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Ket Waters, a new Scottish fiddler, is recording her first EP, High Strung. Foot tapping encouraged.

"High Strung" will be the first published recording by Boston-area fiddler Ket Waters. It will have five tracks that capture the essence of modern fiddle music in every note -- from the traditional Scottish dance tunes in "Twitchyfoot Set" to experimental jazz in "The Berklee Effect" and progressive rock-influenced "Metalbird". Ket takes inspiration from pioneers of fiddling such as Natalie MacMaster and Hanneke Cassel -- "High Strung" spins Scottish, Irish, and Cape Breton traditions together to create an energetic, fiery sound that has never failed to bring people out of their seats. 

"High-Strung" will be recorded by Snarky Blowfish Studios, and produced in small quantities by Polymath Solution. This Kickstarter project will be funding the production-- paying for the discs, cases, liner notes, graphic design, and pizza for the session musicians. 


  • If you backed for a digital download of the first track, you'll get yours as soon as you take the backer survey ^_^
    I'll start on the bracelets sometime next week, once I'm sure I haven't injured my wrist with all this fiddling. The discs should be done by the end of August, at which point I'll ship them as soon as I know where to.
    If you backed for a concert . . . either I've already gotten in touch with you, or you should send me a message to arrange it.

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    Thanks so much for donating! We'll send you an MP3 of the first track we record. If I knew which one that would be, I'd tell you, but I have no idea right now.

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    A copy of the EP-- audio disc and liner notes, with a little green scribble in one corner that calls itself my signature.

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    Have I mentioned I make jewelry? I make jewelry, mostly out of colored aluminum rings. It looks something like this . For donating $25, I'll make you one of these bracelets shown above in your choice of two colors.

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    I could just send you two bracelets, but that would be boring. Instead we'll send you a signed copy of the EP as well as the custom bracelet. And lots of warm fuzzy feelings.

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    Wow. You just paid a tenth of our production costs! We'll send you a signed copy of the EP and credit you in the liner notes for making this possible.

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    Oh my. You now have any (or all) of the above stuff, plus my eternal gratitude. Next time we're in the same city, I will play an hour-long set at a venue of your choice. Because you're just that awesome.

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