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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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Draw The Curtains!

Posted by TTCombat (Creator)

Hello Venetians!

Just a quick update today. Gav has sent back the second draft of background text, and I'm up to my neck in rulebook layout! Good fun, but putting things in order is tricky!

Would you all like to see a layout page from the book? I was unsure if I should spoil it or keep it as a surprise, so sound off if that's something you want or don't want.

Demo Board Part 2

Jay has been painting away again this week, and working on lighting the buildings.

I snapped this pic when I went to visit him. He's used tracing paper in the windows, and I stuck a phone in there to light the interior (the full lights aren't in yet). Turns out there's a lady in there! Looks like she's got a couple of cups of wine there.

Any Rumblefans out there may recognise the miniature on the inside!

Books & Chains

And as always, here's what Fin has been painting this week:

This is Fate. Fate & Justice are a pair of Gifted who are always taken together. At any point you can swap them over, but the two can't be on the board at the same time. Makes for some interesting decisions on how to best use them!

Fin as always has done a cracking job on this one, that text in particular is something I'm very envious of!

Until next week, everyone. Take care!


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    1. Missing avatar

      William Keyser on

      As I look at your painted figures something keeps bothering me I just can not get into them. Are they varnished, I think that might be it they have a very plastic feel to the finish. Would love to see another style of painted figures. i love when the figures have dfferent finishes to represent different materials, matt for some closth, semi gloss for leather and may be high gloss for silk etc.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      Make us some silhouettes to put inside building so we can all have that effect.

    3. Bjarki S. R on

      Nice, looking forward to getting Fate, as I plan to make few changed to him and add the King In Yellow to the Carnevale ; )

    4. Dave Taylor on

      I know I'd love to see a spread from the book : )