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Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
Vicious fighting in the canals of Venice. A 28mm scale miniature game.
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Venice Is Built Out Of Card

Posted by TTCombat (Creator)

Hello fellow Venetians!

First of all, my sincere apologies for missing last week's update. The TTC team were away at Salute all weekend. I was planning on either a live stream from the event, or at least some photos of the taster games I was running all day. However, I ended up demoing all day without even a tiny break, and forgot to get photos.

Big thanks to everyone that visited and to all the backers who came to demo with me! I hope you all had fun and enjoyed the day. I certainly did! There's nothing quite like going to an event and playing Carnevale all day!

Card Buildings

Yesterday and today we had an exciting delivery. Boxes and boxes worth of boxes.

The cardboard buildings from the 2-Player Starter Box have arrived!

Here are just a few of the buildings. I mentioned to a few at Salute that I'd edited the files a little bit, so now we have two sizes of buildings. That means it'll be easier than ever to climb up to the top and jump across the roofs!

There are 16 buildings total, and because of the smaller sized ones, we actually saved so much room that we will be including a whopping SIX bridges with the Kickstarter pledges too! I'll get some photos of the bridges for you all next week.

(this picture is actually missing one of them, oops!)

The buildings are made of thick card stock, which means you should be able to keep playing on them for a long time, and they'll take quite a few characters on top of them!

New Stats

It's that time again! I actually forgot that a few stats weren't posted yet, sorry! So today we have some new stats available to download in the usual place.

  • The Guild have a new leader: the Madame. She's got great Command Abilities and lots of points to use! Baba-Yaga the dark magic user also appears, called forth by ancient blood magic. A Recruiter has come out to encourage Citizens to new acts of bravery, and the Madame has brought her Harlots too. They may be alluring, but will cut your throat when you're most vulnerable.
  • Patricians forces receive help from afar. The Foreign Nobles are here. They're extremely powerful, but don't speak Italian!
  • The Doctors get two new pets. The Rhino is tough as steel and does colossal damage on the charge, and the Crocodile will put even the most hardcore Rashaar monsters on check.
  • The Vatican get just a single new character, but what a character! The Prelates of the Flaming Sword are extremely strong characters. Not only do they have flaming swords, but they give the Flames special rule to anyone close!
  • The last of the Gifted have appeared in Venice too! Fate & Justice are taking names, and Black Spectre will soak up so much damage that it'll take a very skilled player to deal with it.

As always, check them out, get some games in, and let us know how you get on!

The Best Transport

And again as always we finish our weekly update with some painted models.

Fin has done some amazing work this week painting some of the gondolas! We saw the unpainted one in an update a while back, but having some colour on them really makes them amazing. See for yourselves:

Fin actually magnetised the Gondolier to fit on top of the gondola - painted in a lovely The Guild red! I think these may be some of my favourite miniatures so far! I know that's kind of silly, but they're just so cool!

That's everything from me today. I'll be back next week with more stuff! Things are all starting to come in now, so it won't be long until we have a solid release date for you all! Take care, everyone!

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    1. Steve Parksmith

      Hi, any update on when likely shipping out?

    2. Florian (pSyKo Games) on

      Yay! I've been waiting for news about the card board buildings!

    3. Francois Michel

      If only I could paint like this

    4. GP on

      Wow those gondola's look amazing. The weathering effects are great. Kudos to Fin!