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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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Posted by TTCombat (Creator)

Hello everyone! We're all melting in the sun down here in Cornwall, and I hear it's much the same throughout the rest of the UK. No complaints here though - rather sun than rain!

On the topic of sun, let's start today backwards with our painted miniatures.

Gifted of the Patricians

The Patricians are a lucky faction. Not only do they hold all the power in Venice, but Patricians players also get their very own Gifted! Sun & Moon are a formidable pair, Sun providing some expert ranged combat and Moon flying over the canals casting spells on her opponents.

And Fin has painted this duo for us to see:

These two will show up unannounced at parties throughout Venice, although any smart noble will have an open invitation to them at all times. Nothing livens up a party more than two magical people, and once the Patricians venture out into the streets to continue their masquerata, it's nice to have some extra muscle! Sun & Moon will fight for anyone willing to shower them in gifts and drinks, but most importantly of all: money.


It's time to talk about cash.

In the 18th Century Venice used a few dozen different types of currency. You could pay in coin from almost anywhere in the world, but the most popular was the Ducat. In Carnevale we use the Ducat as your points system, each character costing a certain amount.

The coins we put on the Kickstarter have been on the back burner for a little while, but check this out:

That's eight coins - one for each faction and the Carnevale logo too. Thanks to you backers, we were able to put a Carnevale coin in each 2-Player starter box. They're not coming in resin though - those are just the 3D prints.

They're coming in metal! These are the very first ones to come out of the metal spinner, and I photographed them before any work was done to them, about fifteen minutes ago! They'll be cleaned up a bit before being used as masters.

There's a fancy design on the back of the coins too, but I'm not going to show that today. Got to leave some mysteries for when you open your pledges!

Boxes Galore

Speaking of pledges (my segues are on point today)... We've been boxing up a lot of the miniatures, so I thought I'd get a picture of that too.

2 lots of Patricians, and some Rashaar! There are also some Guild at the bottom, but you can't see that. After the rulebook is all done, one of the next jobs is getting the boxes finished. These Faction boxes will be coming in retail packaging, which are nice sleeves that go over our TTCombat boxes. That means we can pack everything ready to have sleeves put on and then go into pledges.

New 3D Print

Speaking of the Morgraur-Rashaar... alright that link wasn't quite so good...

Who cares, check this out:

Jay asked me not to photograph this one. He says that this is the rough version and the master version is in rubber at the moment having its first mould cast. He said to come back next week and he'll have nicer ones to show you all.

But I don't care about all that! Look how big that thing is! Alright, it's missing the top of its body and its head, but it's still massive! And that's the small one! The special edition one is going to be even bigger! I'm getting excited, sorry.

I'll try to get some more-graur pictures next week. Hopefully Jay won't be too mad I'm posting this and will let me back in.

As always, once the rulebook has gone to print we'll give you all a new estimated shipping date. Thanks once again for your patience - hopefully you can see the quality of the final products coming your way very soon.

Until next week everyone. Take care!

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    1. Paul Grindrod on

      And there was me hoping that the reverse update was because there was good rulebook news at the end. Sadly it was not to be. Sigh.