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Thank you Kickstarter, even though we didn't make our goal, you may purchase our stablecams at Read more

Gainesville, FL Hardware
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This project's funding goal was not reached on April 30, 2013.

Thank you Kickstarter, even though we didn't make our goal, you may purchase our stablecams at

Gainesville, FL Hardware
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Your smart phone is capable of doing all kinds of cool things, but smooth steady video is not one of them! Without any internal stabilizer, you'll still get shaky images, tilted horizons or disconnected scenes.

You can use the MojoFloCam™ with your smart-phone or small video camera and have smooth video like a steadicam or Merlin video stabilizer.

The MojoFloCam™ uses a counter balance system to adjust a video device along two axis directions on a adjustable length pole. Once balanced, a gimbal and pivoting handle attached to the pole can be used to hold and move the stabilizer, with the gimbal preventing motions that would affect the balance of the video device. For lighter video devices, the threaded rod can be kept at a shorter length and heavier devices can be easily balanced with the device at longer lengths. You can move the video device to give the impression of walking or flying through a scene without the scene becoming shaky or off balance.

The handle was designed to be attached, if desired, to an adjustable pole which and mimic a "video camera jib" device. A camera jib is often used in the motion picture industry to move a camera in a vertical and/or horizontal direction in an extended arc and can provide a smooth moving or "flying" sensation to a scene and even the appearance of floating over obstacles. We are designing our own jib to be available soon.

The gimbal's handle can provide the same effect for small video devices with a full 360 degree of rotation in two directions. The MojoFloCam™ can quickly and easily be attached when transitioning from one video device to another.

The MojoFloCam™ was designed for your lightweight video devices that are very sensitive hand held movements. Weights above the gimbal control the precision horizon alignment, a threaded rod adjusts for different weights and a thumb guide helps with directional control.

Whether you use the video stabilizer MojoFloCam™ for business or just for fun, you'll get professional looking steady video. We know you'll find this device to be as much fun as we have.

Shop Talk

Creators of the steady camera MojoFloCam™ talk about the early stages of development.

The MojoFloCam™ steady cam is in a class by itself!

- Precision threaded rods with weights for precise balance.
- Full gimbal for mobility
- Sealed bearings enable 360 degree spin.
- Weight above the gimbal for lightweight devices.
- Set of Attached weights for up to 11 oz device
- Thumb guide for quick movements
- Removable top attachment for all smart-phones.
- Quarter-twenty thread for small point-and-shoot cameras

The MojoFloCam™ video stabilization has been tested with these cameras that shoot video:

- Go Pro Hero
- Panasonic Lumix T210
- Panasonic DMC-TS3
- Canon Powershot
- Casio Exilim Ex-ZR700
- Fujifilm Finepix F900EXR
- Nikon Coolpix S9500
- Olympus Stylus XZ-10
- Pentax Q10
- Samsung WB800F

and All Smart-phones!
One Attachment Fits All!

Marketing Talk

The branding of MojoFloCam™ and development of the character Mo.

Risks and challenges

After much time and many stabilizing prototypes, the MojoFloCam™ is almost ready to roll off the assembly line! The injection molds have been ordered! We're confident that we'll reach our goal with this final push with Kickstarter. Some parts are still needed to complete the assembly of the MojoFloCam™, so we are asking for the last $20,000.00. With your support you can bring the world the MojoFloCam™.

We have located all the needed parts and started the P.O. process. The only delays we may experience would be caused by an overwhelming "Kick Start!" We take pride in building the MojoFloCam™ right here in in the Continental United States; in Gainesville, Florida. We have set our Kickstarter ending date for April 30th and plan on fulfilling all pledges within 45 days.

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    Cool Stuff: Want to really help us kick our steady camera stabilizer in gear! For your pledge of $5k be featured with Mo in one of our next video promos! Receive one of our first cell phone MojofloCam's and a prototype of our MojofloCam II, our next bigger beefier stable cam soon to be in production. Please note travel expenses not included. But rest assure we will be great hosts and look forward to spending some time with you!

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