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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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Posted by TTCombat (Creator)

Hello everyone! I'm back! I'm sorry I've been away for so long. And while I was away everything went down the drain. Wait, actually everything was fine and stuff actually started shipping? Oh. Maybe I should go away again and even more will get done!

Okay, I've got a few things to talk about today, and I'll do my best to not talk about my amazing wedding (everyone cried), or lovely honeymoon (I ate chicken that was cooked on a volcano).

Kickstarter Shipping

Right, we've been shipping things out for a week or two now apparently. It's a hive of activity out in the picking and packing areas, with people compiling card buildings, putting miniatures into baggies, and all sorts of things. Really awesome to see so many parcels going out.

That said, not all pledges have gone yet. We're working on it, but these things take time, even with all the people working on it. So during these next few weeks I made a little list graphic to refer to:

Step 6: Play the game!
Step 6: Play the game!

 Hopefully that's all you should need. We're working hard and we're happy to help anyone that needs it. I know it's frustrating being so close and waiting for your pledge to arrive, but if it makes you feel any better, none of us are allowed any minis until you all get yours! I want my Patricians! :(

In the meantime, make sure to post up plenty of pictures! If you've started building, show us your minis! If you've started playing the game, post up some battle reports and let everyone know how it went. It's an exciting time, so let's see what you're all doing with your pledges!

The best place to post pictures is the fan page on Facebook. Go over there and show us your hauls!

Gang Builder

Those of you that have your pledges and rulebooks will be wanting to know how to build your gangs and find the stats for each character. In the 2-Player Box we have some lovely character cards for quick starting beginners, but for every other character, you'll be able to find the complete rules for free on our gang builder!

Follow that link and it'll direct you straight to the gang builder beta. We've still got a few more things to tweak on this before retail release of the game, but it's ready to use for everyone!

Have a play around and see what kind of gangs you can build! You can see all the stats and costs for the characters, and can download a PDF that's in an easily printable format for playing your games.

Like I said, this is still in (late) beta, so if you have any feedback, let us know. Send us an email at info@ttcombat and we'll be able to make this work as well as possible.

We've talked about digital character profiles briefly before, but there are a few reasons we decided to go this route, so a quick FAQ for you:

  • Why do digital profiles? It's the best way to maintain a competitive and balanced gameplay experience. With printed files those characters are locked forever, or we can put out rules updates every year that you have to buy. With digital profiles we're able to update characters for better balance and keep the game alive.
  • You'll just update them all the time? That'll lead to people playing different rules! We'll be updating the character profiles according to a calendar. We'll let everyone know well in advance when we plan on updating, and will put out update notes when we do. We're looking at updating existing characters every six months, but we'll have more information on that in a little bit.
  • But what about new characters? That's the best bit! The builder has been designed with future-proofing, so when we do new characters (which we will) we can just add them.
  • But I want cards! Well we're keen to push into the digital realm with Carnevale, but we know that people still like things printed out. You can download and print your gangs on our builder, and print the lists from there. We're also looking to put all of the character cards up on the website for download, so you can print them out to match the 2-Player Starter Box cards. More on that in the future.
  • Can I build whatever gang I want? Yep! You'll get a little note saying whether your gang is legal or not, but if you want to play with a mix and match gang or a gang with all the Princes of Thieves you can! Just ignore that little red sad face and carry on.

There we go! If you have any feedback on the gang builder, let us know! Like I said, there are more updates to come soon, and we have big plans for expanding it, but if there are things you'd like to see on it in the future, feel free to make suggestions. It's all about making the game easy to play, so let us know the best way to do that.

Painted Minis

It's been a little while, but let's end the update on some painted minis!

From the Heart of Hungary
From the Heart of Hungary

 Fin has painted some Romani for the Strigoi. In difference to the dark tones of their vampire masters, the Romani dress in bright colours, which actually help them to blend into Venice a lot better! It's quite a bright city (despite all the weirdness).

I'll be back next week with more information, and we'll be working through the weekend packing up more pledges. Until then everyone, let's see some pictures!


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    1. adrian robson on

      Got back from work to find a card saying a package had been left next door. Rushed round, damn it no-one in. Checked again a bit later and wow, it was a big box. Opened it carefully and after taking all the packages out it covered the whole of the dining table. The quality of the book is awesome, the figures look stunning. And then discovered that as I had bought so many extras, I had gone over £150 so got those extra stretch goals as well! This has been well worth the wait, the success of the project engendered delay as so many extra bits had to be produced and packed, and the quality of the products was massively increased.
      Huge success and congratulations to TTC and all the backers who made it possible.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin Wallis

      @TTCombat - thanks. It helps with my expectation management as I fear I may soon be committed to the asylum as the wait is driving me (more) insane :-) As Paul G said, you have done a brilliant job in keeping us backers informed

    3. TTCombat 3-time creator on

      @JaFO: That's exactly it. The smaller orders get picked in a matter of minutes, but the larger ones have dozens to hundreds of different elements, so just take a little while. The 2-Player box alone has 100 different components!

      @Kevin: I'll check with the team for this week's update. :)

      @Paul: Thanks! :D

      @Matt: Haha upside down! Glad you're happy with it. Get some photos up!

      @Richard: True, ten minutes might be pushing it, but it's still very quick.

      @David: If you could email us your feedback at with the device you're using and a couple of screenshots, we'll be able to look into it. The gang builder is still in beta, so feedback like this is invaluable.

      @Brett: Absolutely. We're open to everything really. At the moment we're pushing into digital as a new venture, but if people want physical cards, we can look into it.

    4. Paul Grindrod on

      I have no issues viewing those profiles on the website. Perfectly legible to me. It would take all of 30 seconds to copy those into your application of choice to make a profile you can print, which could then be resized to taste.

      Yes, the fact that it doesn't print to PDF particularly great at this point is not good. But the gang builder is in BETA. That means it's an unfinished product out for testing. You've tested it, and found an issue, so report it to TTCombat (with screenshots as they will explain your problem much better than words can) and they can get it fixed before its final launch. That's the reasonable way of dealing with an issue. And in the meantime, the game only uses a small number of models per side, so creating a simple alternative way of tracking your minis (which could be as simple as pen and paper, which was how we always handled much bigger armies back in the 90s) is not difficult as all the information needed to do so is on the website.

      Or you can just bitch on the Internet and demand something that's likely not going to happen while clinging to your false premise. It's up to you.

    5. Brett Haskell

      Would you consider a yearly print on demand for the character cards, like what Steamforge do for guildball?

    6. David Smith on

      To start it needs legible profiles, printable, so you can play the game, can't believe that they have had an extra 9 months on this and we don't have any character profiles we can use to play the game. We should have at least had a pdf so they could be printed off!

    7. Paul Grindrod on

      @David Smith - Does the game need proper character cards to be played? Or does it need:

      a) the print to PDF function to be fixed,
      b) pen and paper to write the profiles down
      c) make your own template in the program of your choice and print that off?

      I imagine that fixing the print boundaries and card sizing in the PDF isn't too onerous a job and will be fixed before the official launch of the game, especially as people report the situation to TTCombat and provide screenshots so they can see exactly what's happening.

    8. David Smith on

      The army builder program doesn't work properly, when printing to pdf the formatting of values under headers is all over the place and the characters cards can be split over two pages. Basically its unusable and the game requires proper character cards to be able to be played.

    9. Missing avatar

      Richard Coates on

      My 2 player starter arrived yesterday (although they would have delivered on Wednesday if I'd been in) and the starter box is really great. This game couldn't really have come at a worse time with all the other minis I have to paint and rules to read, but once I opened that box everything else got put aside - the contents are really engaging, from the beautiful miniatures to the evocative rulebook to the exciting scenery. I'm not sure about "You'll be playing in 10 minutes.", but it's certainly very easy to get things set up and get started - looking forward to my first game as soon as possible.

    10. Matt Brown on

      I got mine today, the only thing I was disappointed about was I didn’t have the label on my white box, until it was pointed out it I had it upside down.
      I’ve only had a quick flick through, but the first half of the rulebook seems to be scene setting and then the rules and scenarios. It’s full of great pictures, photos and drawings and it’s going to be a real pleasure to read.
      But the rule book is nothing compared to the minis. They are exquisite, matching the quality of the original Carnevale miniatures. I can’t wait to paint them.
      Ok it’s taken a long time to design and produce, but I think it’s worth it and I’m really happy with it. If you are still waiting for yours, keep the faith and clear your painting desk.

    11. Beagle on

      Well said Paul

    12. Paul Grindrod on

      Kickstarter is great for a lot of things, but by God, there are some entitled, whinging people who use it.

      Yes, this Kickstarter has been delayed, and there are still some of us who haven't received anything, but it was a campaign that made over 400% of its funding estimate, and unlocked 32 stretch goals, with each stretch goal adding extra work to deliver, which always adds to the timeline with Kickstarters.

      Yes, Troll Trader ship 1000s of orders each week, but these Kickstarter packages will be in addition to those, not instead of them, which would hugely increase workload, and, due to the number of pledge levels and add-on options, those Kickstarter orders themselves wouldn't be simple packages, so preparing and checking them would also take time.

      We have been kept in the loop with updates virtually every week, so it hasn't been a Kickstarter where the creator has taken the money and then ignored backers each week. And even the retail release has been pushed back to make sure that the backers get their pledges before it goes to retail.

      We are getting a much better book than the original campaign indicated, and the models that have been previewed are looking amazing. I'm not sure what else TTCombat could really have done. And yet some people are still not happy because shipping has not finished yet. It's actually ridiculous.

      The end is in sight. Soon we will have our pledges and be able to enjoy them. Some Kickstarters I've backed have gone years over their estimate. This is 9 months late. It's not the end of the world. The only thing left for those who haven't received their pledges yet is a bit more patience. We've waited this long. Another week or two isn't going to make any difference.

    13. Paint'Riot Studio

      Can't wait to recieved mine ! i will take a view in my backerkit....just to remember what i order...

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin Wallis

      Welcome back Lewis, whilst I can appreciate that giving out details on specific shippings would add delays etc, I had hoped that this update would have some general figures showing % sent. Eg. Of the 800 orders, 666 have been sent of which ... or 10% of the Prince of Thieves have been issued.

      If this is too much, when is the new revised forecast for all orders to have been shipped?

    15. Missing avatar


      I suspect that with all the possible options in the pledgemanager the packing process is a tad complicated.
      I'm merely jealous of the people who did receive their bits.
      Kickstarters being what they are I'm used to waiting because it has been pretty rare for any manage to hit their deadlines and delivery expectations.

    16. ian hill on

      Welcome back Lewis glad wedding went well. Shame once again though to get another disappointing update two weeks after being told would be done in two weeks still could be some weeks. There were only 800 pledges and you previously said dont worry we ship thousands of orders every week, it's not like you haven't had a chance to get this ready. Really poor show TT