back us at our “Generator” tier you’ll get our 2018 Bundle as a thank you - a collection of unfinished prototypes, sneak peeks at new projects, design notes and weird generator outputs from a host of cool people! This year’s bundle includes surprises from:

  • Janelle Shane - researcher & neural network expert 
  • ANGELINA - an AI research project that designs games
  • Freehold Games - developers of Caves of Qud
  • Matthew Plummer-Fernandez - generative & digital artist
  • James Ryan - AI researcher and practitioner
  • Lycaon - game developer, artist &  2017 PROCJAM Grant Recipient
  • Mark Johnson - developer of Ultima Ratio Regum

As a bonus, we'll also send you a sneak preview of the Starter Pack as Lotte develops it, so you get a little look at how it's coming along before it launches!

Thank You

However you support us, whether it’s with a donation, helping to spread the word, or entering the jam, thank you so much. We are delighted to be celebrating the fifth year of PROCJAM, and hope to be here for many more!

Stretch Goals

Our goal represents the minimum we need to keep PROCJAM's traditional activities going, and to make that all-important starter project for newcomers. But we'd like to do a lot more, following on from our success last year.

£3,500 - Community Tutorials

This stretch goal will fund four new tutorials written by our community and hosted on our site. Last year's tutorials went really well, and we want to return again this year and get community members to write some tutorials we can host and share with everyone. We'll be going about it a little differently last year, with some specific topics laid out as well as accepting general open pitches. 

£4,500 - Unity Starter Project

This goal will extend our example project with a Unity version as well, helping people get going with a wider set of tools. Lotte will be working on this one too, so the projects will match up nicely!

£6000 - Tutorials, Translated

Last year we managed to translate our community tutorials into Spanish and Arabic, and with your help we'd like to try and do that again. This stretch goal will help us make that happen!

Risks and challenges

We're always working with people to make sure they can complete their work in a healthy way, without crunching or burning out. That means sometimes our goals slip their deadlines a bit, so we can look after the people who work with us and give their time and expertise. So far, we've never failed to deliver something - but sometimes we can overshoot our estimated dates. Bear with us, and we'll do our best to keep you updated if plans change!

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