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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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Printed Materials & The Spectre

Posted by TTCombat (Creator)

Hi everyone!

We had a blast last week demoing at Tabletop Gaming Live, and I'm back in the office for today's update.

Limited Miniatures

Okay, we're stopping all add-ons of limited minis as of right now! We had a LOT of emails about adding those miniatures to people's pledges, so we're really glad we were able to do that for people, but we've got to stop the service at some point.

Everyone should have had their Paypal requests sent over, but if you're still waiting on one, send us an email at to double check.

Fulfilment Progress

Alright, this is the big one people have been asking about, and I don't blame you! So here is everything you're waiting on and its status:

  • Rulebook and art book - we're still waiting for these to come in. They've been at the printers for a little while. Proofs were all approved a few weeks back, so we're just playing the waiting game. Annoying for you and for us, as there's nothing we can do!
  • 2-Player Starter Box - the actual box is still waiting to come back from the printer too. It is pretty big, and will look amazing, but we're still just waiting for that to come in.
  • Smaller boxes - all the boxes are here and all the sleeves are here. Ready to go!
  • Blisters - we have loads of blisters and all the packaging is sitting here waiting! Not sure how many things will be going out in blisters (if any), but I thought I'd add it for completeness. 
  • Magic cards - being printed right now.
  • Dice - as we saw last week, they're all here! Thousands and thousands of the things. I'm not sure how well they roll though, because my Capo fell off a building during a demo last week. I blame the dice, and not that he was trying to make a 7" jump.
  • T-Shirts - ready and waiting.
  • Coins - all smelted and done.
  • Card tiles and buildings - all here and ready to go.
  • Templates/rulers/counters etc - all laser cut.
  • MDF buildings - all laser cut.
  • Miniatures - the big one! Almost all boxed or bagged. Still a bunch left to assemble in the assembly area, but most of those are for individual miniatures for backers. The only thing I think we're still casting at the moment are the limited edition Clear Black Spectres, and that's because of the stress that the clear resin puts on the moulds. Still, there are only a dozen or so left to do - it's just an intensive process.
  • Printed materials - printed and waiting to pack. I think that's the last thing I haven't mentioned in this list, and that's because we're going to take a peek at some of these below...

Printed Materials

What do I mean by printed materials? Well, it's the stuff that goes in the 2-Player Starter Box that isn't the rulebook.

We have three things to look at today:

Quick Reference & Campaign Book
Quick Reference & Campaign Book

 From front to back we have the Benvenuti a Venezia campaign book, the Quick Reference sheet, and the Abilities sheet.

The Quick Reference sheet is a 2-sided cheat sheet (actually a fairly weighty piece of card) with (almost) every action in the game written to show you how to complete it. It has the rules, what you need for an Ace, and the FFCS table for each action (that's Fumble, Fail, Critical, Success). It's very similar to the Quick Reference section in the rulebook, but on a handy card!

The Abilities card shows exactly that: all the character abilities and weapon abilities available to you in the game. No need to go through the rulebook to see what each special rule does - it's all there on the double-sided card. 31 character abilities and 9 weapon abilities.

Finally we have the campaign book!


 We figured that 35 scenarios in the rulebook weren't really enough, so made a whole extra campaign with 6 new ones!

This campaign is specifically designed to be played with the contents of the 2-Player Starter Box, and feature scenarios that lead you through the rules of Carnevale in a tried and tested* manner. We follow the Guild's attempts to lay their hands on a rumoured magical artefact, and the Rashaar's attempts to stop them.

The booklet starts with basic movement in Carnevale, before getting into combat, taking objectives, command points, magic, and then finally a full game with every miniature. Each scenario has a little explanation of new elements and some helpful hints you might need when learning. Each one is set out in exactly the same way as all the other scenarios so you'll be able to go from this book straight into full games with no problem. We've also put in more detailed maps for each game. You can set up the game however you like, but the card tiles and buildings mean new players can follow the scenarios exactly without worrying if they're doing it right.

So that's what's going in the box. There are also character cards for every character in the box, but we'll look at those at a later date. Don't want to give away everything!

The Spectre

I promised last week to show a picture of the Black Spectre Fin had finished painting, and I'm a man of my word!


Nice! Fin has done an incredible job on this ghoul, and it drew a lot of attention last weekend! From the bright noble in the centre to the light reflecting on the claws, from the crisp white mask to the subtle changing colour from top to bottom, I think this is one of the best miniatures I've had the pleasure of showing off! Ghostly hats off to Fin.

Goodbye and So Long

Final announcement today is my departure from the Kickstarter updates for a little while.

For the next few weeks I'm heading off to get married! I tried convincing my lovely fiancee that it would be fine for my to do the updates on our honeymoon, but she made a face at that suggestion that I never want to see again. Maybe after the wedding I'll suggest it again - she'll be stuck with me then!

For the meantime I'm handing over the reins to Louis (Louis and Lewis - it's not confusing) who was actually a bit too eager to take over. I think he's been quite jealous of me showing off all the good stuff. You'll be in (relatively) safe hands with him, and he'll be letting you all know exactly what's happening with shipping.

So until next time in a few weeks - take care of each other, everyone. I'll see you all soon!

*I've personally demoed a good few hundred people at this point!


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    1. unseen Giraffe on

      8 months after original delivery date, the bacon kitten is now a full grown cat and the bacon is eaten.

    2. Soulsorcerer on

      Wish you two an unforgettable wedding and even better honeymoon!

    3. MidnightBlue

      Congratulations or condolences on your upcoming marriage. I guess you can suffer along with the rest of us imprisoned husbands.

      *looks quickly in abject fear to make sure wife isn't looking over shoulder - - sighs in relief*

    4. Missing avatar

      Neil Thomas on

      Congratulations on the nuptials. Hope it all goes well.

      I enjoyed the demo at Tabletop Gaming Live and it was good to chat and see all the good stuff (even if I couldn't take any of it home). Still looking forward to receiving it all (though I'm not sure where I'll be able to hide it all to avoid the wrath of the missus... :-) )

    5. ian hill on

      First off hope all goes well with the nuptials. Very disappointing regarding printing, Hope your substantial deposit to book the slot was refunded!!!! It's been so long coming and, sad to say, my desire has ebbed completely. It's a real shame but think this will go straight to eBay.

    6. ian hill on

      First off hope all goes well with the nuptials. Very disappointing regarding printing, Hope your substantial deposit to book the slot was refunded!!!! It's been so long coming and, sad to say, my desire has ebbed completely. It's a real shame but think this will go straight to eBay.