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€71.00 pledged of €9,500 goal
By Arach Sabet
€71.00 pledged of €9,500 goal

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Home Visits is unique by its design and intent:

Potential buyers are mostly busy and live a productive life.  A buyer's search criteria are: location, price, number of bedrooms, volume, outer facilities, parking, transit time between home and work as well as the time spent on searching and visiting their futur beloved new homes.  

Searching for a property can be lengthy, time consuming and foremost a frustrating process.  Real estate agents, notaries and sellers are often in dire need for additional time in order to meet all their obligations such as returning phone calls, setting and following up on appointments. This intense workload transfers to the buyer the unpleasant task making non ending phones calls setting up appointments and reminders to the seller and themselves.

Challenges: You find a home and set an appointment to visit. 

  •  a) You get to the appointment but the property does not live up to your expectations.
  • b) You get to the appointment but wished you could see more properties to compare the houses.
  • c) You get to the appointment to find out someone else has already made an offer that was accepted by the seller: "You just missed your opportunity".
  • d) You get the appointment but it gets canceled at the last second or worst; no one shows up.

Morale of the story:  You have wasted your time. Back to square one.  Making phone calls, searching the Web, setting up appointments and getting frustrated over and over again with the traditional search methods available.

Home Visits is the solution.

  • a) You don't like the property, no biggie. Home Visits finds you the nearest immediate appointment.
  • b) Wish to see more options prior to your decision making, of course. Home Visits opens all the possible visiting options.
  • c)  Someone else has already made an offer, good for them. Home Visits will increase your opportunities in becoming the first bidder.
  • d) No show or canceled appointment, no biggie. Home Visits will find your next appointment instantaneously.

You See, You Like, You Visit:  How does it work?

  • Home visit allows the landlords, sellers and real-estate agents to list  properties on the market in 5 easy steps.
  • When the seller is at the property, Home Visits will automatically detect their presence.  The map will mark the house as available to visit.
  • The buyer selects the house he or she wishes to visit.
  •  Presses the pin on the map for a quick glimpse.  
  • In detail mode, the buyer can contact the seller for an immediate visit.

Home Visits is a unique easy to use leading edge creative technology.  It brings seller and buyer together in the simplest way possible at the ideal time.  

 Home Visits aims at making the invisible, visible and the once unreachable reachable.  (A bit like Neo in Matrix).

Risks and challenges

Challenge 1: Funding Phase (4000 Euros): The Home visits mobile application is being finalized in IOS SDK and available in AppStore before end of August, 2017.
In order to respond to the market demand, we need to render the application available on Android SDK to cover the entire mobile market. The first part of the funding campaign will allow to launch the second phase of application tooling such as statistics, metrics and other advanced seller and buyer absolute necessities.
`Challenge 2: Funding phase 2 (5500 Euros): Marketing & Implementation of upgrade features such as buyer/seller statistic, Virtual home visits, agenda coordinator and many more.
Challenge 3: House Visits is the first and only real estate visiting tool in its kind. It generates the demand and offer on the market. The challenge is to provide service excellence as well as improve the user interphase, tools as we grow with our customer base.

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