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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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The Biggest Model So Far PART 2

Posted by TTCombat (Creator)

Hi everyone! Apologies for the lack of update last week. To make up for it, we've got a double one this week!

First of all , what's going on in the office?


While I'm busy getting the last bits into the rulebook (today I've just finished off doing the quick reference section which should give you an indication of where we're at!), Michael and Scott are using the extra time to get more playtesting done. You can never have too much playtesting!

I took a cheeky picture while they were just getting started on a scenario called Clear the Air. This is a scenario in which the Guild are trying to defeat The Doctors, putting a stop to one of their evil plans.

There will be a grand total of 35 scenarios in the book, so that should keep everyone busy for a while!


Jason meanwhile is getting some extra photos done for the book. He told me off for snapping this picture, saying I'm stealing his composition. I'm sure you'll be able to see a much nicer version of this in the rulebook!

Big, Bigger, Biggest

The main draw for today's update however is the biggest model yet! I've said that before, and I'm not promising that I won't say it again.

As I mentioned previously, the Morgraur-Rashaar is under rubber at the moment. The resin team are busy making master moulds for it. You can only fit one of each in the moulds - it's too big to have multiples!

The Morgraur dwarfs even the massive Golgotha from the other week! This is one of the first ones out of the mould, and I hastily put it together for the photo. Jay doesn't know yet that I took it, but I'm sure it'll be fine, right?

I also snuck another photo while I was there. The special edition Morgraur:

Alright, some of it. The rest is being cast at the moment. It promises to dwarf even the regular Morgraur though! I'll try to get some pictures next week.

I'd just like to share a special rule that the Morgraur has. It's still subject to change, but... well take a look:

  • Swallow Whole: When a character with this special rule makes a Combat action (not an Attack of Opportunity) against a target character with a Size of 40mm or less and rolls at least 5 Aces, instead of calculating Damage as normal, instead immediately remove the target character from play as a casualty.

That's right, the Morgraur can literally kill people in a single go. Ouch! Luckily for the Golgotha it's a little too big to chew, but anything smaller than a Radru is going to feel the sting when fighting this massive beast!

Fastest Gifted in Town

From something massive and actually quite slow, we move to our painted miniature today - someone tiny and incredibly quick!

This is Harlequin. He was rumoured to be an original member of the most deadly Commedia dell'Arte before they started their decent into violence. That said, he still takes to the streets to fight people, so did he really escape the curse of the Rent?

Harlequin is incredibly fast and unreasonably agile. Not only can he escape combat easily with his Slippery (3) special rule which allows him to re-roll 3 dice when disengaging, but he also has Acrobatic (3), meaning he gets to re-roll 3 dice when climbing, jumping, and falling! And if that wasn't enough, he has the highest Dexterity in the game, a ridiculous 8. He only has a Protection value of 1, but good luck hitting him!

For comparison's sake, the Morgraur's Colossal Jaws have an Evasion value of +2, meaning Harlequin gets to add 2 to his Dexterity when the Morgraur attacks. So the Morgraur now hit's Harlequin on 10s, meaning there's almost no chance at all that he's ever going to get caught and eaten in a single hit.

That said, a Foreign Noble's Sabre will take Harlequin's Dexterity down to a great but more manageable 7, or if you're a Rashaar player you could just throw as many Blood Rites magic spells at Harlequin as possible. Can't avoid the Kraken's Breath, can you?

Timing Update

Right, so we have just a week or two left before the book is all done and going off to print. Once it's gone we'll be able to give a more accurate timeline for you all. Sorry again to keep everyone waiting. We just don't want to give a date that we can't keep.

We're hoping that we'll be able to put the game out to retail at the end of September. But we guarantee we will not be doing that until every pledge has left the warehouse. Which puts KS fulfilment at some time late August or early September. That's what we think is completely possible.

Again, apologies for the continued waiting, and thanks to everyone for your patience! It's coming very soon, and it'll be big! Since getting Gav on board we've gone from a 96-odd page book to one that's now looking at being almost 150 pages longer than that! We're excited for everyone to get their models and start playing.

Until next week everyone. Take care!


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    1. Missing avatar

      der stille Don on

      @ TTCombat – Thank you for your reply!
      Hm, really tricky ... undercoating the floating noble in purple is good advice, I guess. Well, there is still time to puzzle on that one ...
      Thanks again & best regards,
      der stille Don

    2. TTCombat 3-time creator on

      @der stille Don: A tricky one that! We were wondering about painting the one we had cast up for the campaign, but haven't actually gotten round to it yet. Painting the noble on the front would indeed mean the back is unpainted. However, the translucent purple should be deep enough that it wouldn't show up too much. My recommendation is to mask off the translucent bits and then undercoat the floating noble in as close a purple as you can get before going on with regular undercoating and painting. Then he won't look too different when viewed from the back. A bit of a puzzling one that though!

      @Christian: Oh cool! We've already been talking about doing an RPG version - I think the setting would work perfectly for that kind of game.

    3. Christian G. Cameron on

      I can't wait. I've already morphed the rules for some RPG action and we've been enjoying it since March...can't wait for the release. And the miniatures.

    4. Missing avatar

      der stille Don on

      Thanks for your (almost) weekly updates – love'em & frankly I hardly can wait to get my hands on the actual game. So end of August, isn't it? Looking forward to that!
      Anyway, there is one thing I am still very curious to hear about before that time. I asked once before, but maybe I missed an update on that, so here I go again (sorry, if this is repetitive for you ... ) – I added the Translucent Purple Resin Black Spectre to my pledge and still am wondering how I am going to paint it (paint the Gifted character at the core of it, that is!) or whether to paint it at all. Especially, because I cannot really visualise, how that Gifted character would look from behind, when seen through the spectre, so to speak.
      Can you help me out?
      Thank you in advance & best regards from Vienna,
      der stille Don