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Brilliant sound and sexy appearance paired with Bluetooth technology designed to release the audiophile in all of us. Read more
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Brilliant sound and sexy appearance paired with Bluetooth technology designed to release the audiophile in all of us.

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#1 in Top 10 October Kickstarter Projects -

"Just when you think Bose has the market cornered..." - inStash

"A Bluetooth speaker to make you drool" - The Telegraph (UK)

"Think audiophile experience with a striking design that is different than anything I have come across to date." - ipodRepublic


The QuarterWave is a handcrafted Bluetooth speaker system which implements a tapered acoustic transmission channel designed to produce a full-range superior quality sound.  The QuarterWave is designed to transform any music listener into a true audiophile as we've removed the guesswork in finding the acoustic system to brilliantly reproduce your favorite music.

Our patent pending QuarterWave speaker enclosure is designed to guide sound waves emitted from the rear of the speakers to prevent cancellation effects on the back surface of the speaker cone; additionally, our QuarterWave enclosure is designed to act as an acoustic waveguide delaying the sound waves propagated from the rear of the speakers until the rear sound waves are in phase with the sound waves emitted from the front of the speakers.  The summation of these front and rear sound waves result in constructive interference producing loud and undistorted live sound.  Our layered construction method forms an internal acoustic transmission channel with an exceedingly rigid structure to reduce unwanted wall resonance.

The clean lines, gorgeous grains and beautiful stains give each QuarterWave a unique and unmistakable sexy appearance.  Each QuarterWave starts from quality domestic wood which is precisely cut using a computer numerical controlled router to produce each of the unique layers.  Once the layers are assembled and all necessary driver and equipment openings are cut the enclosure is prepared, cleaned, stained, and finished in multiple coats of polyurethane to provide long lasting protection while further enhancing the wood grain.

The QuarterWave wireless receiver communicates with iPhone, iPad, Android or other smartphones, tablets and computers via Bluetooth technology putting the control in your hands.  If you don’t have a Bluetooth device it’s not a problem: The QuarterWave has a convenient 3.5mm audio input that allows you to plug-in any device without Bluetooth functionality.

  • Handcrafted wood construction acoustically tuned for brilliant sound.
  • Beautifully stained and finished with long lasting polyurethane protection.
  • Laser etched viewing glass of the internal electronics and the acoustic transmission channels.
  • Approximate dimensions: 20.5” x 9.75” x 5.0” (520mm x 248mm x 128mm).
  • IEC power plug and built-in power supply with input voltage range: 90-260VAC will accommodate US and overseas listeners. 
  • Internal center compartment designed to house state-of-the-art dual channel Class-D architecture audio amplifier and a Bluetooth v4.0 receiver to connect your Bluetooth devices.
  • Matched 2-1/2" rubber-edged, aluminum alloy cone drivers.
  • Front LED power switch for convenient I/O control.
  • Front rotary controller for 1dB resolution gain adjustment.
  • Front 3.5mm auxiliary jack input for your non-BT device connection.

THE BIG PICTURE:  We have worked extensively on the QuarterWave sound and visual design, completed our initial prototyping, and filed our patents and trademarks. We have selected the initial production color offering and we are fine tuning the QuarterWave as we prepare for production. Now we need your support to get the QuarterWave from our workbench to your hands. Your contributions will help fund shop space, production tooling, large material and component orders, and lab compliance testing.  

IN THE BEGINNING:  We have spent years developing and perfecting unique layered design construction method for our one of a kind high end speaker enclosures. Our handcrafted designs are a creative mixture of art and science. Feeling like the personal audio industry was lacking our vision of a smart and sophisticated speaker system we got to work to fill this void. Six months ago we started sketching our vision of the QuarterWave and within a couple weeks we had applied years of experience and some new technologies to our design draft.

THE DESIGN PHASE:  We decided to incorporate a transmission line design to utilize the maximum potential of the extra clean sound of the long throw aluminum drivers.  We first used computer models to calculate and set a baseline shape based on the speaker’s (Thiele/Small) parameters for a tapered transmission line. We knew the quarter wavelength transmission line design would not only efficiently utilize the energy created by both sides of the speaker cone but we could also tune the the final design to reach a much deeper tone than typical speakers alignments. By also using the combination of natural wood material and state-of-the-art cut methods, we have realized vast improvements over the cheap plastic offerings of virtually everything currently on the market today. We have also realized this new transmission line enclosure could set a new precedence in the market.  Relying on our research and past experiences with specific manufacturers and components we assembled our wish list of materials. We then proceeded to determine the ultimate electronic component combination to command and drive the QuaterWave. Finally, we were ready to start physical prototyping.

PROTOTYPING:  We relied on our existing relationships with our CNC partners to produce multiple iterations of our design. Between each iteration we incorporated changes to improve aspects of our initial design including equipment placement, waveguide dimensions, and the cutting/production process.

SWEAT EQUITY:  We have spent countless hours developing our functional prototypes and building relationships with our experienced component manufacturers and equipment suppliers. We have developed our execution plan to accommodate several levels of demand to mitigate as many risks and potential delays as possible during our manufacturing. 

MAKE SOME ROOM:  All materials and electrical components are manufactured and shipped to us from a combination of quality international and domestic suppliers and assembled in-house.  Some of the funds raised by our awesome Backers will support the shop space and tooling required to cut and assemble the enclosures.  Since the lead time on the new CNC machine is six weeks all initial CNC cutting will be performed by our local partners who have supported our prototyping efforts.  Once our machine is up and running we will support the majority of the CNC work in-house, but we will continue to utilize our partners to increase output when needed.

THE TEAM:  We have identified our core production team who will perform and supervise all production in-house including layer assembly, cutting, staining, poly coating, electrical assembly, testing, packaging and shipping.  Throughout our Kickstarter campaign based on the demand for the QuarterWave we will continue to recruit to expand the labor force needed to get our rewards to our Backers timely with a strong focus on quality.


  • Sept.25 - Nov.4: Kickstarter Campaign
  • Oct.21 - Nov.15: Compliance Testing and Reporting
  • Nov.4 - Nov.15: Setting Up Shop
  • Nov.18: Backer Funding Released
  • Nov.18: Electrical Equipment Order Placed
  • Nov.20: Wood Shipment Deliveries Begin
  • Nov.20: Mechanical Assembly Begins
  • Dec.4: Electrical Equipment Deliveries Begin
  • Dec.4: Electrical Assembly Begins
  • Dec.16: Packaging and Shipping Begins

We understand that you want to get your hands on a QuarterWave right away so we expect to start production and begin shipping rewards to our backers in December 2013.  For the reward level with no backer limit the "Estimated Delivery" date provided is when we expect to start shipping those rewards.  We will keep our backers up-to-date on their reward status throughout the process.  The rewards will be shipped in the order of their support so join our journey and become part of this great project today.

We have our sights set on a bold funding goal so in addition to your financial support, we need your help spreading the word.

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Josh Vietti, Hip-hop/Pop Violinist, for music contributions to our Kickstarter video

USA Delivery Information

For our backers in the Lower 48 US states, shipping cost has been accounted for in the reward structure so there is no need to pay any additional shipping costs; however, backers who live in the State of Texas do need to pay Sales Tax.  Please add an additional 7.25% onto your pledge amount to cover local sales tax.  So for example, if you live in the State of Texas and pledged for the $499 reward, please add an additional $36.18 onto your pledge amount ($36.18 is 7.25% of $499) to cover Texas Sales Tax. If you haven’t added this additional sales tax yet, don’t worry it’s easy to do. You can edit the amount you pledge right up until the project ends on the project page.

International Delivery Information

The QuarterWave will be available for most countries throughout the world and in most cases international backers will have to pay an additional amount for shipping the QuarterWave.  International shipping costs will vary depending on the destination and backers should contact us with their location information for a shipping estimate or calculate an estimate using the link under the FAQ section below. International backers can edit the amount pledged to cover the additional shipping cost right up until the project ends on the project page; this will allow international backers to join our journey early and take advantage of the reduced pledge levels while finalizing the additional shipping prior to the project ending.

Risks and challenges

Every product production no matter how complex or simple is going to have associated risks and challenges. As we move towards production, some of our key challenges will be labor, compliance testing and certifications, and material/component deliveries.

The QuarterWave is a hand-crafted system which requires a skilled labor force and we are prepared to grow our staff if necessary to support production according to demand. Our goal is to ensure that we maintain high quality during production and that we can produce the volume required to fulfill all orders in a timely manner.

We are working with a federally approved testing/consulting firm to perform the required compliance testing. We have accounted for testing time and expect the testing to go smoothly; however, we are prepared to make design tweeks and adjustments during this testing phase if necessary.

We have developed relationships and maintain constant communication with our component manufacturers and material suppliers to avoid shipment delays and ensure accurate deliveries to keep production operating efficiently.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • We have selected CSR's aptX technology to produce audio quality indistinguishable from wired with an impressive dynamic range. In order to transmit the audio wirelessly the signal must be compressed using a bit rate reduction technique. aptX audio technology uses a non-destructive compression method to ensure the audio is transmitted over the Bluetooth's available bandwidth with low Codec latency.

    aptX Benefits:
    - Outstanding Bluetooth® Stereo audio quality
    - Audio bandwidth matching CD performance
    - Flat Frequency Response. Full audio bandwidth faithfully reproduced
    - Low audio coding delay. Minimizes latency and ‘lip-sync’ issues
    - Non destructive transcoding, means there are no dueling effects with other algorithms
    - Uses Time Domain ADPCM principle rather than Psychoacoustic masking
    - Small code / data memory size
    - Backward Compatibility: when aptX is not available target device will pair down to SBC

    Last updated:
  • Before the campaign is over you will receive a survey requesting additional details about your QuarterWave including what great color you want.

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  • Sure, visit

    Select your destination and use the following information to estimate the shipping cost:

    Shipping Origin: Houston, TX 77027

    Value = $500

    Select Shape: “Large Package”

    Weight: 15 LBS

    Package Dimensions: Length = 26”, Height = 10”, Width = 16”

    Subtract $25(USD) from the “Priority Mail International Post Office Price” estimated; this will be the total amount you should add for International shipping.  Note: $25(USD) is the shipping allowance provided for domestic shipping.  If you have any questions please contact us.

    Last updated:


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    5 backers

    BACK IT UP! - You will be listed as a backer who made this project happen on a thank you letter sent with every QuarterWave produced through Kickstarter! We will also give you a big shout out on our Facebook page!

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    SUPPORTER - Join our journey and get a personalize THANK YOU on our Facebook Page tagging you individually as a backer. All you have to do is "Like" our page so we can become friends. We'll also post your name on our website as a supporter and send you a cool QuarterWave decal to show off to the world.

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    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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    SUPPORTER + TEE - Join our journey receiving the benefits of a SUPPORTER in addition we'll also send you a cool QuarterWave t-shirt to expose your inner audiophile.

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    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $499 or more
    About $499 USD

    30 backers Limited (20 left of 50)

    FIRST ON THE SCENE - LIMITED OFFER - The first 50 backers will be rewarded with their own QuarterWave with FREE shipping within the US. Backers can choose from any one of the five finishes. International backers, see additional "International Delivery Details" below.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $599 or more
    About $599 USD

    0 backers

    SECOND BATCH - LIMITED OFFER - The second batch of 50 backers will be rewarded with their own QuarterWave with FREE shipping within the US. Backers can choose from any one of the five finishes. International backers, see additional "International Delivery Details" below. Get yours ordered now because the QuarterWave will retail for $699 after the Kickstarter project ends.

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    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $999 or more
    About $999 USD

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    LIMITED EDITION, INVENTOR SIGNED - Backers will be rewarded with their own QuarterWave signed on the bottom both inventors and can select from any one of the five finishes. These units will be marked with a number between 6 and 10 as these will be included in the first ten crafted. FREE shipping for US backers. International backers, see additional "International Delivery Details" below.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $1,499 or more
    About $1,499 USD

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    LIMITED EDITION, SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED - Backers will be rewarded with their own QuarterWave signed on the bottom by both inventors and can select from any one of the five finishes. These units will be marked with a number between 1 and 5 as these will be the first five crafted. These QuarterWave systems will be hand delivered by one of the inventors for US backers. Interested international backers should contact us for additional details.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Anywhere in the world

Funding period

- (40 days)