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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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New Demo Boards

Posted by TTCombat (Creator)

Good afternoon Venetians! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend. Potentially a long weekend too! If the weather is nice I'm going to take advantage of the Cornish coast and go for a swim.

Enough about me though, you came for pictures.

Demo Boards

As the title says, we're currently working on some new demo boards.

We took the big boards Jay made to Salute this year to show off Venice a little, but they're too big really for proper demos. So Jay is back at the painting desk again making a couple of small boards for us. They should be ready in time to unveil at UK Games Expo, so pop along to see us there.

They're looking colourful! Jay is talking about putting lights inside too, which would be really cool!


I promised last week that I'd get pictures of the bridges, and I sort of delivered!

These are the three designs of large bridge. The bottom is the legendary Bridge of Fists, then a nice fancy one, and finally the Carnevale bridge.

There are also three small bridges, but they were right at the bottom of the pile of boxes, so I'm not photographing them today! I'm not sure how many bridges will come in the retail 2-Player box, but all Kickstarter backers will be getting every single one.

Speaking of getting lots of things, here's that one missing building I talked about:

They're not all bright colours! Again, not sure how many buildings will come in the retail box, but KS backers will receive all 16 different designs of buildings! If you want to get playing straight away before making any terrain, these buildings are perfect.

Call the Guard!

Finally today another trip to Fin's painting desk. This week he's been paid off by the Patricians and is painting some lovely new uniforms for the Venetian City Guard.

All of our City Guard will be sporting these lovely blue uniforms, but of course everyone is free to paint their minis how they like! Has anyone got any plans for colour schemes? I'm thinking about doing a monochrome Doctors gang, with just the turquoise glow to light them.

Until next week everyone. Take care and enjoy your long weekends (apologies to those that don't get long weekends)!

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      Gary on

      I'll be at the expo (probably Friday) and you're already on my list to visit. Be nice to see some pro-painted miniatures... mine are seldom great... but I try!