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The Whoa Board makes things glow.  It also makes glow-y things sense touch. It's an open prototyping platform for wearable electronics!
The Whoa Board makes things glow.  It also makes glow-y things sense touch. It's an open prototyping platform for wearable electronics!
The Whoa Board makes things glow. It also makes glow-y things sense touch. It's an open prototyping platform for wearable electronics!
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    1. Missing avatar

      David Weber on

      Josh - Thanks for the hand-holding and troubleshooting. I got my new WhoaBoard and it's working great. I hope to have something interesting to share soon!

    2. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hi David,

      You definitely want the driver installed in order for things to work on windows. Don't have experience with Linux Mint, but discovery on linux can be a bit finicky.

      The first thing I would try would be pressing the reset button, and then seeing if the board gets discovered in the reset state. If it does then the fix might be as simple as: pressing upload in the arduino IDE, and then pressing the reset button on the board, and (potentially after a few tries) you should be able to flash the board. In our experience usually once you do this once it gets out of this state and then returns to being easily programmable.

      Sorry that you are having problems though :(. Would be happy to get on chat or a call if you don't get it working: please email to setup a time.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Weber on

      Apologies in advance if this is the wrong spot to post this, but I'm finally (!) getting around to playing with my Whoa Board and it's not showing up on USB as a recognizable device. Tried Windows (with and without the driver package) and Linux (Mint 18.2), multiple cables. No luck. The power LED still lights up, but it's not recognized when I plug it in. Other Arduinos still work fine, so it's not a driver issue either... Suggestions?

    4. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Oh no! You are the only person we've heard from with damaged packaging. Apologies, will send a message now to coordinate about getting you some replacement connectors.

      Each board has a slightly different sensitivity. It's something we meant to address in software but didn't get to doing before shipping out the kickstarter orders. We'll probably add an auto-calibration function to the library at some point.

      The easiest way is to decrease the "charge time" anywhere where you a call to SenseAll (like here: Try decreasing 1700 to like 1000 and see if things get less touchy.

      Another good place to fiddle with is the list of impulse thresholds:

      Happy to jump on a call/screen share if you have trouble getting started though. Well aware that the documentation isn't super complete, and would hate for that to get in the way of fun projects.

    5. Perrie Iles

      Just received the package, unfortunately the corner was ripped out of it.
      It appears the cloth was missing and the connections to the wires are very touchy i.e. they go on and off with half a breath on them.

    6. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Replied to both of you. We're hoping to finish fulfilling all orders that sent us a survey in the next week or two. If you message us we'll prioritize your order.

      Thank you everyone for your patience!

    7. spongefile

      Hello, I'm also still missing my reward

    8. Missing avatar

      anri cohen on

      Hi, I'm waiting for my order and I was hoping you could update me on its whereabouts?

    9. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hi Matthew,

      Yep all the boards ended up with an external power connector (though it's something to be treated with care). Send us an email at josh [at] and we'll give you the low down. It's a bit use at your own risk right now, but we're working on a power supply right now that will make things work better and more reliably.

      We've been meaning to make a pin out like that, we'll get to it soon. If you look at the back of the board, the digital pins are listed there. If you want a vector of the board:…

      The pin mappings are defined in our library here:, and here

      Also, note that the canonical place where pin mappings are defined for any arduino board is in the pins_arduino.h file. You can find ours here:

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Nelson on

      It looks like the board I got ended up with the external power connector. I thought that was going to be a stretch goal that wasn't reached? Is this connector functional, and if so, how do we use it?

      Also, is there any layout documentation? A simple diagram labeling each pin and connector would be great for aiding development in the arduino IDE.

    11. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hey Ryan!

      We're distributing them for convenience ( If you want a bulk amount we can give a discount. We're also distributing pre-soldered converters:

      This is the connector we are using (which we switched to because it allowed us to make the board smaller).

      Regarding debugging, it would be helpful to know more about the particular project you are working on. Could you try putting something up here: (so that other people could also learn from your experiments)? Alternatively, send an email to josh [at] foolishproducts [ dot ] com

      One quick answer though - If you integrate a piece of conductive fabric into a wearable that sits close to the skin and is connected to a ground pin on the board, this should greatly improve sensitivity. You should have received a piece of such fabric with your order.

      Something that we've never done (but would probably be super helpful) is to stream measurements to an external display for debugging (this seems like a convenient choice: Please document if you end up going down this road!

    12. Ryan Anderson on

      Can you help me figure out what the connectors are that the board uses? I'm having trouble figuring that out, and/or finding other EL Wire sources that come with those connectors; it'd be nice to find a source for the connectors so I can wire up adapters and not have to rewire the EL itself.

      Also, I'd like to hear how you debugged the settings on the main example; it seems that having a computer connected is very, very different than being on batteries.... and it seems like the debugging process will be very tedious.

    13. Missing avatar

      Shane on

      Hi. Just checking my order hasn't been missed. Could you follow it up when possible...


    14. Ravi Boon on

      Hi, did not receive anything yet, when can i ecpect the product?

      Cheers, Ravi

    15. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hi Michael,

      We just reached out, looks like we never received a survey from you.

      As a general update for anyone that finds this, we're aiming to get the rest of the board out in the next month or so. If you'd like to get your hands on one sooner than that, please reach out and we'll be happy to expedite things for you!

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Wade

      I'm still waiting patiently but concerned I may have been forgotten? Has my reward shipped?

    17. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hmm, that's very strange. Looks like it was shipped about a month ago. Let's give it another two weeks. If you still don't see it, message us and we'll send another board.

    18. Benjamin Föckersperger on

      still waiting for mine :(

    19. Terry Long on

      Got mine a couple of days ago. Thank You Very Much! The wait was long however worth it!!!!

    20. NightPueo on

      @creator: New factory? Why did you switch to a new factory? I was under the impression that everything was going ok. Just curious. We have a Maker Faire coming up in June and I was thinking of creating an interactive project for the event using this board. But I have a lot on my plate and I won't be able to work on this one if it doesn't arrive soon.

    21. Derek on

      According to Kickstarter you didn't survey people who backed for the 5 pack yet. Did I miss something?
      Was pretty bummed not to be able to work whoa into any of the cosplay projects we had at PAX East!

    22. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on


      Just reached out, we should be able to get you in on the next shipment. As a more general update, we (finally) got samples back from our new factory, and early tests seem very promising, so it seems like we'll have stock to fulfill everyones orders soon! More details coming.

    23. Paul on

      I was suppose to get my reward in December any word on when you might be shipping those ones?

    24. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Sending a message through kickstarter works great. Or email to josh [at] foolishproducts [dot] com.

      We haven't taken down addresses for your reward level. If you want it sooner, please indicate the timeline and we'll try to get it out to you, otherwise, please just make a note of this when we get the survey to you.

    25. Missing avatar

      anri cohen on

      What is the best way to contact you guys with regards to the status of the project? I am waiting for mine to arrive as well, and I am moving houses soon.

    26. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Yash, we shipped your board two weeks ago, you should see it soon. Please contact us directly for questions regarding individual orders. We'd like to keep public channels open for updates that are more generally relevant.

    27. Yash on

      I didn't get the survey yet, it would be very nice to know where are we right now regarding shipping times. At least a roadmap

    28. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      @ryan, we'll post a project update soon. Apologies for breaking convention.

      @daniel (and others), if you are getting anxious, just send us a message and we'll send your board out! We have ~100 in stock right now.

      We're holding off on the mass shipment until we get a few more logistics in place, and it's taking us a bit longer than we'd like to get there.

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      What's the deal with us " just woah" folks ? Are we going to start seeing our board soon?

    30. Missing avatar

      Janne Saarela on

      I received my Whoa Board today, can't wait to test out what I can do with it!

    31. Ryan Anderson on

      It'd be really great if you sent out a project update; these comments don't get emailed to backers, where project updates typically do. This will keep everyone informed with what is going on.

    32. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hi everyone.

      Apologies for the lack of communication. Our getting started guide has been published!

      We will be sorting out a "store" next, to enable people to customize their orders. If you would like to start playing with this board sooner, just send us your address and we'll do our best to prioritize your order.

      Our second run of boards has unfortunately been met with some delays, so it'll be 6-8 weeks before we can hope to have everything fulfilled (assuming no further issues arise). That said, we still have lots of boards on hand so please message us if you have a deadline/gathering coming up.

      We are here to help you make cool things to share with your communities!

    33. Yash on

      is there any way to know how long it may take until all the backers receive their boards, I didn't get ant survey yet

    34. Missing avatar


      Just got mine today (Japan). Work fine.
      Please update us when the store ready.

    35. Tim Tate on

      Just got my board! The instructions say "for more detailed instructions, visit"
      Ummm, no instructions there.

    36. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hi everyone! We sent out most of the early bird rewards last week, and will be posting a more detailed update shortly.

      If you are on a deadline, or are otherwise anxious to start playing with a board, please send a message and we'll do our best to accommodate. Please keep in mind that:
      1. It'll be 4-6 weeks (assuming no further hiccups) until we get our second run of boards in. Till then, we won't be able to fulfill about half of the kickstarter orders.

      2. If you ordered a Gotta Try 'Em All package, there are some other components (most notably the panels), which we won't have stock of until then as well.

      To give a glimpse of what we've been thinking about - we are currently writing some documentation/examples to make it easier to get started with the board, and are finally starting to work on a "store" which will enable people to customize their orders with extra accessories!

      Thank you for the patience!

    37. Alexandra Wynne on

      Can't wait to try this out as I am an EL wire costume designer... any news on the delivery?

    38. Missing avatar

      Janne Saarela on

      Hello, any status updates for this project?

    39. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hey Aimee (and all).

      We unfortunately haven't shipped yet :(.

      We hardware for the first 150+ boards on hand. The issue currently blocking us from starting to ship is that I was working on the software in Austin, TX. This is currently in a state that I am comfortable releasing (at least to the early bird backers to get some initial feedback -

      However, we are doing most of the assembly/distribution at my parents house in Buffalo, NY. For whatever reason the boards in Buffalo are not working quite as well (the raw signal we are measuring is noisier - which makes it harder to make everything else work). We had a long conference a few days ago and I'm optimistic that with a few days of work we should be able to arrive at a firmware that works for all of the boards consistently. I'd be happy to provide a more technical answer if you are curious.

      I am headed there on Tuesday, so barring any further surprises we are hoping to ship the first boards soon after that.

      Apologies for the delay, we were really hoping to have these out to people for the holidays. At this point everyone has been waiting long enough that we felt like it was better to delay a little longer to ensure that everyone started with something more polished.

      Hope we didn't screw up anyones gift plans...

      For the time being, happy holidays. May 2017 be a brighter year!

      The silver lining is that our initial beta tests have been pretty positive: ( <-- we have a cameo!), and we are pretty excited to see how everything develops once things start shipping!

    40. Cory Zerwas on

      Any news on shipping "First Edition Whoa" batch?

    41. Missing avatar

      James on


      Just curious if the first batch has shipped yet?


    42. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hey James (and everyone else)!

      Apologies for the lack of public updates. We ended up sourcing a number of the components for the board ourselves - which, all told, led to about two weeks of shipping delays due to a few mixups :(. Current estimate for shipping out the initial orders is mid-november. Thank you to everyone for your patience. We're doing our best to deliver a high quality device as quickly as possible, and we are happy to address individual concerns if they arise.

      That said, lots of progress is being made! We got a photo of the first assembled board back from the factory on friday. Our best guess at the moment is that we'll have the first run on hand within two weeks. We'll be sure to post a more detailed update with photos once that happens.

      This run should provide enough boards to fulfill the orders from the "First Edition Whoa", "Just Whoa". Unless we run into QA issues, we also expect to be able to use it to fulfill the "Whoa x Whoa" tier.

      There is still a bunch of software work to do between now and then - we will be doubling down on that next. Some initial survey responses make it seem like there is interest in being able to customize orders, and we currently looking into the best way to do that, with the hope of getting something in place before we send the initial packages out.

      One development here is that we solved the hardware issue with the NRF24 transmitters, so it seems like it will be reasonably cheap and straightforward to add wireless/bluetooth connectivity!

      In parallel with board assembly, we've been doing a lot of soldering ourselves to attach connectors to each piece of EL that we ship, as well as to create converter connectors to make it easy to power existing EL projects!

      We'll post pictures of this work in our next update.

    43. Missing avatar

      James on

      @Foolish, how did the first run of boards go?

    44. Missing avatar

      James on

      @Foolish - Thanks for the update, no worries on the delay! These things rarely if ever go exactly as planned ;)

    45. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hi James (and others following along!),

      We have started turning the technical wheels! We plan on sending our final board design out for assembly in the next few days, and are doing our best to ship out boards to people that reserved an early bird or a just whoa by the end of october.

      We had originally planned to order this initial run while the campaign was running (so that we could ship out around now), but things ended up running so close that we weren't able to make that happen. Apologies, should have mentioned this somewhere more explicitly. Turns out it was optimistic to assume that we'd be able to do any other work while managing the campaign.

      Our estimate at the moment is that we'll be able to start shipping boards in 5-6 weeks. The biggest hurdle between then and now is that this will be the first run assembled in a factory (and not ourselves by hand). We hope that it goes smoothly, but we will be sure to post an update here if there end up being delays. Our first priority with this project is to make sure that we ship something that works reliably, our second is to ship as quickly as possible.

      That said, this kickstarter is all about enabling projects and exploration. If there is an event that you planned on having a board on hand for, but it seems like we won't get one to you in time, please let us know. We will do our best to make it happen. In a pinch, we have a super limited stock of prototype boards avalible. That said, the production boards will be significantly more sensitive (and generally more polished in other ways), and so we strongly recommend waiting for them if time allows.

      The other large piece of technical work that we have planned between then and now is a refactor of the firmware. We hope to ship the boards with a library that hides much of the complexity of configuring the capacitive sensing circuitry, while making it straightforward to calibrate/control all of the EL and I/O channels.

    46. Missing avatar

      James on

      @Foolish - How are things going with the production? Have you shipped the early bird rewards?

    47. Foolish Products, LLC. Creator on

      Hi Simon,

      The reading you get will be a number between 0 and 1023, which changes smoothly the more wire you touch, but which isn't strongly dependent on where you touch the wire. There are a number of design considerations to consider (for instance, the sensing generates a stronger/more reliable signal when you are tied to the ground of the board), and we'll do our best to produce useful documentation in the next few months.

      As for getting bluetooth to work, adafruit has some pretty excellent documentation of one approach: Only minor tweaking should be necessary in order to get this working on the Whoa Board (once we've made the software more stable on our end).

    48. Missing avatar

      simon kitson on

      Secondary question: could the whoa board and El strip signal be transmitted over Bluetooth to a blue tooth receiver and this be fed into an arduino board to act as a remote trigger for performance stuff

      I am sure some clever person out there will say - easy!



    49. Missing avatar

      simon kitson on

      Hi. I am super excited about the potential of this board. I want to use it with an arduino to control midi. It will be a steep learning curve, but I am sure that some kind soul will provide some guidance. A question: does the position of where the El strip is touched make any difference (that is could it provide variations in midi notes) or is it simply an on/off or momentary state. I am new to all this stuff, but am willing to learn (with a few pointers).

      What I love about kickstarter is that people get an idea and put passion and effort into realising a dream. This is frontier spirit for the 21st century.

      Good luck with the whole endeavour.

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