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Black Diamond Games, Reaching New Heights!
Black Diamond Games, Reaching New Heights!
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224 backers pledged $28,493 to help bring this project to life.

You Did It!


The Kickstarter campaign is over with the final funding amount at $28,493 with 224 backers, that's nearly $3,500 over our goal. I'm stunned and still trying to wrap my head around this. Thank you so much for not just your money, but having confidence in us. They say the reward for work well done is more work. That's all we were looking for. Thank you!

Final Total
Final Total

The next step is waiting while the score is tallied, err, I mean funds are collected. Someone once asked me if running a store was just a big game to me. "Just" a game? It's the best game! 

The fund reconciliation process can take several weeks. Meanwhile, we're meeting tomorrow to get the ball rolling on producing the various backer rewards as well as giving the final go ahead on full production of the digital products. Secret: I was going to produce that Pathfinder adventure whether the project backed or not. It was just too interesting a process.

From initial outline to today was 60 days. If you know our staff, Michael designed this Kickstarter, I managed it, and Charlotte will be responsible for the final administration. Believe me, you want her attention to detail on this last part. I'm managing the construction and we're having regular conversations with the contractor. We're already many months into the design process with the architects. We started working with them last Summer.

The Numbers

If you read my blog, you probably like transparency, so lets take a look. How much money do we actually get? Kickstarter gets 5%. Amazon gets 3.2% of the gross for processing payments (they charge their fee whether people pay or not, which is pretty sketchy). 2% of the funds won't ever arrive ($570). That leaves $25,586. The budget for graphic design, video production, in store promotion, staff labor, backer rewards, and the ballooning Facebook fees is around $6,000. So we'll call it a net of around $19,586. We figured we could do this with an additional $15K at the very least (we already have a sizable loan), so this is a good number for us. 

Thanks again!


Gary L. Ray 

Black Diamond Games

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    1. Titania on

      Thanks. The backer rewards is pretty straight forward at this point. I've got a staff person on that. Managing the construction is another matter. We've already given the architects and contractor the go ahead to continue.

    2. Mark Mares on

      Maybe you should have volunteers help out with the project? I would definitely help out if I wasn't working on the same day.